“Were we able to remain always in the heart, we would be constantly breathless, in a fit of appreciation and awe so great, truly, there would not even be a slither of emptiness through which fear could enter.”   Alana Fairchild

Gillian asked me to share with you my version of the Love Vibration Meditation.   The Latin word “medicus” means “to make whole” or “to cure.” Medicus is the root of the word medication and meditation. Many scientific studies, as well as countless personal anecdotes correlate meditation with longevity and numerous significant health benefits.

There are many emotions but only two states of being. One is fear and one is love. The Love Vibration connects you to the core of your being, your True Self which is Divine and recognizes that only love is real.

The meditation takes you through the 3 doors of awakening as taught to me as a Yoga teacher and as taught to one of my teachers, HiRa Hosen, a Buddhist nun. However, I always invoke Angels with me as I go through the doors.

The meditation is about twelve minutes or so. If you can sit up with your spine straight near your meditation altar or in your sacred space or outside in Nature please do. Breathe through your nose throughout, however if you cannot – pretend you are. Put your tongue just behind your teeth on your palette and close your mouth. I close my eyes. Call in Archangel Michael and ask that he protect you in an egg of purple light and that he travels with you through every door. Invoke Archangel Raphael and ask that Raphael meditates with you and guides your mind, body and heart to focus on peace and love.

Just observe your breath as it goes in and out of your body. Feel the air and it’s passage. After a few cycles you will notice that you can feel this without any effort. And, just by simply observing your breath, not controlling it (sometimes it will vary, deep, shallow, fast, slow) just letting your breath breathe you – you relax and remain alert simultaneously.

(1) You are at the first door now. This is where you connect to your physical body. So feel your body from your crown to the soles of your feet. There is a magic that happens when you connect to your physical body. It is like you are charging your body with prana and you may feel a tingling, or warmth or knowing. Whatever you feel is perfect for you. Feel deeper now into the stillness of your physical body. Even though your heart and all your organs are working, there is a stillness in every cell. Connect with awareness to the stillness and drop deeper – into the stillness of your Being. Find your sense of unbounded space here. (pause, aware)

(2) You are now at the second door. This door is the awareness of silence. Not just silence itself but the awareness of the silence. No speech. The beautiful peacefulness of silence. This awareness now takes you deeper into your True Self. Deeper and deeper into the body of light. Infinite awareness. (Pause, aware)

(3). You enter the third door – the mind/heart door. You connect to the spaciousness of your mind and the spaciousness of your heart. Really feel, see, and sense that everything is space. Your body, your cells, pure space. Hands, head, legs, pure space. Everything around you (people, buildings, planet) is pure space. Connecting to this space you connect to God/Source – your core nature. Some pause here and imagine a clear blue sky in a desert. I clairvoyantly see a clear blue lake that mirrors back to me my divinity.  What do you see, feel, hear, sense or know? Beautiful! Now, drop even deeper into space and connect to the awareness of that space. The body of great bliss. Unbounded space is your inner sanctuary. Here you receive all your guidance, abundance, and all the enlightened qualities that are always there within you. Be aware of these enlightened qualities of love, joy, trust and confidence. (pause in your awareness). Stay the time that feels right. Beautiful.

Gently, slowly, bring your complete awareness back to your body in this time and space. Only Love is real. It is the true power behind manifestation. Buddhists know that Love’s greatest creative power is activated by the conscious action of compassion. When the intention is to create an abundant life – compassion and kindness must be the impulse behind all your thoughts, feelings and actions. What is yours will come to you – somehow, some way, kindness is always returned.

My daughter puts a little t-shirt on her baby that says “Kindness is the new cool.” So 5D eh?

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian June 27, 2019 at 5:23 pm Reply

    Thanks for responding to my request for the Love Vibration Meditation, Monica. I hope other readers will post their experiences with it. Love that tee-shirt logo!

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