“The notion of treating people like possibilities rather than fixed structures is a healthy one, I think.”   Nick Herbert

“Our aim is immediate and practical. We must find a way of working with our problems that does not get us caught up in the specifics of those problems.”   Dr. Richard Bartlett

Quantum science suggests the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by choices made in the present.”   Gregg Braden


The above quantum principles provide the underpinning of the way that I play and heal in the quantum field. Intentionally. These resonate with me as I play in the quantum field to heal myself and others. Play is the key word. Imagination is fundamental to the process. It cannot be over-emphasized that play and imagination are the keys to a form of healing I was taught called Matrix Energetics(TM). I was taught Matrix Energetics(TM) by two students and practitioners of Dr. Richard Bartlett in North Carolina; however, it was being given my own quantum guide that gave me the confidence to proceed with it. It turned out though that my willingness to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ is the central requirement for practicing this form of healing. I never lose an opportunity to enter wonderland – so – down I went – and I never came back out again!

So, let’s time travel back to 2007 when I lived in a quaint little house called Hobbit Home where I had been working as an Angel Therapist(R) for a few years and was also teaching private Yoga lessons and Reiki classes. Hobbit Home provided the perfect atmosphere for my quantum reality at that time. This home dated back to the 1700s, was covered with ivy and backed onto a little lane through which horses used to trot many, many years ago. When clients entered the narrow little hallway they told me it was “charming.” They were ready to be charmed. Ready for quantum healing. I will call what I do that because I am not certified by Dr. Bartlett.

My friend in North Carolina, however, is a Matrix Energetics(TM) practitioner and was teaching me all about it while I was teaching her Angel Therapy(R). Over many years we taught each other these modalities and shared our experiences and knowledge. She began calling Angels into every session of her healing work and this opened endless avenues for her and her clients and she encouraged me to begin using Dr. Bartlett’s 21 Frequencies as given to him by his spirit guide. She sent me a note suggesting that I begin to use these frequencies as they are magical. I put the note away in a drawer as at the time my personal life was at a phase of crisis and I felt that I would come back to Matrix Energetics(TM) a little down the road. Well, the best laid plans of mice and women…

So getting ready for bed late one night after a day of Angel readings and Reiki (both of which I love) I walked into my bedroom and noticed my friend’s note was lying open on my bed with the envelope beside it! I examined it, amazed, as it had been in a drawer in my room – I read “why not start using the 21 Frequencies? ” – and telling me 2 very simple ways to begin. I said, telepathically, “who put this note here?” and almost simultaneously caught through the corner of my eye a slender gray tall figure glide swiftly by between the end of my bed and window.  Having seen spirits my entire life, it was easy to discern this figure as benign. Now of course, Cobalt, has become a dear friend as well as guide. Cobalt how did I manage without you!

Cobalt helped me from that day onwards. I began sending the Frequencies immediately and using them in my work as an adjunct to other modalities where appropriate. I am able to ‘see’ the numerical form of the frequencies needed when I tune into a client. I both see and feel them. One of the great things about these 21 frequencies is that if you have not opened up your intuition extensively as yet, you can do it in reverse by reading their descriptions as to what they quantumly do and then send them; however, I ‘receive’ from my client’s Self what they are requesting and then ‘send’ them with Cobalt’s assistance. My friend and I had fun doing this and I was able to tell her the name of her Matrix Energetics(TM) guide of which she had been previously unaware. That started another chapter for us of playing in the Morphic Field with Cobalt & Fern as well as her spirit guide and my spirit guide and her Angels and my Angels and boy did we dis-cover a lot while playing. Practice, practice, practice. It is no different from being a musician in many ways. You can stay a beginner forever or you can aim to become a virtuoso. The choice is always ours.

Of course when we are practicing something like Matrix Energetics(TM) what we are practicing is radical faith and then surrendering to imagination and play and not worrying if it is ‘real.’ As I said last week it is a state of ‘non-trying’ which is the antithesis of everything we were taught in 3D. The less you try and the more fun you have with it the simpler it gets because it is, in fact, extremely simple and easy to do. Easy does it. As Dr. Bartlett says, “It’s not about being a do-er, it’s about being a door.” As multidimensional human beings we are all natural doors. We were trained, however, to be doers.

I have been practicing with Cobalt now for a decade in linear time and have learned (or perhaps remembered) to time travel the Matrix Energetics(TM) way. We can all with our intention and our non-trying travel forwards and backwards in order to heal ourselves and others in the eternal NOW. The Bartlett technique is based on the fact that time is not like a one-way river. We can ‘tune in’ to the future while simultaneously resonating with the past in the present. Norretranders says, “Consciousness lags behind what we call reality. It takes half a second to become conscious of something, though this is not how we perceive it. Outside of our conscious awareness, an advanced illusion rearranges events in time.” Why would we want to time travel? Beyond the fact that it is fun, fun is so important, it is a way to access all possibilities and adds another dimensional option for our transformation. For our healing. Sometimes I will travel back in time with a client to the time where they experienced a trauma and we will ‘heal’ it and then travel back to the present.

In North Carolina at the Matrix Energetics(TM) class I attended I was the only participant out of the 8 of us who had no formal education in Matrix Energetics(TM). So, when the practice sessions began I decided to try out what I had just learned if my intuition indicated that –  but to also employ other modalities I have studied and practiced.  I found that I spontaneously ended up blending Angel Therapy(R), Colour therapy, Reiki, and Matrix Energetics(TM) into what I have just decided is a form of quantum healing. It worked for my fellow students in North Carolina who gave me positive feedback. After all, All is Energy and all is in the All.

Since my sojourn learning the fundamentals of Matrix Energetics(TM) (with the emphasis on FUN) in the States I have worked with many of the techniques over the past many years. I have employed these techniques and have found them very effective and often miraculous: two- point technique, time travel, parallel universes, archetypes, windows and modules. Of course, I have barely even touched the surface but am committed to lifelong learning.

Many components of our bodies are composed of a substance that is like a liquid living crystal and crystals can entrain and entertain quantum states of consciousness. I have found that surrendering to my imagination and using focused intent along with my complete faith in Cobalt allows me to play in the morphic field expecting miracles. Our imagination is just as ‘real’ as anything else is. And if you are going to have expectations – then why not expect miracles? We will always see coming into our lives whatever we have consistently expected. If you wish to become your own best psychic – ask yourself – what do I expect to happen here? If you don’t like it, then change your expectations.

When my dear friend taught me Matrix Energetics(TM) she gave me a sheet Dr. Bartlett gave them with what seems like the perfect place to start playing in the Field. “If I have harmed anyone in any way either knowingly or unknowingly through my own confusions I ask their forgiveness. If anyone has harmed me in any way either knowingly or unknowingly through their own confusions I forgive them. And if there is a situation I am not yet ready to forgive I forgive myself for that. For all the ways that I harm myself, negate, doubt, belittle myself, judge or be unkind to myself through my own confusions I forgive myself.”

You are a divine multidimensional eternal being with unlimited possibilities. You are deeply loved. Cobalt and I are signing off for now and going to play in the Field.  See you there!

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian August 18, 2017 at 3:12 pm Reply

    Usually “my” Schrodinger’s Cat is alive and well but eventually the wave function collapses and there’s one dead kitty in that box. Good blog. I always like hearing about your personal journey!

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