“I don’t need to let fear define me. It’s just energy.”   Gaitana

“There is an opportunity in 2020 to evolve relationships or to get out of them.”   Lauren Galey

We are on the threshold of an Enlightened Age. Threshold means we are not there yet. Many more people have yet to awaken; however, many of us are optimistic that we will overcome the challenges of our times on the way to Unity Consciousness. In pre-Covid days I was guided to share my awakening story when I taught my Angel and Psychic Development classes and sometimes while with students I was attuning to  Reiki. My awakening story, in super-short form, is on the Home Page of my web-site. I found that when I shared my story it relieved the fear of others who were on the threshold.

What we are looking for is what is looking at us. We all find this out in meditation. We are both the watcher and the watched. The observer and the observed. Consciousness watching consciousness. We find that it is by going within that we dis-cover what we may have spent almost a lifetime looking for outside of ourselves. It is never outside. However, that does not  mean that we cannot find solace and joy from intermingling with others and during these pandemic times – we miss that. And yet, these pandemic times are serving our awakening and our awakening story. Because we are being afforded the opportunity to sit in silence and hear our Higher Selves, our Angels, our spirit guides and our ancestors and ascended masters. The opportunity to walk the path and ultimately perhaps become an ascended master ourselves while still embodied. It is not a given. With few exceptions, we do the work.

I listened this past week to Gaitana, quoted above, who conquered her fear of her inner powers by realizing that fear is, after all, just energy. I enjoyed listening to her talk about her awakening story. Similar to most of us, it has turning points. Gaitana shares them. The first turning  point for her was the birth of her son 13 years ago. In a nutshell he reflected her light back to her. The second turning point was her divorce. After her divorce everything started “expanding.” Her divorce led to a healing phase and she was able to tell those close to her “I’m getting divorced out of love.” Divorce caused her to push her limits and embrace her Higher path. The third turning point was a full heart opening. The sacred heart. This led to a new partnership with her twin flame. She and her twin flame moved to Samana, the Dominican Republic, which is an energy vortex that supports their work which is giving shape to a new form of education.

The Unity Consciousness that Gaitana and her twin flame have dis-covered is found within ourselves on our path to become a walking master. Master of our Selves. This last two months of 2020 is an opportunity to embrace Unity Consciousness which we need to find within the solitude that the pandemic ensures. Gaitana reminds us that the path of an ascended master is not the most travelled path – but it has been travelled! It requires us listening to the voice of our Higher Self (mine is called Aurora – what is yours named?) our Angels and the Creator as we re-discover and/or strengthen our faith in the path. We dis-cover ourselves by cultivating silence which is our liberation. There is no manual. We are not machines. And Gaitana articulates very well how we do this: “We have to match the vibration of our vision that we want to experience.”

The path of the ascended master requires being on the path to liberation. You first get onto the path. Then you learn to attain a state of consciousness beyond the collective (I did this with Angels) and then you take responsibility for everything on your life path, eshewing victimhood. As Gaitana reminds us: “You don’t need to master external reality.”  You master your own energy to master your life. That has always been the path of the spiritual warrior. When we become peaceful then we become agents of change.

Realizing New Earth, as we are likely finding out now if we did not know it previously, is not a cake walk! We need to take a quantum leap and embody a higher consciousness. This opening of our Sacred Heart alters the course of our life. Our attachments are removed during transition. This is so we find our stability within and let go of our holding on to anything external in order to feel loved and supported and safe. We are loved and safe in our Creator’s arms. Faith and trust are crucial. Gaitana delineated beautifully the three main areas of our lives being upgraded: (1) relationships (evolve into sacred unions) (2) home (evolves into a sacred temple) (3) business (evolves into a form of humanitarian service).

Putting things simply, which is the best way to put them so everyone understands, Gaitana outlines 5 tips for us: (1) cultivate energy (2) empty your mind (3) don’t look back (4) pay attention to signals (5) trust Higher Consciousness. Remember that everything actually serves us on the path. Everything our 3D world calls the good, the bad, and the ugly – ultimately serves us, when we see it through the lens of a Higher perspective.  “We don’t follow blind faith we follow Divine faith. ” We don’t deny our fears – we embrace them, master them as we master all the frequencies – not just the most pleasing ones. We then reach a higher vibration of Love which is the Arcturian higher frequency of New Earth – which I know thanks to my own Arcturian guide -Eularia. Thank you Eularia!

When we are liberated then we realize what Louise Hay taught us so well – that nothing is against us and that our spirit, heart and soul will give us the answers that our mind cannot. Continue to trust the vision of your Higher Self. I trust Aurora. To claim it – say it!

Our awakening story leads to our empowerment and sovereignty. We recognize that love is the new currency of New Earth and therefore to dwell in New Earth requires an open heart and our hearts have been cracked open by Covid-19. We understand that we came to give love and support, not to compete with others – we are all in this together. When one of the One suffer – we all suffer. I watched a young couple on television speak about their lively, lovely five year old daughter who recently died of Covid . In the depths of their grief they ask us to expand our vision regarding who is affected by this pandemic. We all are.

Those of us with an awakening story are wearing masks, following all Public Health guidelines, and we are building communities of light energetically – which then expands into the community. We are all One.

Namaste,   Monica

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  1. Gillian November 14, 2020 at 12:38 pm Reply

    Samana’s sounding good right now! 😉 May the energy spread.

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