“I give myself permission to visit my sacred space as often as I wish.”   John Holland

“I choose to make a commitment to myself & my inner guidance at this time.”   John Holland


This past week-end I was teaching Reiki and contemplating this week’s blog. I was pondering as to whether to write about how to open up your intuition when, seemingly out-of-the-blue, one of my Reiki practitioners asked me if I had any tips regarding opening her intuition. Hence, this blog.

First of all, we are all intuitive. We are not necessarily all mediums, although that is currently under discussion in psychic circles, however, we are definitely all psychic. If we were all aware that we are, as John Holland says, born knowing – then would we not call the “sixth sense” the ‘first sense’? For without our intuition humankind would not have survived.

While each of us carries within ourselves everything we need to develop our psychic abilities and skills, we need to dis-cover them and then they can be harnessed and trained. However, it does take the desire and commitment to yourself and a commitment to live in partnership with your own inner guidance. Are you willing to commit to two years? That is a short period of time to invest in order to reap the benefits of opening up your God-given psychic powers. If you are not willing to devote two years to working on it – then I do not think you will find the rest of this blog either interesting or valuable because this is the time where I get very frank with you that taking a week-end intensive course in psychic development is unlikely to cut-the-mustard to use an old-fashioned term. Unless you are exceptional (and you may very well be). Do you wish to develop your intuitive skills enough to consistently practice? Do you play piano? Did you become proficient in piano at a one week-end intensive? If so, then you likely were Mozart in a past life! Someone was. You know me, I can get a bit out-there with my humour at times; however, any person who has achieved  a good foundational level in anything has worked at it for at least two years.

Now, for those who are still with me, when I say work – you know that I mean play! Work is doing something that you don’t want to do. Whatever it is if you don’t wish to do it then it is work. Opening up our intuition is play. So, if you are serious about your desire then co-operate with your Angels and guides and make a commitment to open up your psychic gifts through play and practice. Do it for yourself.

Why do it for yourself? It is not because you want to hang up your shingle as a professional psychic (unless you do) but rather that opening up your psychic (of the soul) abilities can enhance your physical abilities, improve all your relationships, help you feel a much stronger connection with Nature and the Universes, helps you make the most of your career, heightens your creative ability, reconnects you on a deeper level with your spirit, helps you receive intuitive divine guidance regarding important decisions and also allows you to connect again with your loved ones who have crossed over. Is that a worthwhile investment for a minimum of two years worth of practice and play? Since you are a lightworker I am hearing you yell yes! Hopefully, you will have so much fun and reap so many benefits that it becomes a lifelong positive habit.

So where to start? Life itself is your canvas and training zone. While I am assuming that you are interested in eventually learning about and opening up all the “clairs” I would like to help you identify your predominant clair so that you can have success in opening and strengthening that one which will give you confidence to open up the others as time unfolds. I was trained by Doreen Virtue to help people identify their predominant clair and I do it using her questionnaire when I deliver my Angel workshops; however, especially for you today – I created my own new and shorter exercise that I can type out and that accomplishes the same goal. There are more than 4 clairs; however, we usually start with the basic four that most of you are aware of and that cover the majority of us with regard to a clair that is more open than the others. Please keep in mind you may have more than one operant already and open to the same degree, however, generally, one stands out.

Let’s begin.  You have recently met a person who is becoming a friend and had invited you over to their home last evening for a small dinner party and a game of charades. This pleasant evening is over and you are back home now and going through your bedtime routine and you are mulling over the evening. What really stood out for you? Was it something that you saw? People’s looks? The furniture or design of the house? Something you witnessed or a mental vision you had while there? If you are a visual person then you are most likely clairvoyant. You have clear seeing. Or, was what stood out for you the way your new friend or others there made you feel? Safe, comfortable, amused? In general, are you remembering your feelings – who made you laugh or moved you to tears? Likely you are clairsentient. Perhaps you largely remember the conversation – what you heard while there, dialogue, music, or the pounding surf while you were out on their deck near the ocean. Chances are high you are predominantly clairaudient – you have clear hearing. Or you remember something very interesting that you learned. You now know something new. It could be some cultural or historical information discussed, a life lesson from a story someone told and the lesson ‘landed’ in you. This is claircognizance.  You are an intellectual and you receive direct communication through ideas and revelations. You often know facts (both trivial and important) without having read or heard anything about it before, as if God has down-loaded information directly into your brain. You are not comfortable with small talk and prefer deeper and profound discussions.

These above are the four basic clairs. My advice is to answer those questions quickly and not over-think them – this is not about thinking! There is a joke in psychic circles that the best psychics don’t do a lot of thinking! I am not sure that is true, but, it is funny! Your sense of humour is your best friend on this journey. So, did you dis-cover your predominant clair? If not, the books I recommend by blog’s end will help. They will also inform you of the other clairs – such as clairgustance (clear tasting), clairalience (clear smelling) clairtangency (clear touch) and many other psychic abilities that are not part of the “clairs.” There are many, many ways of knowing. Dis-cover yours. It is your divine birthright.

