“Are you going to be bitter or better?”   Marianne Williamson

“Compassion and empathy are not in quarantine.”   Lisa Laflamme

We are programmed to go back to the same.”   Steve Judd

“There are so many futures that are available to us.”   Charles Eisenstein


This morning I watched my granddaughter, Alice,  take her first steps on video – on Shakespeare’s birthday no less (super exciting for an English Lit major)! This excitement reminded me of my daughter, Hayley, taking her very first steps. It brought to mind my mother, Audrey, capturing my first steps and her mother, Sarah, hers. My mother, Audrey, was part of what society calls the “Greatest Generation”.  An Air Raid Warden in London’s Blitz. Yet, if she were alive today (and if I had not been alive to nurse her) chances are high she would be like so many others of the “Greatest Generation” that we are allowing to die in droves in long-term care homes. This pandemic is shining the light on so many ways we can see this crisis providing opportunities for us to walk our talk.

Talk is easy. If we look around today in Ontario where I currently live – we know that all that talk about the “Greatest Generation” is largely talk. As a retired nurse and complementary health care worker I have been hearing horror stories about long-term care homes for decades as they were increasingly underfunded and as their carers were increasingly under-valued. To see what a society cares about – we observe the actions – do they match the words? If this is how we care for the “Greatest Generation” how are we going to care for the next generations? One of my friends who is an Intensive Care Nurse, had to let her 96 year old mother go into one of Ontario’s ‘care’ homes when she broke her hip a few years ago. She had to do this in order to fulfill her own duties in the hospital where she worked. When she visited her mother, daily, she found that although her mother was still continent and alert and could walk to the bathroom with assistance – they slapped a diaper on her and confined her to a wheelchair. Why? Because they didn’t have enough staff to do anything else. As one orderly said on television last night. “I did my best, but I was left to care for 52 patients on my own.” He was crying.

So, what do we do?  What we always do – call in the military – who we always call in to clean up our messes. In this case, we are drawing away military medics and therefore depriving military members of their health care due to an appalling situation in our long term care homes. Our society, in general, dismisses or negatively judges those in the military except on Remembrance Day, when the rest of the time we slap a bumper sticker on the car that says “save our troops” and then feel we have supported those who serve Canada around the world. As our Prime Minister said today: “Soldiers should not be looking after seniors.” Trudeau also admitted that this is not the way the “Greatest Generation” should be ending their lives. I would say – it is not the way any generation should be.  As Steve Judd says: “just because people age doesn’t mean they’re useless to society… they have as much right to life as anyone else does and I think the way we treat our elderly is going to have to evolve and grow.”  When I asked my guides what the title of this blog should be they gave me the title “Opportunity From Crisis” so we can all do what we can to see this does not happen to future generations.

What change needs to happen to see that children and the elderly and animals are cared for? American TV doctors, Oz and Phil, are telling their followers it is time to get back to work.  Can you believe it?  Dr. Oz, who has millions of followers, is saying that in the States 2-3% of children will die if schools are opened but that the country needs to return to work.  Dr. Oz is ready to accept that on behalf of the children it seems. I would say that a genuine reverence for life, rather than lip service, would be a foundational change. I did write a blog about that, and I realize that I am preaching to the choir here – however – the Angels often take this blog out into cyber space where a person sees an opportunity to help after reading my blog. The Angels encourage me to keep writing these blogs, though I often wonder what difference they make – but, so far I am guided to continue. At least I am reaching a few clients that I can no longer see in person. And, my clients are truly amazing people who are all making a positive change in the world – so pat on the back you! Let’s all up our game so to speak lightworkers! Let’s see this crisis as an opportunity to shine our light on the darkness.

