“Big times. We are living through the collapse of the old order, but we are co-creating the new paradigm.”   Pam Gregory  (astrologer)

To be patriotic, is to be a protestor.”   John Meecham (historian)

In a few days, July 20, 2019, we will celebrate the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing of Apollo 11. I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was on summer holidays from my studies and training at Credit Valley School of Nursing in Mississauga. My father and I were driving back from the farm in Chatsworth to our home in Oakville and we stopped in Orangeville to join a few strangers at an off-the-road restaurant to watch the moon landing on a grainy tv set on the wall. You could hear a pin drop when Neil Armstrong made the famous quote “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. I still have the paper place mat where I wrote about it, time and place and playfully asked my father to sign as to what we had witnessed. Did we know what an important moment this was? Yes we did.

For some of us – it kind of spoiled the mystery. I remember standing on the front lawn of the farm with my grandfather who told me “all those years of looking up and wondering and dreaming under the moon and kissing your grandmother under the silvery light, to find out – it is just a pile of rocks.” My grandmother had crossed over 8 years before -presumably living her life believing the moon was so much more than that. And, for my grandfather’s cousin Herman Hemstock, well, he was just glad that the astronauts didn’t try to land on a quarter moon – because it is so much easier to land on a full moon. No, he wasn’t making a joke – which we found out when we all burst into laughter. We weren’t trying to hurt his feelings, we truly thought he was making a joke.

Since the beginning of time we have looked up at the moon and dreamed ourselves awake. We are continuing to do this to this day. What is your relationship with the moon? Writing about it in your journal may bring some hidden wisdom to the surface. We have a personal relationship and a collective one.

This month we had a total solar eclipse on July 2nd and then a few days ago we had the last lunar eclipse of 2019 on the anniversary of Apollo 11’s launch on July 16th. Interesting timing eh? We are going into another very powerful week. July energies are intense. And we are also in a loop our astrologers tell us. Our loop attaches us to 1985. What were you doing in 1985 if you were alive on the planet then? I had my daughter, Hayley, that year and was aware of Haley’s comet making an appearance, even though, consciously, Hayley was not named after the comet. My sister, Gillian, wrote a beautiful illustrated book for Hayley about her birth and the comet. If I remember correctly Haley’s comet returns when Hayley is in her 70s. It will be interesting for Hayley to discover what is going on in her personal life and also the collective when the comet returns. Will it become part of Hayley’s personal mythology? Did something in 1985 become part of your personal mythology? Whatever happened for you that year and whatever happened for us as a collective in that year – is worth pondering.

We are being asked this July, say the astrologers I respect, to talk about challenging subjects. The energy is intense and is bringing up a lot of ‘stuff ‘ to be cleared and cleansed. Our recent full moon eclipse of the 16th had the sun and the moon at opposite points in the sky. This illuminated something we had not seen before, therefore, please spend some time reflecting and writing in your journal because this July we are living –  is part of a story that will be revealed in 2020. So, this is a clearing out phase and I have been feeling this very strongly. So much is happening this month. Examine your feelings, connections and your spidey senses. This examination is important because there are two more eclipses coming, December 26, 2019 and January 10, 2020 before this story plays out.

We are closing out soul lessons and soul cycles. It is a time of endings and beginnings. An intense period. Hayley’s grandmother, Lillianne, crossed over on the 6th of this month (a maternal vibration number). I knew there was going to be a ‘loss’ in our extended family and this was the loss. Every time a family member crosses to the Other Side, there is a type of reconfiguration is there not? Lillianne chose her exit to take advantage of the powerful energies and was quickly gone – like a comet. Lillianne was a powerful energy and it is interesting that after writing these blogs for six years this August – that the blog (Beyond the Beyond) I have received the most comments about (in person) was about my mediumship with regard to Lillianne and Russ. My clients found the story of Lillianne and Russ a romantic one. They are re-united now on the Other Side and I have already received a message from Lillianne which was to get one of her sons to tell her much cherished nephew that she is now with Russ. Cycle completed.

Whatever we are dealing with this month will show up again to be dealt with in 2020.  For many of us, we are clearing ancestral wounds. Part of this is healing, in the collective, is of all the many mother wounds. On a personal level Lillianne’s passing brought up (again!) the restrictions and limitations of being female in a patriarchy. Astrologer Tania Gabrielle says this is coming up for us all and that women are “carrying the torch for women who came before us” and of course, this also refers to the torch- carrying by enlightened men who carry the divine feminine energy. The moon is considered a feminine energy. The sun a masculine one.

