I think children get their sense of self-worth from having an adult see them and really acknowledge them.”   Sarah Polley

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.”   Lady Bird Johnson

Children, as we know, are among the purest, most spiritually conscious beings on earth, rivaled only by animals, and it’s a fact worth remembering in your own life that the more spiritually open and available we become, the more Angels gather around us.”   Sylvia Browne


Mother Mary is known as Queen of the Angels. Nevertheless, it was a complete surprise to me when Mother Mary honoured me with a visitation (2007) while I was living at Hobbit Home in Kingston and beginning my Angel Therapy(R) practice having not long returned from Doreen Virtue’s training programme.

Then I remembered that at Doreen’s course I had been issued an oracle card and also an oracle deck and that both of these were for children. I looked around at my fellow students and the ones around me (none of whom I knew as I was in California with folks from across the world) all had been issued cards for adults. I knew this meant something, naturally, but I did not know what! So, I began my ‘professional’ career as a psychic using an oracle deck for children – a unicorn deck of Doreen’s and found that information came to me with this deck in a way that can only be described as magical.

When Mother Mary appeared before me in her vivid, golden and brilliant purplish-sapphire-blue robes late that night in Hobbit Home I was struck with awe and wonder that the Queen of the Angels would appear to me. The room was filled with an indescribable depth of Love and the overall sense that I have retained from that night is one of palpable strength and gentleness. I have not spoken of this before. In many ways, I am still absorbing this. I often quote the saying, “there is nothing so strong as gentleness, and nothing so gentle as strength.” I do not know who first coined this saying; however, it describes what I felt with Mother Mary in a nutshell. Having never consciously met Mother Mary before and having not experienced a visitation previously from the Queen of the Angels –  I was left with not only the sense of Beloved Mary as a divinity filled with compassion and mercy and love but also a very firm ‘no nonsense’ mother-bear type vibe. I can feel it now.

Mother Mary, as an ascended master, is known to be especially concerned with children. Besides counseling us to use love, wisdom and intelligence in all our interactions with children she is especially watchful regarding the ‘new’ children arriving now on our planet with their amazing gifts. Mother Mary will help anyone who calls on her with a genuine desire to help young ones and she will open doors for those advocating for youth, so please call upon her when you require assistance for kids. Her presence will fill you with a sense of safety and peace and also a sense of being grounded – as when she appeared in my room as embodied – there was a very strong sense of earthly solidity about her as well as a Heavenly aura and radiant light. Some of you will experience Mother Mary by smelling the scent of flowers &/or seeing sparkles of cornflower-blue lights when she is with you.

In my second children’s book Roland to the Rescue which is being launched this Halloween at Chapters bookstore in Kingston – you will notice that one of the children’s mothers, Allison, has “cornflower-blue eyes.” These resemble the sparkle of Mother Mary – a universal mother figure (as is Kuan Yin – a beloved Eastern divinity, often referred to as ‘the Mother Mary of the East.’) Our Higher Self connects easily to Mother Mary. It is only when we are holding onto fears or anger/negativity and operating out of ego (lower self) that our connection to divine guidance is blocked.

After this particular visitation I was left pondering how I could help children? I knew that a visit unasked for by Mother Mary was a sign that I was to help her with her mission for kids. I have always loved children and at one stage of my life I worked as a night counselor at a Pathways group home for children in crisis. This was a Children’s Aid Society home in the 1980s that was revolutionary in the sense that all food was organic and pesticide-free and the home was in the country where fresh air and plenty of fields allowed the opportunity for encounters with animals and birds which is, of course, healing. As the only night counselor on duty I did everything from changing fuses, whipping up organic breakfasts and holding a ten year old child (the youngest) on my lap telling them a happy story following a nightmare. I was able to use my own very challenging childhood in a way that helped those under my care. Of course, as lightworkers – that is how we all use our own negative experiences. So, what was I to do NOW?

I pondered my time at Doreen’s Angel course. I remembered all my cards given me at the course were for children. I remembered the book that fell (was pushed!) off the shelf in front of me before I left for the course was about The Chronicles of Narnia which I must reluctantly admit I have not read. Yet. Maybe I will read them when I finish up my own series I created, with the Angels, called The Moose Lake Chronicles. I decided to continue writing my own chronicles after Mother Mary’s visitation. My chronicles are not the story of my own childhood (not even close) but the ‘new’ story of my childhood that I created for the ‘new’ me. And, for the ‘new’ kids coming. I wrote a new past but with the true natural landscape of my youth. Mother Mary invited me to write a new story to share with the new children. I offer it, that’s all I need do. Whether anyone reads it or not is not up to me – provided I offer what I have to share. That’s all any of us lightworkers can do, offer what we feel has the potential to help someone and allow for whatever happens knowing it is for the Highest Good. Whether it is well-received or not. We learn something from every experience.