We must not return to normal. Normal got us here. We know that. We also know that we are moving into the Aquarian Age so long talked about. Although some Indian astrologers tell us it is still 230 years away yet. However, many think we are on the cusp and may be there relatively soon. More and more we are seeing two paths. Breaking those two down, generally, there are those humans who are anxious for us to get back to “the way things were.” The other path is the New Earth path. We are being watched by those in other galaxies who see what is happening and wondering what path we will choose. Do we return to the old ways, as astrologer Steve Judd says we are programmed to? (He is not judging us by the way, just stating reality) Or, do we rise to the opportunity to make Earth Day (yesterday) an every day happening?

Judd sees in the astrological chart things currently changing. Mother Earth has sent us to our rooms for time out. We are pondering a new attitude to mental health, we are creating new things, we are cooking nutritious meals at home as we can’t run into a fast food restaurant. Travel will be less as after this pandemic there will be more of us generally more aware of our carbon foot print and the ozone layer. Also, with less folks travelling and relying on video conferencing – travel will be expensive. Many offices will remain empty or less occupied as people dis-cover that they can work from home and avoid commuting which pollutes. Although global markets will definitely try to return to normal, Judd feels that they will find that “the insanity of profit shares cannot continue” and there will be a balance. Robots will increasingly do the manual labour and Judd feels that higher education will be a much more sought after commodity and literacy will greatly increase.

Charles Eisenstein reminds us that we are creating our future and our futures NOW.  We all knew this time was coming. This crossroads time. Dolores Cannon in her “Convoluted Universe” series told us of the coming shift and the two Earths. We are making our decisions now. What are you creating energetically on a personal and global basis? I am contemplating creating two new vision boards. One for the Earth and everything on and in it and one for me. Remember when we choose a path the energy of that path begins to come in and the other options become a reality in another dimension. Our minds cannot comprehend this. Energy changes but cannot be destroyed. Do not calibrate to the lower energies but rather continue to hold your Highest vision for yourself and the world.

Our New Moon time going on right now is a great time for setting new intentions.  A wonderful time to go within to your inner sanctuary and to weave your future and our futures into being. Many of us are doing this while we sleep. Dream time is very productive. We will all come out of this with a better sense of self and a greater feeling of gratitude for our many blessings.

Earth Day was created 50 years ago yesterday. But as Jane Goodall says:”Things will not be right until all days are Earth Days.” Let us support our activists who champion various causes. Maybe you are already an activist or maybe this pandemic has shed such light on social issues and injustices that you are becoming one. Which particular issues arouse your passion or anger? Make a commitment to serve in some capacity to heal those situations. Your soul longs to express itself and to make your views known. How can you help your chosen cause? Can you write a letter or make a donation? When social distancing ends there will likely be many ways you can use your gifts and you will feel energized by your activism.

Before signing off I was guided just now to pick a message for you from your Angels from Doreen Virtue’s Saints and Angels deck. I am amazed as usual at how perfect the message is. It is “Pause.”  

I will pause here, dear ones, till next Thursday.

Love & Light,   Monica






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  1. Gillian April 23, 2020 at 5:06 pm Reply

    I’m with the editor of the New Yorker, David Remnick, who wrote in the April 20th issue, “This pandemic is, in a sense, a rehearsal for what awaits us if we continue to ignore the demands of climate change.” The influenza of 1918 (around 20 million dead) was especially hard on the young. Covid-19 is especially hard on the old. Rising sea levels, drought and wildfires will just take everybody. Let’s flatten the climate curve, everyone!

  2. T April 24, 2020 at 11:53 am Reply

    The last time Pluto was transitioning Capricorn was the American Revolution & Last time Neptune was transitioning pisces as it is now was the end of the American slavery movement .. Humanity and nature are being put first as we are entering the Aquarian age ♒✨

    • Monica April 29, 2020 at 8:10 pm Reply

      Some people do believe we are now in the Age of Aquarius. Some think it began in 2009. Some think it is a decade away. Vedic astrologers I have researched say it is hundreds of years away yet. Astrologers themselves do not agree on exact dates for the beginning and ending of ages and so dates vary by hundreds of years. There are different methods of calculating the boundaries of an astrological age.

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