Eleven or so years ago, at Doreen’s Angel Therapy(R) certification course my Pod leader, Jan, identified me as having clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience.  She identified others as having one or all four of the basic clairs. All of us ( as is everyone) are intuitive. Some of us, she said, such as myself when I asked her, were trusting one clair more than another. For example, she said my clairvoyance was equally there – but – I was trusting my clairsentience a great deal more. Trust is so crucial. Trust your own psychic senses. Allow yourself to make mistakes. That is how we learn anything! You may make what you consider a ‘fool’ out of yourself. When you do, remember that the fool and the Christ-figure are often synonymous in literature. Why? Because in our old, quickly-disappearing 3D existence trusting, being loving and absolutely authentic (like Jesus) was considered foolish. However, we are aiming for fifth dimension living are we not? We are so over 3D! By the way, when I found out I had 3 out of the 4 basic clairs – I decided to open up my claircognizance. I took a short-cut with the Angels to do this, but, that is for a later blog.  I learn and master the rules before I then throw them out, and like Frank Sinatra – do it my way.

I have written hundreds of blogs now preparing you for today’s blog. Every blog had at least one tip that helps you to clear yourself in one way or another or affirm a positive belief or work with an Angel or guide or ascended master so that you can become your own best psychic. Doing a review could reap dividends. However, if there is anything still blocking your intuition then it is usually fear. False-Expectations-Appearing-Real. Allow yourself to let it go. Fear is of the ego and the ego is 100% not psychic. I have written numerous blogs regarding this and there are books out there – but – I can give you tips. You could consider loving your ego unconditionally, assure your ego that psychic awareness actually does not mean danger – it helps to keep you safe. Or, you can go to your sacred space/altar and call in your Angels to take all fears to the Light for purification and transmutation. If you have not yet cleared a past-life where you were killed for “witchcraft” (like nine million of us women, including me, were) then you might choose to see a highly-qualified past-life regressionist so you can move forward fearlessly. Archangel Michael is always happy to be called in to cut all your etheric cords to fears in all-directions -of -time should you ask and I frequently call in Archangel Jophiel (I have written a blog on Her) to raise me above my ego into my Higher Self. Even at fifth-level mastery we will have a tiny bit of ego ( we are human as well as divine).

Remember that your development will happen in a unique way and your own way and do not rush! How many years did it take you to dowse or smother your psychic abilities through the use of alcohol, chemical substances, sex, food, gambling, retail therapy or any other of the ways we try to unconsciously block spirit? Take your time, savour the journey and get the lessons and realize that finding your way back to your Self is unlikely to happen overnight. Be patient and loving with yourself. Be. Relax. All is in Divine Order.

If you are going to open further you need to be aware of how to protect yourself. Would you go out in a rainstorm without an umbrella? You can re-read my blog on preventing psychic attacks, but, do not get into the drama of it. Ultimately we are responsible for what we attract into our lives and a lot of what we attract is what we are sending out so keeping your own energy clear and clean and your vibrations high will go a very long way to keeping you safe from negative or dark energies. And, since they are like a virus – should you inadvertently pick one up – it can be dealt with but prevention is so much wiser. Cease contact with any dark entity alive or otherwise.

Strengthening your aura is a great protection that we all employ.  Here are the basics:

(1) regular movement so energy doesn’t pool around your ankles like a droopy pair of pants! Relaxation and healthy foods and hydration with pure water.

(2) Proper amount of sleep

(3) Maintaining a good and loving relationship with yourself and others and defuse triggers re hate and rage.

(4) Keep a dream journal and pay attention to your dreams.

(5) Spend time in Nature as this has a huge effect on your electromagnetic energy field.

(6) Avoid angry and fearful people and stay away from places that contain and therefore attract negative vibrations.

(7) Forgive yourself and everyone everything. This does not mean staying in an abusive relationship.

(8) Keep your home and work areas reasonably clean and tidy because physical dirt attracts psychic garbage.

(9) Let go of self-judgment and self-criticism. When we do, we stop judging and criticizing others.

(10) Bless anyone you think may be harming you.

(11) Employ your sense of humour. Lighten-up!

(12) Ask Archangel Michael to protect you daily in a white bubble of light (or your fave colour)

(13) Fill yourself up with light every day and also your house – visualize it spilling out of every door and window and I also send to my neighbours.

I am always reminding clients to shield in the way that works for them. It is like soap, this does not keep you clean if you don’t use it! Everything is energy.

I do not encounter anything dark while working unless I am doing a spirit-releasement for a client. But I don’t acknowledge its power over me as I do not believe it has any. Love always trumps fear and anything dark is fear-full. Nevertheless, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as the old saying goes.

