Memory Junction is the name that I am employing today to describe a place within the journey of transformation.  It is a place that we have been many times before, although it is never the same twice.  Therefore, it is endlessly fascinating.  Well, NOW it is fascinating.  It hasn’t always been that way because some memories are painful.  However, each time that we hop aboard the train to Memory Junction, it becomes easier as we allow these memories to flow through us like water through a sieve.  Everything passes through and only those little gold nuggets of revelation and truth remain.

Those of you reading this KNOW exactly where Memory Junction is.  As the train chugs along and we watch through the window the passing landscapes of our childhood, youth and part of our adulthood disappear on the track behind – we are also pulling into and stopping at many stations for varying periods of Time for a longer stay.  Sometimes we even get off the train and stay over in a hotel for a night or two before proceeding down the track.  However, each time that we pull into a station we are surprised to see, when we look up, a sign that says Memory Junction.  Again?  Every station we arrive at takes us into a memory of past, present or future.  Because, they are all ONE.  Where are YOU today on the space-time continuum?  I pulled in to Memory Junction today around 9 a.m. EDT.  I feel the stop here is due to my reading last night of a journal entry of mine from autumn of 2010.  I was very surprised to be reminded of how many changes have occurred in my life in just 4 years of Earth time.  Reading the journal entry felt like peeking into the diary of another woman!  And, of course – that is the truth.  The woman writing in her journal was grieving the loss of her marriage of thirty-nine years.  She was trying to find a place to live in a new city as along with the complete marriage breakdown she was losing a husband, home, car, dog, furnishings, appliances and a newly beginning evolving career she loved. She had a laptop and a suitcase of clothes and was hopeful.  This particular stop at Memory Junction is definitely not unique to me.  In fact this ‘old’ woman writing in her journal was aware that she was a walking cliché.  And, dear readers, this experience served her ( and me!) very well.  Because, in my current work at Awakening Spirit I am fortunate and honoured to serve some soul-full, interesting and amazing women of varying ages who are often, although not always, undergoing a marriage or relationship breakdown.  They are at various places of Memory Junction that I recognize because I have been there.

There is a seemingly never-ending myriad of places along the route to Memory Junction that reflect the ‘me’ I used to be.  Maybe this is true for you as well?  Or, maybe, you are not quite at that stage of your transformation, as yet.  Every step along the way is for our Higher Good although it may not feel this way while immersed in the chaos and confusion of our ‘old’ and ‘new’ worlds colliding.  There may be more than one ‘dark night of the soul’ on this adventure.  However, there is absolutely always a light at the end of the tunnel – even if we currently can’t see it with our physical eyes.  Every single trip to Memory Junction accomplishes more than we realize while swept up in the flow of memories.  Breathing through it and remembering  “this too shall pass” has helped many ‘let go’.

So, what do all these trips to Memory Junction accomplish?  Because, we North Americans like a feeling of accomplishment – while we journey toward that way of living enjoyed by other cultures – where Being is sufficient.  Well, I am still on the journey because we are all works of art, I believe, in process and progress.  We are never ‘finished’, although it may ‘appear’ that way.  One transformation leads eventually to another and so it goes.  Why would we fight this?  We do not expect children to stay the same.  We expect them to be growing and learning new skills.  When we embrace this concept of ourselves as evolving beings of the Light, navigating through the murky waters becomes easier.  And, can even be FUN!  Some of my stops at Memory Junction remind me of the “wild toad ride” that I took at the Toronto Exhibition as a teen with my brother.  Up, down, all around and heart leaping out of my chest.  Scary, and exhilarating too.  When we come off the track, we feel pretty dazed and confused and have had a pretty good shaking up.  But, daunted?  No way!  Would we do this ride again?  In a heartbeat!  I have discovered, through my own experiences as well as those of my friends and clients, that the seemingly endless trips to Memory Junction hold magic beyond the beyond.  Through repeat visits we de-fuse the emotional charge they hold over us & we discover ‘new’ energy that was previously unavailable to us due to memory repression.  We also learn more each visit about how we want to nurture and re-parent our inner child and also how we wish to midwife and then birth the ‘new’ person that we are becoming.  We also begin to have compassion for those ‘hungry creatures’ within us that were not accepted & loved by ourselves and/or others.  They too have their gifts for us – once loved and appreciated.  As we welcome and accept and love the parts of ourselves that we put in the attic or threw into the basement or shoved out-of-the-way in the garage or garden shed – we receive their gifts and integrate them into our ‘new’ life in a way that is nothing short of the miracle that is life itself.  We let go and live ourselves into the person we are becoming.  Every person and experience becomes a guide on this journey of awakening as we view the buffet of life and choose again and again.

For some of us on this path, the journey is also one of discovering and integrating past lives.  This may not be part of everyone’s journey, but, it has been part of mine.  I am glad that I had Jungian therapy in the early 80s so I could do some cleansing of my current life because I was then able to work on and with past lives that also had gifts for me.  I was skeptical of my own memories of past lives for decades.  Even though I had past life memories as a four year old.  Until they reared up and demanded my attention.  I did not like the idea of past lives.  I did not want them to be True!  The ego of Monica was threatened by my past lives as Anne, Mercy, Livera, Hedra & Joshua, among others.  However, once I spent 5 years visiting the places of Memory Junction regarding my early current life – I needed to go back in Time and heal ancient wounds and collect ancient knowledge and skills.   My point is – if you are feeling exhausted, confused & exhilarated at various points of your transformation process – you are doing a great job!  Pat yourself on the back and celebrate as Lisa Nichols likes to say, “every micro-win” on the path.  It all counts.  It is all taking you where you wish to go.  Your Higher Self knows this because your Higher Self is the part of you that is never disconnected from Source.

Know that you are never alone at Memory Junction.  Whether the station that you pull into is past, present or future.  Your angels and guides are with you every step of the way. They have the Overview of your journey and are available to you forever.  You are an infinite being of the Light.  You have access at Memory Junction and every other part of the journey through space and time to ALL there is.  You are NEVER alone on your heroic journey.  So, please ask for help when you need it.  Knowing when you need to reach out to a fellow human being or an angel or ascended master is part of the transformation. The discovery that we all need to both give and receive in the infinite ebb and flow of life.  If you require professional assistance during your journey, use your intellect and your intuition in tandem to seek out a therapist or spiritual counselor or coach who resonates with you at this stage of your journey.  That is why we are here.

As we birth ourselves, we are also birthing a ‘new’ planet.  We are all in this together.  “We are the miracle of force and matter making itself over into imagination and will.  Incredible.  The Life Force experimenting with forms.  You for one.  Me for another.  The Universe has shouted itself alive.  We are one of the shouts.”  (Ray Bradbury)

Take a few nice deep breaths.  Out with the old, in with the new.  A new day IS dawning.  Believe it, and you will see it.

Namaste,       Monica



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  1. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:34 pm Reply

    Good to be able to comment again! This is actually my third time leaving a message about Memory Junction. As I recall I said something along the lines of: How interesting…not something that would have occurred to me…to intentionally go to a memory, etc. When memories come I tend to just note them.

    Would love to see other readers’ comments about this!

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