In this series The Moose Lake Chronicles the series is named after Moose Lake’s newspaper! Instead of the Whig-Standard (Kingston’s local paper) the residents of Moose Lake read the Moose Lake Chronicles. No one reads it on-line, because, everything in Moose Lake (an isolated community) is low tech. This afforded me the opportunity to have the kids in my series experience most things first-hand rather than through a screen. I wished to create a community where typical childhood problems were solved through the multidimensionality of the human spirit and experience rather than a reliance on technology. I wanted a place, Moose Lake, where the simple joys of childhood and the sense that something magical could happen at any moment would prevail. Moose Lake is not no-tech, just low-tech. Nature is predominant.

I feel that Mother Mary approves of my children’s stories. It is, ultimately, Mary’s approval that I seek. However, I certainly hope kids enjoy them and also adults who read them. I call Mother Mary in before I write and I pray over every chapter so that the energy of my book is positive. I love kids, I love writing, I love books. It seems very natural for me to write children’s stories so I self-publish these stories based on spirituality (not religion) as part of what I feel is my service for kids. They all promote positivity, optimism and community values while, I hope, entertaining children. If you wish to support my purpose with these books by buying a copy I would very much appreciate that as my goal is to keep producing them by re-investing the money spent and recouped on each book into the next one.  You can contact me to purchase one through my writing web-site www.monicahemstock.ca and also through this web-site if you wish. My production price per book is $12.60 and $14.oo per book will cover the shipping and handling costs. I will not be marketing this book in any other blog – but – as these stories are part of my purpose – and my work as part of what I feel is Mother Mary’s ‘spiritual army for kids’ I am being bold (which I recommend to all my shy clients) and also upfront in telling you that I do not make money on these books as I self-publish, and so I am hoping for the return of my production costs so I can self-publish the next book called Bryan’s Big Adventure which is already written years ago (as was Roland!) and is waiting in a fly-specked old blue and green flowered tote bag in my covered old porch!  Please help liberate Bryan!  Just kidding, sort of. LOL.

As you will note if you visit my writing web-site mentioned above – you can see me talking about Roland on local TV this Friday with Bill Welychka of The Morning Show on CKWS Kingston. Also, Roland to the Rescue will launch at Chapters in Kingston on Halloween 2-4 pm. If you are in Kingston that afternoon – please drop in and say hello! Ironically, this second book in my series happens to take place at Halloween, so, I am having such fun! As Roland opens the adults and kids of Moose Lake are preparing for the Halloween parade under the command of Ms. Stargate and this sets the stage for another adventure with Angela, Carrie and Roland and the first appearance of Roland’s mysterious Uncle Merle. Kirkus Reviews had this to say about Moose Lake: “An engaging mix of the everyday and the mysterious, enlivened by a well-observed cast and intriguing hints of adventures to come.”  A ten year old reader, Maddie, said of the first book, “Everything in this book is the truth.” You are absolutely correct, Maddie, however, for the adults, I must categorize it as fiction!

Thank you for visiting my writing website and considering ordering a copy of Roland through my contact form. If you do not have a child or grandchild between the ages of 7-11 then you might consider donating the book to a kid’s center or the child of a friend. A yellow Angel that my niece saw around me when she was a child (and drew for me) appears in each book. Children see or feel Angels until told they do not exist. Children are fresh from Heaven – so – listen and learn.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian October 18, 2017 at 7:00 pm Reply

    Coincidentally ;), I just finished a book called Huna by Enid Hoffman and she urges us to name our Inner Child–so I did that just this week–and I got Roland to the Rescue today and see it is dedicated to several Inner Children! Lovely. I’ll be ordering more as gifts and to liberate Bryan. Congratulations! [Since the 7 books of C.S. Lewis are known as The Chronicles of Narnia it seems you got the message:).]

    • Monica October 23, 2017 at 9:20 pm Reply

      Thanks for sharing your Huna story and for your continuing support! Much appreciated!

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