“Being yourself is a way of not being sick.”   Teal Swan

“Radically align with who you are.”   Teal Swan

Authentic human interactions become impossible when you lose yourself in a role.”   Eckhart Tolle

I am turning my usual way of writing upside down today – as you can see by my title. Usually that title, written positively, would be – Authenticity Keeps you Healthy. But, my title today is chosen after listening to a lecture last year by Teal Swan, a spiritual teacher who knows of what she speaks. “Being yourself is a way of not being sick,” says Teal. Simple and true.

If you are not familiar with Teal’s background from her many appearances with Hay House, I will sketch it out a bit for you. Teal was born in the 80s with ESP plus, plus, plus! She was born into what she calls “The Blood Covenant”, a collective of fundamentalist Mormons. (please do not think this group she speaks of represents all Mormons – it doesn’t, any more than all Roman Catholic Priests are paedophiles – they aren’t).

Teal’s parents, part of this group, and finding Teal to be very prescient – handed her over to a man with ties to a satanic cult – and he dragged her around with him from the time she was 6 until she was able to escape at the age of 19. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to understand what Teal went through. As one would expect, Teal became very self-destructive; however, at the age of 25 she turned it all around and reclaimed her extra-sensory powers. She found the best way of not being sick – she became 100 % authentic – and now she teaches others how to not be sick.

Teal sees the world vibrationally. We do too, do we not? We understand the Law of Attraction to be a major Law of the Universe and we live our lives accordingly. (I have written about 50 blogs on this Law and given over  100 tips shared with me by an amazing mentor.  Do you ever re-visit these blogs?) Desire is a strong point of attraction. We all are aware of this, that we go in the direction of our wanting as part of our journey to complete and total authenticity. No one but our self is preventing us from having anything we seek. Our Higher Self is conscious of this.

Teal, like many of us on the Path, realized that we all chose our parents (before our birth) based on whatever experiences we thought would give us the greatest expansion. Therefore, we chose the parents that would challenge us. Teal says, “this relationship is designed as a contrast – even if your parents are perfect – you are powerless when you are born – so – you are opting into your parents’ consciousness so you can transform and take your parents’ consciousness to the next step.” She continues: “You adopt your most damaging perspectives from the people you spent your early life with.”

Teal, like all of us abused children, says that as humans we like to layer blame on top of blame and that is what is so painful. Teal realized that if she traced her parents back to their parents, and to their parents, … back to caves from which we came… we cannot trace the original blame… it is just too far back in the mists of time. Teal compares breaking the cycle of abuse as an out-of-control train that we must stop.

Teal, like me, spent a lot of her time out of her body as a child. We removed our consciousness to another dimension to survive. Now, we remove our consciousness to another dimension in order to explore and expand. We know that this physical third dimension that we live in is the only dimension that operates in a linear fashion. When Teal healed through getting in touch with her emotions, she reclaimed her psychic powers because she says, “getting in touch with emotions is the sixth sense.”

Teal began the process of finding her way back to her authentic self. Her true self. “The highest form of empowerment is being true to yourself.” Uncover who you really are as a way of not being sick.

There are many processes and modalities that empower us. I discuss them in my blogs all the time. I offer many at Awakening Spirit – however – I do not believe there is any one-size-fits-all solution. Unless it be Love. Like Teal, I do believe that depression, anxiety, war, suicide and addictions are symptoms of powerlessness.

What if everyone tried Teal’s processes? Actually tried them? She says to begin by making a list of everything that you reject about yourself. It could be a long list for some of us. Then, we pick one thing off that list every morning and make a list of ways you could think differently about it so you could improve it.

Are you angry? How is being angry good? Answer that please because it gets you flowing in the direction of non-resistance. We all know that what we resist persists.

We are all creating our own new art form out of our inquiries are we not? We are tapping into our EGS (emotional guidance system) and finding out our own thoughts. Thoughts we’ve always thought and yet are not conscious of. Finding out how we feel, being honest and then thinking deliberate thoughts – can change the thoughts that not longer serve us. No longer serve who we are becoming. Our authentic self. Our not sick self.

Here is an exercise Teal gave us when talking to Hay House: “Set a timer to go off 5 times a day. Then sit down, close your eyes, do an inventory of how you feel. Any sensations? Describe it, on paper, if you choose, as though you are telling someone who has never felt this before. Get in the habit of checking in with yourself.  What does it feel like? Guilt? Rage?  What thought was I thinking when I felt like that?”  How do you change the thought? Well, there may be further work to do – however – your awareness has already changed the vibration! For example, you are no longer inside the guilt but are now observing.

Flip any belief and you find that the opposite might also be true. Teal shares with us how unworthy she felt after escaping the satanic cult. She felt worthless.  She was honest with herself. “I am worthless.” We need to be aware of our negative beliefs before we can let them go. You cannot let go of a belief you do not know you hold. Teal, as the courageous person she is, realized that holding on to this belief was a great way to avoid responsibility. Avoiding responsibility was a reason to keep it. She made the decision to take responsibility for everything in her new life. She replaced this belief with an empowering belief, but she took down the old belief first. If you have had a belief for 20 years you must take down that belief before you can replace it with a new one. Make way for the new.

Those of us waking up in 5D are aware of consciousness as being a continuous flowing stream. Not finite. Teal tells us, “if you want something it is meant to be yours.”

Having spent, through necessity, so much time outside my body as a child, I was able to fully understand Teal when she told us how difficult she found it to focus her consciousness into her body. Some of us have the reverse difficulty of focusing so much on the physical third dimension that we have trouble exploring our multidimensional selves. To get out of the third dimension  – we undo our focus here.

When we uncover who we really are, we uncover our not sick self. We reclaim our power. Our sovereignty, our gifts. We view being uncomfortable as an opportunity to walk into a different room or a different dimension and expand our horizons.

Love & Light,   Monica p.s. I will be doing Angel readings/healings with Galaxy Psychic Fairs in Belleville @ the Travelodge Nov 2nd, 3rd, 4th. I am also writing blogs on the Law of Attraction for the spiritual community vibetribeunited.com  (previously Tryary)


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