“Morphic resonance occurs when the spirit mind is confronted with a place, or a person, so profoundly familiar from a past life that it experiences almost total recall.”   Sylvia Browne

Deeply affected by that recall, the spirit mind infuses the conscious mind with the same factual information and emotional information to the point where the entire body resonates with a familiarity that only the spirit mind can genuinely claim. Sylvia Browne describes morphic resonance as a relative of cell memory and deja vu and her Spirit Guide, Francine, described it as deja vu multiplied by about a trillion. (PHENOMENON)

Gillian describes cell memory at the end of last week’s blog when she told us that in the 1970s she was in Bath, England, a place she had never been before in this lifetime and experienced “the powerful sensation that I’d been there before.” I too experienced this in Bath, England, when in 2011, on a solo pilgrimage, I suddenly found my way to the Abbey without a map and burst into tears because it resonated in every fiber of my being. When you experience morphic resonance you never forget it and it is another sign of the eternal survival of our soul for which we thank God/Source.

I remember quite a few past lives and I told you last week that I am an Akashic Record Reader having experienced the past ‘wounds’ of many lifetimes.  This allows me the opportunity to help my clients decipher what is going on when having cleared and released negativity from their current life they find more excavation needs to be done. I help them dig up the past and turn the wounds into gifts. It is a process the Angels, guides and ascended masters direct.

One of my past lives that informs this current one, as Monica, most directly, is a past life in Ancient Egypt when my name was Hedra. I have mentioned that life elsewhere. That life was relatively short; however, the gifts received from it I use almost every day. Hedra is a common name in Egypt I discovered. Kind of like Mary. But, to me, the power of that name unleashed memory after memory as I often unconsciously mined the Akash.  It might interest you to know, if you are not aware of it, that it is the power of your first name that unlock’s your soul’s Akashic Record. Doreen Virtue teaches her students that our name is hand-selected by Heaven prior to our incarnation so it best suits our incarnation. Each person’s name has a specific and unique vibration and no matter how many Hedras or Monicas there are in the world; each is unique. But, I digress, my past life as Hedra in ancient Egypt and as a devotee of the goddess Isis resulted in morphic resonance in this life as Monica and produced a strong affinity at an early age for Egyptian art and history. And, a lifelong interest in metaphysics and the spiritual arts.

I have described elsewhere in my writings how in 2011 while receiving a craniosacral therapy treatment from a close friend I began to spontaneously describe floating down the Nile on a barge and gave the details of my funeral. When I came off the massage table she told me that I had told her about my funeral and also my “initiation” into the priesthood.  I remembered neither of these at that time and was very surprised! All I remembered was how relaxing the session was. My friend went on, eyes bugging out a bit, telling me that the “initiation” I described to her mirrored what was described in a book she had read by Elisabeth Haich called INITIATION which was published, originally, in 1953. I had never heard of this book and therefore, at the time, it meant nothing to me beyond the fact it interested my friend. Later on during our friendship my friend drew for me a sketch of her clairvoyant vision of me as Hedra while I was giving her an Angel reading. I have it pasted into my journal. A year or so later I was guided by Archangel Michael to consult a hypnotherapist near where I was living at the time in Victoria, B.C..  I had never been to one and although I greatly value hypnotherapy I really saw, at the time,  no reason to go – however – when Archangel Michael says jump I say how high?!  So, I was guided to a very experienced one in downtown Victoria.  When I walked into her office I wondered where I had seen her before? She looked a lot like the Egyptian woman I had pasted onto my Vision Board many years before not consciously knowing why. During a very powerful session I recalled Hedra’s life in Ancient Egypt and the hypnotherapist simultaneously recalled her life with me there – so – we both got some revelations! One of the many things I dis-covered at that session was how much my father in that lifetime had loved me – how he had grieved upon my death – he was standing on the bank of the Nile filled with excruciating pain as I drifted away. Remembering this today is bringing tears to my eyes. I was never loved by my father in this lifetime – so – I was moved beyond what I can express by this love that was so incredibly deep. His grief healed me completely. My acknowledgment of him – letting his soul know that I was still ‘alive’ – “freed” him to ‘let go’ of this grief (my therapist said)  that was still so palpable centuries later. In a way, with the help of the hypnotherapist – I reached back into Time (there is no time but NOW) and in the river of time at that moment on the banks of the Nile we healed each other. I received a father that truly loved me and he received the knowledge that his daughter did not die. Healing can come at any point in our lives when we know that “time is a river in which I go fishing.” This particular experience in a roundabout way led to me studying and practicing Matrix Energetics(TM) but that is another story for down the road dear readers.

Kryon says: “In a quantum state, there is no time. In a quantum state there is no place where anything is. For quantum mechanics dictates that any matter, if you want to call it that, or any energy, if you want to call it that, is everywhere together all as one. Imagine something so complex! Now imagine that it’s duplicated hundreds of millions of times in your body…  Cellular structure is specific and unique.. but DNA is specific all over the body. It’s not specific. You don’t have toenail DNA or hair DNA or heart DNA . You’ve got your own DNA. Trillions of copies of the same Human quantum blueprint must talk to each other instantly or you would cease to exist. How do they do it? No name in science truly has been given to the process of communication between DNA loops, but it will. It’s a quantumness within the “soup of magnetics.”  (KRYON channeled by Lee Carroll)

Reach into the river of time and pick out your most courageous self so you can move forward with confidence and joy on your path.  Heal your future.

Love & Light,  Monica



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  1. Gillian December 15, 2016 at 12:11 pm Reply

    Lovely Blog! Last week I bought my first ever wand. These hand made items of ash, apple, hawthorn and maple are being sold (from an old suitcase a là Newt Scamander)in the store where I work casually. The very next day I sold two wands to like minded women! It’s fun to see a bunch of women come into the store and gravitate to/resonate with these wands. I always repeat Merlin’s line, transmitted to me by you, that “Wand is anything. Intention is everything.”

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