“They may not be around your table, but they are in your heart.”   Rabbi Reuven Bulka

“For sure this virus will change our society – hopefully for the better.”   Canadian Governor General Julie Payette

“Someone sneezes in Asia today, you catch a cold tomorrow.”   Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo


Passover began at sundown last evening and Easter is this week-end. There is sadness in the air, along with grief, but we take heart knowing that love is not cancelled. We may not be able to be with our loved ones at this time; however, we are dis-covering that we are truly ONE. When Lisa Laflamme asked Rabbi Bulka yesterday “Why is all this suffering happening?” the Rabbi replied, “I don’t know – but it is giving us time to re-calibrate.”

It is not possible to re-calibrate without time to be still. Rabbi Bulka says of this year’s Passover that there is less food, more contemplation. For those of us who celebrate Easter it will also be a time of less food and more contemplation for most of us. There is some very powerful cosmic energy that is here and now. I feel it, and I am sure you do too. It is a re-organizing energy that is helping each of us to create something new in our lives. What is changing inside you? Around you? Are you journaling? We are living through the first pandemic within the last 100 years.

Two billion people are now at home. That is – if they are fortunate enough to have a home. This virus is exposing the inequities and bringing them into the light. Many people are struggling with this virus while being homeless, or in a shelter or refugee camp, while already suffering from an illness and/or poverty, without access to clean water and nutritious food. Many already suffer from a mental illness and there has been a horrendous spike in violence toward women now that abusive partners are on lockdown. In the United States it is reported that African-Americans are dying at 7 times the rate of other demographics – a result of entrenched racism. Dr. Jerome Adams who is the Surgeon General in the States says: “I grew up black and poor in America. I have a heart condition, asthma and diabetes.”  Maybe we aren’t supposed to go back to ‘normal’?

Is this pandemic going to change our behaviours? I hope so, if it doesn’t – what will it take? We are being asked to look at life and death issues. This is the opportunity for a major awakening.  Archangel Jeremiel is the Angel of life review. His name means “mercy of God.” In ancient Judaic texts he is listed as one of seven core archangels. He is also one of my guardian angels – which I dis-covered after having taught memoir writing for 8 years in Victoria. There are no coincidences. A range of emotions is absolutely normal at this time due to the fact that we lightworkers tap into many different energy fields. We are looking at issues of fear, death, love and life. It is time to go deep. Jeremiel is known for helping newly crossed-over souls to review their lives; however, he also helps those of us who are still living to take an inventory of our lives so we can make positive adjustments. So invoke Jeremiel whenever you are fearlessly ready to take an inventory, learn from past experiences, face your truth and move into the future stronger and more full of love than ever!

We are in a time of purging and upgrading. Just as I wrote that line – my daughter texted and said it is snowing in her area and do we have snow in Kingston? I looked out the window and huge fluffy flakes are falling prolifically from the sky. Beautiful! Cleansing is indeed going on. We know this, as around the world people are disinfecting themselves and their homes and institutions. Let your emotions move through you – remember that emotion means energy- in- motion. Emotions are meant to be expressed but not held onto. Fear and love are not emotions. They are states of being. We cannot be in both these states at the same time so I always guide my clients to move out of a state of fear and into a state of love where fear cannot co-exist. If you need assistance Archangel Michael or Jesus or Mother Mary or many other Light Beings will assist you. Ask and it is given.

Our hearts are opening wide with compassion, forgiveness, and love as we go through the highs and the lows and as we allow the contractions of our new birth and the New Earth’s birth to occur. Remember this is the time on Earth that we lightworkers get to use all our knowledge and skills of the spiritual arts and metaphysics. We can change the timeline if we assume a collective vibration and intention NOW.  Whenever I do an Angel reading, I remind my client that nothing is written in stone but rather my predictions and messages are predicated on the energies of the present. If we change our energy, we change our outcome. Collectively, let’s choose another timeline NOW. The Highest timeline.

So, you understand what I mean about timelines right? There are always multiple timelines of potentiality. It is like throwing a switch so a train moves onto another track. I have done it before. So have you. You have the power! This is true on both an individual and collective level. We can choose a new reality. A reality where Covid-19 does not exist. Obviously, on the 3D level we continue to completely follow all the Public Health Guidelines as an intelligent and responsible citizen; however, on the 5D level where you and I now mostly live – we choose another reality. A reality where Covid-19 does not exist and/or holds no power. You cannot bring about what you do not believe. So choose what you can believe. We see everyone on Earth holding hands (no more need for social distancing) and celebrating the New Earth free of disease of any kind. Filled with Love and Light. I know you can create your own vision and hold it for us all. Let’s shift timelines away from any doom or gloom scenario. We chose to be here to do this. Let’s get to work – because – we  can do this while sitting on our couch. We can jump to another timeline, choose a different probability. For ourselves and for the planet.

I asked what wisdom Faery Queen Maeve has for you today from the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish. You received a beautiful faery, “Keeper of Secrets.”  She says: “Use your discernment, confide in a trusted friend, keep silent about knowledge. ”  My feeling with this card is that you don’t go around telling everyone you are choosing a new timeline for our planet!  Obviously this can only be shared with others who understand and are able to hold the same vision. We do not want others to hop on our train with their negativity and dark energy and bring the energy back to the base level. We need to keep a high frequency. “You are learning to treat something carefully and with wisdom. Deciding who to share your own experiences and thoughts with is an important step in knowledge, for when you squander your own precious thoughts upon those you know cannot understand, you are allowing your own precious magicks to be diminished and diluted. You are learning who to trust with deeper, more sacred moments in your life and your magicks and who to stay quiet with.”

There is a lady in Wisconsin, a teacher, Kitty O’Meara,  whose poem is going around the internet. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is:

“And people stayed home

and read books and listened

and rested and exercised

and made art and played games

and learned new ways of being

and were still

and listened more deeply

some meditated

some prayed

some danced

some met their shadow and the people began to think differently

and the people healed

and in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, meaningless and heartless ways

the earth began to heal

and when the danger ended

and the people joined together

they grieved their losses

and made new choices

and dreamed new images

and created new ways to live

and healed the earth fully

as they had been healed.”


What kind of the world do we wish to create? This is the vision we hold. We rise over what is called “the fear factory” letting the Angels take us higher and higher and we create from that Heavenly frequency. From that place of love. There is nothing stronger than the power of love. And, love is not cancelled.

Angel Blessings,   Monica










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  1. Gillian April 9, 2020 at 12:42 pm Reply

    Excellent blog! Thank you to front line workers in every field and, to those of us who must stay home, let’s not blow this.

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