“Love isn’t love until it’s unconditional.  We’re not experiencing who we really are until we experience our perfect love.”          (Marianne Williamson)

Love is, in Reality, all that exists.  We are all part of a vast, infinite universe where there is nowhere that Love (God) is not.  We  are held forever in the Loving Mind of God.  We are never separated from the divine love that is our essence, in Truth.  Our True Self is a divine being of love.  Our illusion of separation from God is only temporary, a slumbering until we re-awaken and recognize ourselves within the ONE.  As Marianne Williamson states: “Accepting the Christ” is merely a shift in self-perception.  “We awaken from the dream that we are finite, isolated creatures, and recognize that we are glorious, infinitely creative spirits.”  (A RETURN TO LOVE)

We are the children of God. Extensions of God’s Love and created perfect, just as we are.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to remove the fears and blocks that we have erected around ourselves and God’s creations, we find our True Selves.  We could say our Christ-Selves.

As Marianne says: “The word Christ is a psychological term.  No religion has a monopoly on the truth.  Christ refers to the common thread of divine love that is the core and essence of every human mind.”  It humbles us when we realize ourselves as part of God.  Some of us may have been told that we are arrogant when we acknowledge our innate perfection.  However, it is actually arrogant when we imply that we are not, in Truth, a part of the Divine Order.  When we refuse to recognize our divinity, the ego is in charge and we are prone to act from fear.  Jesus knew himself as ONE with God, as did the many other avatars.  Christ, as a Being of unconditional Love, is frequently channelled by “New Age” healers, such as myself, who frequently see apparitions of Jesus and receive His messages.  Miraculous healings result.

My own experiences with Jesus go back to early childhood , and the Christ has always been my Saviour, guide and teacher.  However, I also recognize Jesus, today, as one of many great spiritual teachers and healers overseeing what one of my teachers, Doreen Virtue, calls “the spiritual renaissance on the planet.”  Jesus offers his miraculous healings to people and divinities of all religious and non-religious backgrounds because His Love is ‘real’ Love.  It is unconditional.

As Doreen points out (ARCHANGELS & ASCENDED MASTERS) what we know about Jesus comes from the four gospels and the letters of Paul in the New Testament.  Doreen notes that since the gospels were written 70 or more years after  Jesus’s physical death, it is obvious that none of the authors met Jesus during his human time on earth.  Therefore, the accounts are secondhand at best and Doreen’s research shows that no historian who lived during the time of Jesus mentioned him in written accounts of the period.

In his extraordinary best-seller JESUS: A STORY OF ENLIGHTENMENT  Deepak Chopra answers the question, “What if Jesus wanted his followers – and us – to reach the same unity with God that he had reached?”  Dr. Chopra’s premise for the book is that Jesus did, and so Dr. Chopra lays out ” a map of enlightenment” with the understanding that enlightenment has existed in EVERY age and that this is the path that Jesus walked.  In writing his book about Jesus of Nazareth, Dr. Chopra acknowledges: “Of course, any number of confirmed Christians will disagree, sometimes violently.  They want Jesus to remain unique, the only man who was also God.  But, if Jesus belongs to the world, as I believe he does, his story can’t exclude everyone else who has realized God-consciousness.  In this novel Jesus remains a saviour, but he isn’t the saviour.”

As Dr. Virtue notes, we know few facts about Jesus.   Dr. Chopra obviously agrees as in his introduction to his novel, Chopra says “in this case we know few facts: the names of Jesus’s family and scarcely anything else.  Could Jesus read?  How educated was he in the Torah?  Did he live apart from Roman culture or mix freely with the imperial colonists and soldiers?  No one can answer with any certainty.”  Dr. Chopra attempts to offer the reader the Jesus who attained enlightenment.  The Jesus, Chopra says, ” whose aspiration to find salvation vibrates in every heart.”  Chopra states: “If it didn’t the brief career of a controversial, largely despised rabbi on the outskirts of first-century Jewish society wouldn’t mean much.  Yet, as we all know, that obscure Rabbi became embedded forever in myth and symbol.”

At the end of Dr. Chopra’s novel about Jesus he includes a reader’s guide.  He wants to make clear to the reader that not only was Jesus a product of transformation, but, that he wanted others to be transformed also.  As Chopra states: ” without the process of transformation, Jesus’s teachings aren’t merely radical.  They are impossible to live by. …”

Part of the transformation that Jesus goes through is the step of accepting God’s Love.  Like Jesus of Nazareth and the Jesus in Chopra’s novel, the ACCEPTANCE of God’s Love is an essential key to enlightenment.  To accept God’s Love  we must ALLOW it into our lives, recognizing it as our birthright, feeling worthy of such Love, and letting ourselves bask in this Light.  Moment by moment and step by step we begin to realize what our spiritual teachers know to be true.  Everything is either coming from a place of love or from a call FOR it (Fear).  Love is ALL there IS.

Love & Peace,          Monica

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