Internationally respected psychic medium John Edward spoke at the Summit this year. He was very direct and blunt regarding the need for spiritual protection. During his interview he said, “if you are doing any unprotected energy work it is like going into a seedy bar and having sex with every man and woman there.” The protection must be constant, just like your exercise regime or workout. It takes much less time to do but is very important. John’s advice is to “let go of the fast-food mentality.” He is just as blunt regarding the necessity of meditation and prayer which he calls “spiritual foreplay.” So, don’t forget his advice. Like you will! LOL.

Besides protecting yourself – stay grounded. We are bringing Heaven to Earth not Earth to Heaven. There are infinite ways to stay grounded. Stones in your pocket, yoga, eating potatoes, asking the Angels. Find your own best way and let it change as guided. However, if you are looking for a wonderful way to do it that is easy here is one way I learned from Sonia Choquette that I pass on to clients.  It can be used when you are exposed to an intense emotional outburst. Cover your solar plexus (area around belly button) with your arms folded over your stomach. Or, if you want to protect your heart, fold them over your chest, this blocks negative energy from entering your body and therefore stops the debilitating effects of negative or foreign energy from entering your body.

Avoid being hijacked into your own drama or that of someone else. We can be compassionate without entering into drama. In fact, entering into the drama helps to fuel it. Like throwing gasoline on a fire. Learn detachment techniques that create a neutral space where you are clear, grounded and can receive psychic impressions.

Sonia says: “Being intuitive is an art that can be mastered in the same way you can master anything – by being a good student and finding good teachers. Work alongside your peers, practicing your art as you apprentice with inspiring role models. Eventually, like a journeyman stepping out on his own, let life be the next teacher and your mistakes be the exams. Gracefully, over time, with patience, practice and persistence you’ll come to master being you. That’s what the higher way of sixth-sensory living leads to: becoming your fully enlightened, faithful self- not only the you that you want to be, but also the you that God designed you to be.” (TRUST YOUR VIBES)

Everything that is for your Higher Good will come to you within Divine Order and Divine Timing if you ask and then allow yourself to receive. Once you set aside regular time for stillness you will be able to connect consciously to the unseen world and learn to speak its language. It is truly full of scents, symbols, jokes, music and all of them are selected expressly for you – to mean something to you! Part of learning to communicate with your Angels and guides is to become fluent in this subtle art of signs and symbols and then respond to them when they show up.

So, if you consider yourself a true ‘newbie’ to psychic development let’s get going! Start today or after the Canadian Thanksgiving whenever you can begin. For at least 2 weeks – turn off the TV and Netflix and social media except for what you must do to earn your living. No news, no papers. Meditate and pray daily. Walk in Nature. Play. Pamper your pet. Observe. Play. Become as a little child and see the world as if for the first time. Awe and wonder. Judge nothing right nor wrong – it just is neutral till judged. For these two blissful weeks, keep a notebook and begin keeping track of objects, melodies, images, ideas, phrases, impulses and even random thoughts that ‘pop’ into your mind on a recurrent basis. After 2 weeks – look back and reflect and read your notes again. Is there a pattern? Any meaning that you now recognize as time has passed? Hidden humour? (some of the guides can be so humourous!) Is someone trying to tell you something?

After these initial two weeks – add back what you must to help yourself and others as guided. Start now to own your intuition as your first sense which it is. New kids coming in are born awake – so – your own psychic abilities are needed so you can understand them and help support them as they create this New Earth. Allow your sensitivity to bloom, understanding that the price of sensitivity is sensitivity. Play, laugh, make mistakes and be as a child again. You are worth it!

Love & Light,   Monica   ps  one of my guides recommends the book Psychic Abilities For Beginners  (by Melanie Barnum)  I have not read it yet so I recommend TRUST YOUR VIBES.






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  1. Gillian October 5, 2017 at 5:11 pm Reply

    What a lot of good advice! I cut myself off internet and radio news about 3 days ago and will let you know if that increases any clairs. Definitely clairaudient came through for me in your quiz. Thanks 🙂

    • Monica October 6, 2017 at 11:06 am Reply

      Gillian, so you are hearing the voice of God and your Angels through your auditory system. To open up your natural primary clair there are many things you can do – one is to clear your two ear chakras frequently. They are located above the eyebrows inside your head. Imagine 2 violet-red disks spinning clockwise above your eyebrows & see or feel yourself sending cleansing, white light & illuminating them from the inside & notice how large & clean they become. Repeat daily or whenever your psychic hearing is clogged. For clairaudient people such as yourself – protecting your physical ears is very important – such as from loud noises at rock concerts and airplane landing noises & crowds.

  2. hayley October 5, 2017 at 6:24 pm Reply

    Thanks for this fantastic blog and first-hand tips on accessing the ‘clairs’ 🙂

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