“If you had a plan it will probably change.”   Tania Gabrielle

There is a sense of baptism in this new moon.”   Sarah Vrba

“Allow the magic and innovation in.”   Lee Harris

This new moon of March 13, 2021, is magical. In fact, some are calling this the most magical moon of 2021! It is a time to trust the unseen, trust your intuition, a time of mystical, miraculous arts. It is also a time for forgiveness, release, letting go – in order to trust and create.

New Zealand astrologer, Bracha Goldsmith, says that this new moon in Pisces is an opportunity to express the highest qualities of Pisces –  dreamy, magical, mystical – a chance to make everything a meditation on beauty. The conjunction with Neptune and Venus allows for ease, flow, pleasure and surrender. Neptune, as you know, is associated with inspiration, Venus with pleasure and Pisces with a dreamy flowy loose sense of time and space.  This combination says Bracha, allows for new visions, new dreams and a new reality. Will you allow it? If so you will fall in love with life! Nothing is a chore unless it comes from the mind. Seek and surrender to high vibrations and you will dis-cover amazing feelings of introspection as you open to your highest vision for yourself and the planet.

Hopefully you are journaling your dreams dear ones.  There could not be a better time to record them than now. Mystical subjects are coming up in our dreams.  Our psychic powers are increasing. It is a time for meandering, flowing, immersing ourselves in nature, music, the arts – especially visual arts – such as film and photography for example. A time to beautify your environment. A time to embrace the loving, sweet, spiritual energy. Smell the roses of life.  Surrender to the changeability of life.  We are at the beginning of a new lunar cycle. New approaches. Fresh starts.

Emotions are coming up in this watery sign. Journal them. If you need assistance, talk therapy is recommended, especially if you are emotionally reactionary, dive into the ‘why’ of it. What are your triggers? Be kind to yourself. This has been a rough and rocky year but as Bracha reminds you, “you are stronger than you think.” Let go and dream. Open to change. “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  (Rumi)  Michael Jackson man-in-the mirror energy. A time of emotions, intuition and manifestation. A potent time says Alina Alive to “do some script-writing it out.”  Dream, trust your soul, feel very emotively connected to what you want which is key to manifestation.

Sarah Vrba quoted above confirms the energy I am feeling about this particular new moon. “This is not about who you’ve  been, even last month, … listen to the little pinches and fantasies.” Sarah wisely recommends that you look at your fantasies to see if they feel heavy and don’t speak to your souls.”  Are they inherited fantasies? From outside influences? What are your true fantasies? Be dreamy she counsels and playful – enter that fantasy-driven space.

This energy is connected to altered states and a loss of the sense of time and space. Magical, dreamy, mystical energy that invites you to relax, let go and trust Source.  Under the moon tonight connect with that energy and set a new intention that soothes you. A simple intention from your heart center.

I asked Merlin to work through The Enchanted Tarot deck (by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber)  to give my readers a message and drew the Ten of Pentacles. The Ten of Pentacles is one of the most positive cards in the deck because it reveals family happiness and financial support.  The key words are support, wealth, family and love. It may come through the older generation – and is sometimes associated with a wedding and wedding gifts. Sometimes it signals a wealthy retirement and/or achieving a retirement dream such as a home renovation or a property purchase. This particular card from this enchanted deck – has a castle in the middle and an old-style courting couple at the bottom as the gentleman bows to the lady. Interestingly at this time all our foundations are being rocked by Covid-19, and this oracle card says that we are emerging into a world that “holds the complete manifestation of all that you want materially – plus happiness.”  This castle reminds us that we are building upon the past and the work of others. “The castle walls surround one with a feeling of heritage and security. Precious jewels seem to float like crystalized dreams through the very air surrounding the castle.” The lady and gentleman below represent “ancestral ties, rich inheritance and family tradition… much is owed to the past and its values.. whether those will be carried on is a question invoked by the dreamy energy of this new moon.  The message embedded – “make your base secure.” Don’t gamble and do not either dissipate your wealth or let it make you lazy. You are surrounded by support. Draw support and protection from your past ties and rich family traditions. There is a suggested enchantment for you to do: ” Say grace with your family at dinner. You should be sure that your dinner menu contains at least one old family recipe. Repeat: “I am thankful for all the protection, security and tradition that my family has given me and for all the support that I have received from them. Blessings on this, my family.” It is further suggested as part of the enchantment that after dinner, each one at the table tell a favourite story from as far back in your family’s history as possible.

This beautiful Oracle above, conveys in a dreamy, visionary way the symbolic language that speaks to us in our dreams. Perfect for a Pisces New Moon.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian March 13, 2021 at 5:04 pm Reply

    This post makes me feel good. Hope there’s a clear night tonight so I can see the mystical moon–maybe go for a moonlight walk!

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