Through a deeper inquiry and contemplation of one’s own spiritual gifts, it is possible to rebalance, restructure, and resolve what must be learned and what must fall away. The cultural obsession with scientific fact and overreliance on linear logic and mental reasoning is due to a failure to view life at its deeply layered, multidimensional level. Connecting with our multidimensionality requires tapping into the essential skills that our ancestors relied on. It is a dynamic relationship with the fullness of one’s total environment.”   Carrie L’Esperance

Never stop being a student of your own Intuition. Sitting in silence, quiet time in Nature,  meditation and prayer are essential tools that our ancestors knew well. These basic tools are inner gifts that we all have and we can use them to channel our multidimensional selves. Since the largest part of each of us lives in the Quantum Field, these basic God-given tools can connect us to every level and layer within and without Time. We are the human Way Showers for the New Earth. If you knew you were an avatar – how would you live? What would your thoughts, words and deeds be? What are you waiting for?

Getting communications from your Angels, guides and the ascended masters is something we can all do, however, it requires receptivity to the language/s of the worlds of Spirit. Are you receptive to telepathy? Because that is the language of the spirit world. You can learn to feel the answers. Telepathy has nothing to do with thought – so let your mind step aside. Go for sensation first. Feel the essence. The medium is the message. By the way, there is no one-size-fits-all way to do this and also there is no one routine. Unless you are aiming to hang up your shingle as a professional medium – this practice of communing with your Angels and guides is for you! And, it is not about competition – although regular 3D life tends to make everything about competition which is a fear-based reaction. However, something you do need to keep working on ( we all do) is raising your vibration and recognizing your own inherent powers.

Your intuitive skills need to be developed to serve you and others as we create New Earth together. Remember the New Earth is completely different from the ‘old Earth’ where 3D duality and the old matrix controlled us.  In the New Earth each being knows that we are divine and multidimensional and that we create through our consciousness. The old Earth was mind-centered and the New Earth is heart-centered. In fact, you will hear many of our spiritual leaders talking about the Cosmic Heart. Remember also that we are all in different phases of Ascension; what some refer to, and you may hear this a lot, as “timelines.” Do not worry about where you are but rather be all of who you are in each moment. Live in the Now. This allows each of us to go at our own pace in our own way. Do not lower your vibration to ‘fit in.’ This helps no one, including yourself.

Intuition is the voice of the soul. We all have guides so it is important to learn how to listen to our Angels and guides. Each and every one of us has guides for our own mission. Sometimes, we have a guide who has previously been a family member at some point. Love never dies and therefore we can communicate with spirits who are outside of time. While, so far, our brain does not survive physical death (because it exists in the 3D world) our mind does! Our mind exists in the 4th dimension. However, merely experiencing a physical death doesn’t necessarily mean your loved one automatically knows how to communicate with you – give them time to get their bearings, so to speak, sometimes there is a period of ‘cocooning’ for those who died unexpectedly or traumatically.  A few times when I have done mediumship for some one wishing to connect with a deceased loved one – I have been told to tell my client to come back in a specific period of Earth time.

The energies on the Earth are really changing. I am sure you can feel this. There is a new sense of wholeness and collectivity emerging. We are all cleansing (as light pours in) as we re-calibrate according to our own inner wisdom. We are increasingly recognizing that the empowerment of one is the empowerment of ONE.  As you are empowered, I am empowered. Some of us are going through a period ( again!!) where we feel as though we are dying. It feels so real that we remind ourselves that we are dying to the old ways. This is not a physical death. I am going through this once more and I can assure you that each time it is easier to allow the transition to be whatever it is. We ask ourselves – ‘how do I become more of who I am?’  And, furthermore, ‘Am I ready to channel more of who I am?’ Our spiritual leaders tell us that we are laying the foundation for the heart of the new human. I think that the cosmic heart is a good name that many are using.

