Use your own imagination as to how you intend to magnetize your desires.  The ideas below are the ones frequently given in workshops and I have found them effective; however, we all begin with some guidelines and then tweak them in a personal way that works for us depending on where we are during our consciousness journey.  However, when we are beginning – it does help immensely to know how others manifest.

The most important element of magnetizing is the FEELING state.  Employ whatever is best for you to enter the feeling of magnetism.   That ‘feeling’ state is key.  Adding an affirmation is always helpful, I find.  Mine is: “I am a magnet for attracting abundance.  It flows to me easily and effortlessly.”  Gaining clarity about what you are magnetizing and why is an essential component of the process.  It is best to know how what you are magnetizing will be the appropriate expression of whatever higher quality you wish to radiate.

It is a good idea to magnetize the features or the essence of what you want, not merely the specific form.  If you don’t actually know the specific form, you can use a symbol.  Symbols can be quite magical as they bypass our beliefs and thoughts about what we think is possible for us to have.  When you ask for what you want always add the words “this or even more” manifests for me now.  (Keep a positive focus because worry and fears can make our energy sluggish and unreceptive).  Love what you are manifesting and send out the intention into the universe and believe that what you are asking is possible.  An important aspect  to remember is that ‘neediness’ is a repelling quality, so, you maintain a detached attitude – letting it be ok for it to come in a different form from your expectations.  In other words, after you ask, give thanks that it is manifest and completely surrender to whatever shows up as being appropriate.

The easiest things to magnetize to you are the things similar to what you have created in the past.  Starting with something that you are certain will succeed gives you confidence for down the road when you are magnetizing larger items and dreams.   As you progress, expand your beliefs as to what you can have and also see how quickly you can attract it.  Keep magnetizing until you feel a ‘click’ or a ‘shift’ in the energy and you KNOW it is only a matter of time before it manifests.

Most of us find out that we are using too much energy to create small results.  It is practice, as is everything.  When we make magnetizing ‘play’ rather than work it helps us to realize when we are using too much of our ‘power’ for things that are actually quite simple to manifest.  Practice helps us to discern how much energy it takes to create what we are manifesting.  If we are straining, then we are trying too hard.  We are using too much energy, because we think it is difficult.  ‘Easy does it’, tell yourself.  Always check in with your higher self, angels & guides if you feel you are exerting a great deal of your power and yet do not feel what you are manifesting coming.  Sometimes applying a lot of your power and seeing little if any results means that you are trying to magnetize to you something that is going against the current of your Highest Good.  Remember that the universe supports your purpose, but, not an identity.

“Once you master creating a particular type of thing, all you usually need do in the future is to think of it for it to manifest readily.  If you are able to manifest something easily and then the flow stops or begins to lessen, or attracting it requires too much work, it may be time to examine more carefully the path you are on.  Pay close attention to any whispers of new directions that are emerging.” (CREATING MONEY: ATTRACTING ABUNDANCE by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer).

There are no rules regarding how frequently to magnetize what you want.  Some people do it once and others daily and others until they feel a ‘shift’.  Currently, I am spending one minute daily per personal manifestation which means 10 minutes each morning in my creative workshop.  That leaves me enough ‘earth time’ for the many spiritual practices I do to continue to learn and also maintain my energy as clear, positive and de-cluttered.  As I change  my spiritual practice shifts, so will yours.  You will know what is right for you.  Your intuition will guide you.  Once your energy work is ‘done’ – there are sometimes ‘action’ steps to take.  Not always though.  It is possible to create out of what literally seems to be ‘thin air’.  Our focused thoughts are extremely powerful and we are limitless beings.

May this short piece on magnetizing your desires be a catalyst that triggers your memories of your limitless capacities to manifest – whether these are current life memories or past life memories.  Happy magnetizing!

Blessings,   Monica


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  1. Gillian October 16, 2014 at 11:21 pm Reply

    I have trouble with the “feeling” state and tend to get thinky. Recently a family member came through a big operation and my teenager said, “I just imagined showing him my rock band videos.” Perfect, huh? Thanks for this blog and the reminder to add “or even more” to our affirmations!

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