What are you planting in your garden right now?  Whatever you are planting, it needs to be planted with enthusiasm and passion and in alignment with your own belief system in order for it to manifest.  For example, if you plant an acorn, you know that you are going to see a mighty oak tree manifest.  That is your expectation and that is what will occur.  So, similarly, whatever you are planting in the garden of your mind needs to be in alignment with your expectations and beliefs.  You wouldn’t plant petunia seeds and expect roses.  Or would you?  (by the way, I have nothing against petunias)  I’m sure that most of us have made this mistake at one time or another.

It is important to plant the seeds that you can see coming to fruition.  This does not mean that you have to think small, only that whatever you wish to manifest you BELIEVE can come true.  It is within YOUR realm of possibility.  It doesn’t matter whether other people believe it to be possible or not.  Only that YOU do. (Merlin taught me this.)  You have power over what you believe.  So, if what you desire does not fit into your belief system, you can let the desire go OR you can choose another belief.  That is within your power to do.  Beliefs that limit you and your potential can cut off your access to the flow of abundance in the universe.  Dis-empowering beliefs need to be put aside in order to make way for your unlimited potential.

Remember when we were children?  We thought EVERYTHING was possible.  Well, it turns out that we were correct.   Of course we had newly arrived from Heaven where we experienced everything as possible.  We hadn’t had time, yet, to be constricted by the seeds of doubt and fear that well-meaning parents, teachers and other authority figures planted in our minds.  Their beliefs were very powerful, but, that was then and this is NOW.  So, question everything that you currently believe.  Take your time, especially if you are ‘new’ to conscious planting.  There is no rush.  You see, we are planting all the time whether or not we are aware of it.  Therefore, we need to make sure that we are not planting a mixed bag of seeds and then sitting back to see what emerges in our lives.  Unless, of course, that is your genuine desire.  You have the power.

Before you plant, be sure to do some weeding and prepare the garden.  You need to remove any seeds of negativity so that they do not take root.  Weeding is work definitely worth doing.  Weeding helps to prevent the choking off of the plants once they start to peep through.  Rooting out what no longer serves your purpose and letting go – with love and light – of people and things that are vibrating at a different frequency helps to make the soil fertile for your ‘new ‘seeds.  When we begin the process of weeding we do need to take our time so that we can make sure to identify as a weed – what IS a weed – according to our own beliefs.  For example, I like dandelions even though my neighbours may expect me to weed them out.  And, take the same approach to planting.  Don’t plant an orchid just because you can – or – because you are expected to – but rather do it because you genuinely wish to see that orchid bloom in your garden.  What you focus upon enlarges, so focus wisely.

Get your soil ready.  Do not worry if your land lies fallow for awhile as this can be part of the process.  Do not fret over this – nature abhors a vacuum (as you know) so eventually you will know what to plant. Meanwhile enjoy this fallow period.  Play with the faeries !  They will help you to lighten up.  The faeries  are also happy to help us to manifest our earthly-needs provided we are not abusive to the environment and animals, since faeries are nature angels and the guardians of animals and the natural world.  Obviously Shakespeare knew this to be true!  Your guardian angels will also help you to decipher what to plant.  Ask them before you go to sleep to enter your dreams and provide the answers that are for your Highest Good.  Be patient, and the answers will arrive when the time is right.  Your body registers the truth.  How would you FEEL if your dream came true?

When you have thoughtfully selected your seeds, plant them deeply in the prepared soil with complete faith.  Water them with enthusiasm and passion.  Remember that they KNOW how to grow.  A tulip bulb knows how to grow into a tulip, it does not need your directions.  A lot of what I have learned about nature comes from observing nature as a child and most of the rest from reading the works of D.H. Lawrence.  A master observer of the natural world.

“Hold fast to your faith” is the message from the angels.  The seeds are growing whether you are seeing evidence with your physical eyes or not.  At times all you see are the stones in your garden, however, keep HOLDING YOUR VISION  and continue to weed and to water.  Things are never as they appear.  Divine Timing, Divine Order and Divine Will are involved as you co-create with Source.  Someone once said – “if God is your co-pilot – change seats”!

If possible, surround yourself with people who are also holding a vision of your best life.  Loving, like-minded people around you who are also filled with new ideas and open to new adventures are indeed treasures on life’s paths.  They help to keep your thoughts uplifted and your vibrations high.  This helps you to strengthen your seedlings and infuse them with your power.  Observe and celebrate the successes of other creators with joy.  This raises your vibration.  And, when the garden you have planted does begin to flower and bear fruit, celebrate EVERY manifestation – no matter how seemingly small.  Give thanks to your Higher Self and your Source  and do this from the beginning – because the more genuinely grateful you are – the more the universe will send you more things to be grateful for that match your own vibration.

There is a lightworker saying: “do not give up five minutes before the miracle occurs.”  We lightworkers remind ourselves of this, and are reminded by our sister and brother lightworkers of this  – all through Time.  It is often darkest before the dawn, but, dawn always arrives.  Talk to your angels, tell them your fears – and then hand them your fears to take to the Light for cleansing and transmutation.  Remember that due to the Law of Free Will, the angels can not intervene without your permission except in rare circumstances. However, nothing you think, feel or do will ever cause your angels to desert you. They are PURE unconditional LOVE and they see only your Higher Self – the Truth of who you really are.

And, when your garden blooms – as it will – in the fullness of time, if it turns out that what you desired is not to your liking after all – then you can always uproot it and plant again.  Sometimes we need to see our desires manifested in the physical to know whether this is actually best for us.  There is no such thing as failure.  Only more information for our consciousness.  More knowledge and awareness on our soul’s eternal journey.

Happy Planting!            Love, Monica



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  1. Hayley January 10, 2014 at 1:55 pm Reply

    Another great blog!! The advice really seeps in as it is written so eloquently and with great respect for the reader. The dose of humour you inject in this one really helps to focus the reader on your great planting advice! Thanks 🙂

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