Right now say the astrologers, with the moon in Capricorn and the sun in Cancer,  we can feel a harsh split in consciousness as we now have to take on much more responsibility for ourselves. Taking on the responsibilities is related to the moon being in Capricorn. Our success depends on awakening and accepting our power as we talked about last week. The world needs us now in a different capacity  as this is a tumultuous time. Fortunately, at the end of July/early August our energy shifts again – helping us move more into that power. In fact we must own it. It is an emotional time right now, because we are activating our destiny.

Capricorn’s influence calls for us to be mature in a new way regarding finances and career, says Tania. ” Not the old way which involved saving money and retiring – that old system is gone – Pluto has dissolved it – so now you want to feel you can contribute, in some way, up until your last breath. ” There is no going back says Tania because part of our world is changing permanently and we may want to hide or retreat as changes unfold. Trust your own GPS to bring you home to yourself.

Some of us now will be saying, “I can’t do __________________ any more!”  We may then need to move outside of societal expectations long ingrained. However, pay attention to the shadow side of Capricorn. This side is compulsive with a need to take credit and take control. Sometimes too serious and stern and with too much work. Many of us will find a balance whereby we can follow sensible protocols and yet be more engaged and more respectful of ourselves and others. The astrologers also say that now is a good time to acquire a mentor or to become a mentor!

Our emotional purging at this time will lead to empowerment. Purging always leads to empowerment. If your old goals no longer serve – you will drop them – anything that doesn’t light you up needs to fall away. It is time for you to heal rifts – but not in a subservient way. We notice eruptions on both a personal and political and geological level. Tumult. There have been earthquakes and also political eruptions all over – in the States, the U.K., France, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico etc. etc. as old systems collapse.

We notice the opportunity for cleansing and ancestral healing in the States right now as the darkness of racism has risen to the level of the White House and no longer hides in the shadows. As President Trump spews his own racism and misogyny from the bully pulpit – telling 4 elected Congresswomen of colour to leave and go back to their original countries – he shines a light on some challenging subjects and they can no longer be swept under the carpet. Each night now CNN anchor Anderson Cooper says the state of America is “depressing.”  Colleague Chris Cuomo says there is now a battle going on for “the soul of America.” This is true if you are observing and feeling. The energy of July is exacerbating, complex and concentrated, so if you watch the news – do what you can to be helpful where you are, whatever that is, but do not be drawn into the drama and  negative energy.  Now, more than ever perhaps, we must becomes the masters of our own frequency.

Maintaining a high frequency means, among other things, remembering that words have powerful energy – use them wisely, especially when discussing the challenging topics we are meant to address and speak up about.  Speak from the heart – don’t close down your throat chakra – democracy, in any country, is about having a voice and using it. Where your words of love and light fall on deaf ears – send the Violet Flame to transmute energies (see my past blog on this). We came here purposely at this time to spread our light, not to sit on the sidelines when we have something positive and/or healing to offer.

It is crucial now to maintain your daily spiritual practices. These last 2 weeks of July there will be a lot of retrograde energy as Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto move backwards. I feel that incredible ‘pull’ on all levels. Physically I am often exhausted and dizzy. Do not forget the saying, “where attention goes, energy flows.”  It is an intensity that comes, say the astrologers, from the eclipse’s “broad orb of influence.” We started feeling this last month and we will feel the effects for the rest of this year – that is why I am writing this blog for you. We are at a major crossroads time, personally and collectively.  Beginnings and endings. People and circumstances can move out of our lives. This stirs emotions. However, the eclipse on the 2nd brought more of our gifts to the surface.

Which fork in the road are you going to take? I hope it is the choice that decreases the polarity and increases your vibration, lighting you up from within. Discipline is required to step into your mastery. If you are over 65, like me, perhaps you were hoping to sit back or retire? Hey, apparently we chose to be here at this time and it was to serve. Pam Gregory says to us: “You may want to contribute to the old timeline of before – where we work to 65, retire and play golf… these things are over… so you are making a commitment to your divine mission now and have the energy to recognize and pursue opportunities – more than usual. Focus and keep your eyes open.”

There is always an opportunity to spread your love. Every time Pam steps outside she sends love to the trees and bees. She says beaming your love to a tree for one minute doubles its aura. Internal focus counts. Step into your mastery and keep the bar for yourself high. Be kind and gentle to yourself and you will be kind and gentle to others.

Go out tonight and send blessings to the moon from your heart for her light. Those blessings will return more than tenfold.

Namaste,   Monica



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  1. Gillian July 18, 2019 at 5:44 pm Reply

    Watched Farenheit 11/9 last night with my 91 year old friend (second time for me, first for her) and when we stepped outside afterwards there was a glorious full moon beaming down at us! Will definitely step out tonight to send Moon my blessings!

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