As we go through these changes we remind ourselves to keep our sense of humour. With the ground moving underneath us – we need it! Keep taking great care of your body, drink your spring water, eat your fruits and vegetables, get your exercise  – as this all helps you to embody the new frequencies.

I personally am cleansing again and past life memories are once again surfacing because I am cleansing at deeper and deeper levels after many conscious activations from opportunities taken on-line to receive Arcturian transmissions, Intergalactic frequencies, Lemurian transmissions and other channeled frequencies through teachers/channelers such as Gene Ang and Steve Nobel among others. Naturally, I always consult my Angels as to what activations are for my own Highest Good and I trust you do too. Nevertheless, I am feeling the effects of these frequencies which are resulting in some ascension symptoms – so far – they are relatively mild. Some of you out there may be experiencing accidents, break-ups, illness or things such as CFS or fibromyalgia. All of these can be viewed as initiations, although obviously, always seek professional assistance. But just know that things are really shifting as star gates and portals continue to open.

Peggy Phoenix Dubro reminds us that we are also working through ” a new bandwidth of emotions.” She says that sometimes we just need to allow these emotions to be there as we re-calibrate. Once the message within the emotion is received – we will become more comfortable. However, allow any energy of conflict to bring up wisdom. All these new energies take awhile to be integrated and our bodies have their own divine intelligence to align more deeply with who we are becoming. It is all about becoming. Birthing ourselves anew as we simultaneously birth New Earth. We are becoming increasingly more aware of ourselves as multidimensional beings.

I recommend that if you have not already that you familiarize yourself with the basic 12 chakras which are the 12 universal points of balance. I have been familiar with the basic 7 of the old Earth for many decades as a Yoga teacher; however, I learned the ‘new’ basic 12  from the U.K.’s Diana Cooper whom I greatly respect; however, you can find a lot of information in other places.

Awakening to the Cosmic Heart, or High Heart Center is to awaken the energetic knowing of the intellect and intuition combined. There is information in every cell of our DNA – my dreams lately have told me this – that we can trust we have everything we need to birth our new selves. As we continue on our Ascension path we remember more and more who we are and our Earth walk on this planet changes as every cell of our body remembers through every level and layer of our DNA our divinity. We no longer wait for a saviour. We let go of victim-consciousness and become the savior we have been waiting for. We can see this happening now in the United States where the teenagers are no longer waiting for 3D adults to care enough to banish assault weapons from the streets. They have become activists – turning their anger into positive change – working toward a New Earth that will, some day, value children more than guns. It is on the horizon.

We are the pioneers opening up into new energetic levels and exploring our multidimensionality that exists beyond ego. We meet, you and I, and all lightworkers, in a space-time co-ordinate that actually goes beyond time. We are looking at a balance in our lives of being and doing. We are all in the process of re-defining our I am identity – remembering that I am is the name of Source. We all have energies from the past that challenge us and we are continuing to work on those. We nurture ourselves as we move beyond the old-Earth paradigm. Peggy reminds us that within our new band-width of emotions our awareness becomes a strength. We are moving beyond victimhood and helping others to awaken. We keep going.  We are letting-go of the victim-persecutor consciousness of 3D and working together, exploring our multidimensionality, coming into our High Heart.

Love & Light,   Monica      p.s. I will be away next week helping a friend who is having some surgery – so – I am really looking forward to reconnecting with you on March 8th or whenever in quantum time.  Namaste.





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  1. Gillian February 22, 2018 at 10:33 pm Reply

    Whew, this one spoke to me, Monica. I had an X-ray on Jan. 31st as I was sure I had lung cancer (got the results recently…I don’t). Never heard the “timelines” expression in this context but I’m sure I will now. Thanks for letting us know you’ll be away. I’ll re-read this one next Thursday after a week’s reflection!

    • Monica February 22, 2018 at 10:51 pm Reply

      Glad to know this resonated – and also that you got the all clear!

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