“You don’t get awesome until you’ve done everything.”  Lisa T. Brown

If you want awesome to come – OPEN UP – and make space!”   Lisa T. Brown

What are you calling forth? What is your investment today in New Earth for tomorrow? Your Good is based on your investment NOW in New Earth. What is the story you tell yourself?

We are fortunate to be here – creating the New Earth’s future. Everything we do today creates our future New Earth realities. Daily, we are investing in our future with consciousness previously buried beneath old beliefs – including ‘need’ and ‘lack.’  Our New Earth energies involve a new value system and are multidimensional.

We are all involved now in cosmic interplay and are fortunate to have not only the help of the Angels, elementals and ascended masters but also the assistance of incarnated human spiritual teachers such as Lisa T. Brown and Gene Ang who are helping us to go quantum.

Are you accepting all the help available to you? I am. I accept all the help that is of the Light. Including the help of spiritual teachers who are transmitting frequencies from higher dimensions. Naturally, I am discerning, but I am also aware of plenty of opportunities to receive transmissions from more advanced beings.

This journey we are on has no end; however, it does lead to awesome. If we are willing to do the work (a great deal of which is play!). 2011 was the end of only a cycle, but, it was a 26,000 year cycle says Gene Ang. 2012 marked an openness to cosmic consciousness across the planet.

Gene Ang has a PhD in Neurobiology from Yale. His Post-Doc led to him working with energy healers and then he went into full time healing work following his strong spiritual impulses. I was drawn to his work a few years ago due to the fact that he transmits Arcturian frequencies. Having met Eularia, and experiencing my own E.T. encounter – and discovering her to radiate what I can only describe as Christ-like unconditional love and compassion – I realize that we can learn a lot from E.T. consciousness and also can benefit from their high dimensional frequencies. I accept these frequencies directly from Eularia and also from Gene Ang whom I believe transmits them from the Arcturians. I accept this support which continues to raise my vibration.

Yesterday I accepted some more Arcturian frequencies from (through)  Gene. I accept these now, for tomorrow.

Gene discusses the 7 Planes of Nature Model of which you are likely familiar. Physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, divine. The higher planes are the last 3. He discusses Arcturians as “Angelic Beings” and knowing Eularia and also Angels – I understand. He also says of these Beings – “They would still exist if we didn’t exist.” In other words, he indicates they are not imaginary projections. The Arcturian frequencies activate our DNA. Our earthly scientists, still unable to explain our DNA coding – call the largest amount of our DNA “Junk DNA.” Really?

The Arcturian frequencies, says Gene, have “divine intelligence.” Since I am a Reiki Master and attune others at all levels – I am already working with an energy with divine intelligence and can easily grasp that as truth. Results from Reiki can be dramatic or very subtle. It is the same with Arcturian frequencies.

Going quantum we are breaking down our linear perceptions. We are holding the highest possible of all of our aspects. Our human aspect is our ego. Lisa T. Brown teaches us that each aspect has distortions that we must see and resolve. Since this journey continues – we must always transcend our current reality and anchor more and more light. Yes, we must start from a ‘being state’ (slow, deep state inside) but we must then enter a ‘doing state’ to make it a New Earth reality. Remember that our highest consciousness will return realities based on our ‘inside’ (being state) values. If we are not stepping into our power (power to, not power over) or we are ‘holding back’ then it will be a rougher, tougher ride says Lisa.

This journey we are on of dissolving ego in order to break karmic ties and attain freedom – does not make sense to our ego, our human aspect. However, it is necessary to get to the Zero Point Field where everything is brand new. So, there is no more hiding, no more fake and no more separation. We all must ‘step up’ and create opportunities to come together.

Sadly, (in some cases) when we do our quantum timeline jumps – and call forth all those dreams/desires – we are faced with many choices that our human aspect finds difficult. Humans go into fear – and we need to listen and go back and forth awhile until we realize that we need to honour the choices of those who choose to stay behind. Those who prefer to live in lack and fear. Those whose mantra may still be – “I am not worthy.” In other words, “my soul is not enough.” Lisa teaches that honouring their choice to choose fear is our choice when we move forward. The human aspect, says Lisa, will give up – but our faith, trust, belief and ‘knowing’ takes us into a whole new existence. The choices we make NOW create our tomorrow.

Make space for more light. I found out yesterday that our rib cages are expanding. I tried on a few blazers that are relatively new and could not close the buttons! I have not gained weight and was perplexed.  Then, I happened upon a video of a spiritual teacher who said that she was experiencing the same and had not put on any weight or “increased in bra size.” She consulted her guides and found out that her rib cage is expanding to make way for her energetic heart expansion. Our heart chakras are enlarging. Part of our body changes involves, as we evolve, a ribcage expansion. Public service message dear ones!

Ascension energies are in play. Leave need and lack behind and move into abundance. Move toward awesome.

Love & Light,  Monica

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  1. Gillian April 25, 2019 at 3:05 pm Reply

    Wow, once again I’m introduced to new people–Lisa and Gene–I’d better get reading!

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