“You are not here to create your experience around an existing truth. You are here to experience and consider many truths on your path to higher consciousness, choosing for yourself what is in resonance with your heart and soul, best accommodating a non-physical plan already set in motion lifetimes ago.”   Micheila Sheldan

We are anchoring a new dimension on the planet and therefore we are looking through new dimensional eyes. Dis-covering new truths and perhaps letting go of old ones. As individuals and as a collective we have been creating timelines in different dimensions simultaneously. Lots has been happening for us in the non-physical, many paths opening up in the non-physical field.

With access to so much information, including easy access to our Akashic Records, we continue to identify and clear old patterns as we simultaneously create new ones. It is not quite the slog it used to be is it? As soon as we shed light on a pattern now it starts to shift and morph. As a collective we are weaving the New Earth into being.

Have you found the last 18 months exhausting? I have, and so many others of us have. Due to the new vibration – time is moving faster as we upgrade and shape shift our physical form. We are doing a physical re-assembling, changing from a carbon based body to a crystalline one according to well-respected spirit guides. Some of us are experiencing skin rashes and/or digestive issues as our crystalline DNA is activated. What do you need as density moves out of your body? Listen to your body. We are told that there are codes within Gaia that are duplicated in our own DNA as crystallization accelerates.

What are you noticing right now? Do you take the time to tune into yourself on all levels? I had 3 episodes of deja vu in one day this week. They were all very different and it has been quite awhile since I experienced deja vu. I sensed that this was due to collapsing timelines and just had this confirmed by Merlin. Things are going very quickly now, so it is very important to slow down and rest so we can integrate and re-frame things in a way that allows us to use our gifts in the most fulfilling ways.

There is still a lot of societal programming around how our service should look and how it should unfold. Of course, there are no ‘shoulds’. You will note that the word ‘should’ is in “shoulder” and when you give in to shoulds – it frequently results in shoulder tension – leading to shoulder pain. Sometimes frozen shoulder is from frozen-into-place “shoulds.” Don’t do anything from the place of should – if it does not fulfill you – it does not serve!

Micheila Sheldan, quoted at the top of this piece, has something for you to ponder. “What do you have within you that you couldn’t teach anyone to save your life? How can you put this into action?” We are creating New Earth from our joy and passion, not from our “shoulds.”  Our Higher Self, with the new energies, is becoming more and more available to us – so ask your Higher Self.

If you watch the news, as I have been lately – you will see headlines such as “The World Is In Turmoil.” Don’t go into a state of fear. See it for what it is – there is a tug-of-war going on as the old systems and ways of doing things collapse and new ways are and must arise. We are living what has been called “the end times.”  The end of one way of life and the beginning of another. Sheldan has an interesting point – “fighting for the one truth creates resistance.” Could there be many truths? Some are hanging on for dear life to the old grid (3D) which involves a lot of struggle and fear – however we are moving into the new grid (5D) which connects us to universal support and is free of time and measurement . As Sheldan says:”It is hard to force a new idea through an old grid.”  Amen.

We know that our ideas, for example,  about money and our relationship to it is changing. We know money as Doreen Virtue taught it to me – MOwn Natural Energy Yield.  An energy exchange. We are re-framing our ideas about money in order that it can work with our particular gifts. If you are still holding onto a belief about money that does not serve you – such as “money is evil” – I highly recommend John Randolph Price’s little green book – “The Abundance Book.”   Doreen gave each of us a copy in 2006 and asked us to only recommend it to those on the spiritual path. If you do it – you need to do it daily for the period specified! I had to do it 4 times, because if you forget or skip a day – you go back to the beginning.

We are connecting to the New Earth, however, this is negated whenever we look in the mirror and criticize ourselves – holding ourselves back from love. The power of self-love. The New Earth is non-competitive. “Likes” on Facebook do not matter in the ‘new’ grid! That is the ‘old’ grid. So, be sure to celebrate everyone’s success as your own – because we are all ONE and when we celebrate another’s success we raise our vibration and bring in our own. Be open to success looking different to you. You are looking through new dimensional eyes.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian August 8, 2019 at 4:18 pm Reply

    Joy & passion, not “shoulds” that’s great! I work in a bookstore and I’m noting how many people (a dozen a day easily) are refusing plastic bags for their purchases. Just went to a store called “refillery” where we refill jars for cleaning and personal care products. I’m feeling good about all this. Of course, it helps that I’ve been on a news fast since late March 🙂 Thanks for the post!

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