“We’ve got to follow the light.”   Amanda Ellis

“We are in transition. We are in transition in our personal lives and in the collective.”   Amanda Ellis

“John Lewis exuded the fierceness of NOW.”   Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee 

On July 20, 2020, we have a new moon in Cancer @ 10:32 Pacific Time. As you are likely aware, a new moon is always a new beginning. Sometimes this is a new home, new relationship, new career or a new seed that you plant. This new moon, while not accompanied this time by an eclipse – does occur as we are still bathing in eclipse energy for the next six months say our astrologers.  This energy of the next six months is strong and U.K. astrologer, Pam Gregory, says we can “buy in or not to the intensity.” She also gives us her astrological prediction: “What happens from now till the end of July will give us a glimpse of what will come up for us in the autumn months.” Pay attention. There is an opportunity for spiritual abundance.

We are observing and participating in the deconstruction of the Old Order that is leading to a quantum jump in evolution on this planet. In other words, there is an awakening. A legendary icon, John Lewis, who always followed the light has made his transition following his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was instrumental in the Civil Rights movement alongside leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr., and I have admired him since my days as a teen in the 60s. He crosses over at the time of the astrological Cardinal Grand Cross. The sun and the moon are together in Cancer causing us to think of a new home, or even moving to a new country. In Lewis’s case a new dimension.

As old beliefs fall away some of us are creating a new world view and some of us are creating a new livelihood. The times call for courage, passion, resilience and a sense of self that our ancestors possessed. Pam says we need “grit.”  No one who knows the story of John Lewis would deny he had grit. He was a hero. Pam asks us to find “the hero within ourselves.” She reminds us that we can always choose how to react and that if we react from the gut – we can be pulled into making a reference point for ourselves that is external which can lead to victim consciousness. Remember that listening to our gut is valuable – it is just that before reacting from that place we take a few deep breaths so we can choose to respond rather than react. That is empowerment. In fact, Pam gives us a challenge to choose a positive emotion to set your trajectory for the next 6 months. And to “feed it.” I am choosing gratitude. It is such a high frequency and there is always something to be grateful for. Choosing at the time of the new moon to plant a new seed for yourself as well as the planet is more service than many of you might realize.

In choosing gratitude and focusing on a positive path, I am not recommending you be in denial. It is doable to focus on the positive and yet not deny what the light is bringing to the surface for cleansing and healing. Both personally and collectively. What is brought into the light and no longer hidden can ultimately be transmuted. However, creating something new – as I have helped some people do with my combination of modalities – requires an understanding that Reality begins in the ethers (with God/Source) or Zero Point Field where there is no matter or form or solidity and it is when our own unique (hopefully high) frequency interacts with this Power that we start to pull the wave into the particle that then collapses into an event or matter. I employ this understanding in some of my hybrid healing sessions with the Angel’s supervision. They are my Mentors.

It was from my Angel Therapy(R) training years ago that i learned about the amazing work of Masaru Emoto who delineated the effects that human consciousness has on the molecular structure of water. Chances are high you’ve read a least one of his books. He experimented by sending emotions of jealousy, hate, anger and other negative emotions to vials of  water and then froze them and examined them under a microscope and the crystals were twisted and ugly. Then he sent other vials of water positive emotions like love and gratitude and the frozen crystals were exquisitely beautiful. Our bodies are largely water. Let your negative emotions surface safely and flow through you (emotion = energy-in-motion) resulting in actions toward helping to create a more loving world.

Recently I was with my family bubble in the Ottawa Valley when, at night, we heard many helicopters flying overhead. We had never heard that before in this location for the past three years. We wondered what was happening. Sadly, we heard the next day on the Canadian National News that they were military helicopters responding to an Amber Alert regarding 2 little girls having been abducted. Their father was the suspect. The car was apparently found abandoned after being driven on a highway and the little children dead. My daughter and myself were so upset, as would most people be. My daughter wondered why she had not heard the Amber Alert on her phone. She suspects that, due to numerous complaints last July about the alerts disturbing people’s sleep – the message goes out without the alarm. This made me so angry! Are we so not willing to care about children that we are complaining about a noise that could potentially save them? My daughter sent me an article to read by Mike Drolet of Global News posted July 25, 2019. “It was only a year ago that the Canadian system changed to make it mandatory that all alerts must go out on all devices. So far this year Ontario has had six alerts, five of which ended with the abducted child being returned home. A sixth led to an arrest, but only after a 41 -year-old Toronto-area man was charged in the death of his 11 year-old daughter.” Drolet goes on: “But for all its successes, middle-of-the-night alerts have led to 911 operators being besieged by angry callers furious at being woken up… There was one person, in particular, who called repeatedly,” said Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook of the Toronto Police…”He was quite frustrated and he called back again to express his displeasure and frustrations and ultimately the fact that this Amber Alert, by waking him up at that time of night, had apparently ruined his life.”  I don’t know if these calls led to no more Amber Alert sirens? But my point is – “It takes a village to raise a child.” Will we as a society be willing to have our own sleep disturbed in order to potentially save a child? In the coming New Order – yes- we will. Because, we are waking up! Our DNA is being upgraded and our heart fields are expanding. This also allows us to find our hero within – if we are committed to that quest.

While the new moon in Cancer activates our ‘mothering’ energy of nurturing (the divine masculine energy has this too) it also sheds light on the shadow side of this sign: clingy, timid, hides.  The crab hides in the sand. We are moving away from controlling patriarchal structures and Steve Judd (astrologer, U.K.) points out that the countries suffering most from Covid-19 at present seem to be the mercenary ones. Judd is welcoming change although with a little trepidation. Without change he says we get entropy and decay and he predicts we will see an increase in our premonitions this month. “We are all going to feel very alive.”

The very positive sign of Cancer can allow us to receive the nurturing and love we need. There is a lot of fear and shock right now and Cancer energy is soothing. What soothes you? Can you add one more self-care practice to your life? What would it be if you were to do that? The new moon offers us an opportunity to start fresh.

Godspeed  John Lewis & thank you,

Love & Light,   Monica