“Every new day brings an increase in frequency, an opportunity for transformation and a reshaping of the reality around us.”   Diana Cooper

Life is here for learning and expansion, creating your own reality and remembering who you really are.”   Diana Cooper


We know we are on the road to ascension. How we experience this road will be different and whether or not we have goals on the road will also vary. Folks who have gone through the full ascension process – such as Twin Rays Sananda & Lady Shekinah  – tell us that the journey continues and that there is no destination. However, there are markers, as we are aware, and that is why it is so important to find plenty of Earth time to be still within. Before we transcend we must integrate the darkness and some of us undergo some intense physical health experiences which our soul put in our own path in order for us to overcome since Earth is our springboard toward increasing consciousness. The Twin Rays tell us “try to be in gratitude because pain is a messenger that something in your life is not in balance and, oftentimes, it is integrating the darkness.”

Sometimes our pain is as a result of a bleed-through from a previous or parallel life. I guide my clients through processes that help them to identify a past life by reading the Akashic Records and I help them access the parallel life involved through my understanding and practice of Matrix Energetics(TM) as taught to me by a student/practitioner of Dr. Bartlett’s. Those tools then help me to identify creative solutions and I employ Angel Therapy(R) to aid my clients to dissolve old 3D patterns and beliefs. We need to remember that the incubation of our new life takes place in the darkness.

Spiritual teachers say that on the road to ascension we need to remember that the process is not about getting off the planet or OBE’s (out of body experiences) but anchoring Higher Self to the physical body and remaining awake during everyday 3D.  We all reside within a frequency band of light and we are raising our frequency in stages so that we don’t go ‘crazy.’ Because we have been atrophied for likely thousands of years  – an awakening can be tremendously intense. I know that my Angel awakening was. While it was wonderful it catapulted me into another Reality. A Reality where Merlin walked down my hall and Angels knelt in prayer before God and faeries opened up buds into flowers and gnomes panned the riverbeds for gold.

Our only way to connect into consciousness within this Reality of Higher Dimensions (while embodied) is to anchor it all within our physical vehicles. This is a continuous process as we shift, ascend and descend and let this ‘new’ reality be both a wayshower and a ladder of ascension. After all, as lightworkers, dear ones, we are here to change 3D reality for everyone – not just for ourselves. And, although our New Age prophets tell us that things will change by 2032 (mission began in 1987 with the Harmonic Convergence) Raquel Spencer tells us that the overall mission will take 500-700 years. Raquel says it is important to stay in awareness and alignment through “our daily mundane life.” Raquel sees herself as an “accelerator” on the road. As a kid, like many of us, she went through the usual socialization process that turned off most of her gifts. Then, in 1985 she was pronounced dead three times before coming out of a coma after five weeks. Raquel sees sophisticated light structures and grid systems and says that some people have awakenings and then fall back into old patterns so it is important to continue to upgrade and hold your Higher frequency.

We are conscious, as lightworkers, that our ascension is both personal and planetary. As individuals we are cleansing lifetimes of trauma. Mother Earth is cleansing simultaneously. We are also releasing time density. I am noticing this, but, it is difficult to describe with words. It feels as though everything is happening around me at once. There are times where I am fully aware of living in the Now as my parents and grandparents surround me and as I simultaneously get a glimpse of the future me. It is not a linear feeling or experience but I will call it a taste of living the NO TIME. That is the best I can do at present to describe it to you but chances are high you are experiencing it too or resonate with what I am saying and therefore ‘get it.’ I am fully present within past, present, future. But, so far, I am not stationed there yet. I can be pulled out by 3D “daily mundane life” as Raquel calls it. Maybe part of my service is to be a bridge for other lightworkers, one foot in 3D and one in 5 and above? I would say, usually, time will tell!  he he he  I feel no rush.

While I may not be fully 5D as yet, Gaia is. We are lagging behind Gaia who is there already and waiting for us. Part of the reason we, as lightworkers, may not be fully 5D, as yet, is that various phases of ascension cleanse us at deeper and deeper levels which means on the descent phases trauma is pushed up to the surface to be cleared out as we deal with our shadows and get unceremoniously ‘dumped’ back into past life pain and trauma. This serves a purpose, as we know from previous cleansings and detoxings.  We are learning to hold our center longer, we are becoming more selective, clearing folks from our lives, feeling into the void phase (mother’s womb space) , creating stronger and stronger relationships with our Angels and guides, cleansing our chakras, and learning to trust our souls even more as we ingest more light. Some of us doing this may be experiencing ‘ascension flu.’ Aches, pains, night sweats. Probing what Meg Benedicte calls our “emotional pockets” can have us sobbing, angry, and depressed. This means grounding ourselves is crucial. We are starting to realize, on a deeper level, that we are in a new form of lifestyle training. Learning how to live as a being of light.

Part of ascension, as we know, is breaking away from our reptilian brain stem. Simultaneously, we have the return of the Divine feminine. We have been living in the lower chakras concerned with basic survival. We are moving up. I think of it as sort of moving up a kind of Jacob’s ladder, that is the word entering my mind as a metaphor. In a Kundalini awakening the energy moves up the spine from the Earth like rungs on a ladder and as the chakras clear and expand we move into a greater knowing. We are more aware of our soul’s existence in past, present and future.

So, 5D here we come. We are on our way! We leave the world of 3D ( the world of height, width and depth) pass through 4D (still has time and space) and enter the fifth dimension – the non-polarized field of unity consciousness. Harmony and compassion reign here. People no longer compete here, because their hearts are fully open! At present most of us are dimension travelling to get our bearings so we know what dimension we are in. We are learning to identify dimensions and to recognize as we shift in and out of them. We are multidimensional travelers. 5D is not the final goal. There is no final goal. For as eternal, divine beings – how could there be? On the road to ascension there is no destination and no need, anymore, to hold onto anything from the past. This moment and the open road ahead is all there is.

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian April 18, 2018 at 7:02 pm Reply

    I’d love to hear about various ascension symptoms from Monica’s other Readers. I’m experiencing pain in my right cheekbone now and then. I love the expression “Time Density”. 🙂

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