I believe that the totemic image for the future is the octopus. This is because the cephalopods, the squids and octopi, have perfected a form of communication that is both psychedelic and telepathic – an inspiring model for the human communications of the future. The octopus does not transmit its linguistic intent, it becomes its linguistic intent. Like the octopus, our destiny is to become what we think, to have our thoughts become our bodies & our bodies become our thoughts.”   Terence McKenna

For some months now the word octopus has been coming into my mind. Then awhile back I heard a spiritual leader I respect compare Mother Mary to an octopus and then I heard octopus in a context I normally wouldn’t and then today a guide urged me … come on… do it, write about octopus as a spirit animal.

Where does my own link with octopus begin? Probably, consciously, when we moved to Victoria, B.C., in 1991 when my daughter was 5 years old and she visited a glassed in underwater garden and told me all about it. It was the octopus, in its natural habitat, that excited her the most! We found out that spring is foreshadowed in Victoria, not by a groundhog coming out to see its shadow – as here in Ontario- but rather an octopus! Wow!  That is cool.

Octopus is, of course, a totem animal linked to water – the primal life source. Various myths as well as scriptures describe all life as having emerged from the sea. The ocean became a symbol of the womb, the mother (Mother Mary, Kuan Yin etc.) and woman. The ocean remains a powerful symbol of the subconscious and even the unconscious mind. I learned that directly through Jungian analysis when I kept a dream journal for 5 years. And, totems linked to the oceans and the seas can awaken deeper and deeper levels of our minds.

Rivers too have an ancient, symbolic connection to animal life, creation and the flow of time as Ted Andrews reminded us (Animal Speak). Rivers are where animals gather to drink and we are aware that the movement of the river is often used for the passing of time. In fact, totems linked to rivers Ted says may help you in working with your past and/or your future. For me, the river plays a big role in my personal mythology and connects me to my current life where I spent a lot of my childhood on and around a river and also going back to ancient Egypt and floating down the Nile in my funeral barge.

But today I am thinking more about oceans and octopi and the relation to telepathy and psychic abilities. Residents of the spirit world are particularly adept at communicating through telepathy, as I found out once again in Ottawa where I was doing Angel readings for three days with Galaxy Psychic Fairs. Both Angels and ‘dead folks’ conveyed their messages through telepathy. While there are still folks who say telepathy has not been proven – it has for me – as once again at the Fair I was able to tell people what music/song was playing when their loved one crossed over, and other such things, due to the Angels and/or their ‘dead’ loved one telling me through telepathy.

You who are reading this have telepathic capabilities. Have you ever thought of someone and then shortly afterwards they contacted you? You are likely a ‘sender’. On the other hand, if you know who is calling before you pick up the phone, you are likely a ‘receiver.’ We can all be both and these are just natural abilities. God-given. They can be developed if we so choose. Those of us moving into 5D are choosing to.

So how do we define telepathy?  Internationally known psychic Sylvia Browne defined it this way: “Telepathy is the direct , instantaneous passing of information, knowledge or feelings from one person or entity to another without using the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell.” (Phenomenon)

Having octopus as a spirit animal symbolizes strong intuition. Also deep emotions. 2019 is partly about deep emotions. I suggest that you keep a journal. The most widely mentioned traits associated with an octopus totem are – focus, intellect, talent, and complexity. Research says “charismatic complexity.” If you have octopus as a spirit animal (if you don’t –  call in the energy!) you have the ability to protect and defend yourself in the face of all adversity and you also have the regenerative power of the animal to ‘let go’ and bounce back quickly after an unpleasant experience. Affability also surrounds you and you may find yourself a bit of a loner with a strong character, poise and an enigmatic aura. Add to that being very grounded (octopi are close to the sea floor) and you can see why Terence McKenna (see opening quote) sees octopus as the totemic image of the future.

It is never too early or too late to invoke octopus energy and awaken your inner guidance system in order to navigate your life’s path and in order to have a constant companion on your soul’s journey.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian January 17, 2019 at 3:14 pm Reply

    This post reminds me that I’ve seen a fox 4 times in about two weeks and must check my Stephen Farmer book to see what that means for me. 🙂

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