“The fire drill is over.”   Lisa LaFlamme  CTV News,  Canada

We do need to respond with calm, with unity, with discipline and resolve.”    Simon Coveney, Deputy Prime Minister, Ireland.

We are short at least 100,000 hospital ICU beds and we don’t have enough ventilators ” Dr. Sanjay Gupta,  CNN,  United States


Archangel Michael is guiding me to write about the global pandemic of Covid-19, the novel coronavirus.  The reason this virus is labelled “novel” is because it is new.  We are exposed to the coronavirus of other kinds – such as SARS, MERS and the common cold; however, scientists around the world are scrambling to learn about this new virus. Whenever a disease is seemingly new and there is neither a vaccine nor a treatment (only the symptoms are treated) , people understandably become frightened. What helps to calm fears is to become knowledgeable. My approach which I am recommending to you for your consideration is to avoid the extreme responses through learning about the virus and following your Public Health guidance in your own area. An extreme response would be panic. Another extreme response would be completely ignoring this virus thereby exposing others, such as the elderly, to a potential fatality. In other words – a common sense and level-headed approach that calls forth the outbreak of kindness one health professional (sorry I don’t remember her name) in the United States is asking for. It is kind to acknowledge that people are frightened and it is kind to follow the Public Health guidelines of your own country and area in order to avoid infecting others.

If you are my age – then you have the benefit of remembering the days of quarantine and isolation.  When I was growing up – we were quarantined at home if we became infected with measles, mumps or chicken pox . There were no vaccines. I got all these diseases and more as did my brother and sister. We developed immunity. Though some are calling these measures draconian – they work. They slow the spread of infections which allows the medical system to handle an outbreak. Florence Nightingale knew of which she spoke.  Yes, it was inconvenient and boring not to be able to visit your friend because she was in quarantine – however – it was explained to us that while most people recovered without incident from these childhood diseases – some were left with side effects which in the case of measles included blindness and a small proportion died. It was not only effective and medically-directed to limit the exposure for others but it was the kind thing to do.

When I became a Registered Nurse so many decades ago – I trained in the Isolation Unit  – as all nurses had to learn how to care for an isolated patient. It is a different protocol and was a demanding one. In fact, it was my least favourite ward! Not because I was afraid of becoming infected (though most of us had a tinge of healthy fear) but because it required the special gowns, masks, gloves, and layers of protective walls – an inside corridor. Everything took forever to do. One slip up was not acceptable, we never seemed to have enough staff and so it was stressful until we knew the process and were completely confident. The other reason I was not first in line to ask to work in the Isolation Unit was because of the lack of human contact. I could not offer my patients the same level of TLC that is part of Nursing. So, just as a patient is frightened and isolated – you had to stand in the inner corridor and see if you really needed to go in – or could you handle whatever was needed from the inner corridor?  Of course, now-a-days, depending on where you live – a robot may answer your call for help. A robot cannot be infected.

It makes sense for us to become aware of what our Public Health is telling us. As 5D folks – we may not be afraid – and that is wonderful! However, a significant number of our communities – and perhaps some relatives and friends – are not 5D.  They are not at the stage yet where they are able to hold in alignment with Source/God an unwavering vision of health and immunity. As lightworkers we understand we are being called to be kind and compassionate and so we are. Even though we understand quantum physics and realize that it is our consciousness that creates absolutely all of our life experiences – each of us can still slip out-of-alignment with Source occasionally – so let us have a healthy level of respect (not fear!) for this new strain of virus.  Sadly, the whistleblower in China, the hero of this pandemic – Doctor Li Wenliang – died after warning us. He told us that he had ” become sloppy” regarding his protection techniques. Of course, like many other medical personnel who have died – he was exhausted and had not been able to look after himself. Do remember in your prayers to pray not only for the elderly and immune-compromised and ill who are most vulnerable but also for the medical personnel and all front line workers. One emergency room physician in New York City said yesterday: “I will get it.”

Kindness is understanding the fear of others. We may not be fearful because we may not be in a high risk category and also because we have so many metaphysical and complementary tools in our toolkit. But, we do understand fear as we have all experienced it. I loved what astrologer Bracha Goldsmith in Greece did on YouTube for her followers. She did a livestream so they could voice their fears to her. For many they themselves were not afraid but they were afraid for their parents or a beloved Auntie or a person undergoing chemo and so on… Once voiced – these fears start to diminish. After all, we all know that what we cannot name gains power over us.  Once we get it out into the open and into the light – we feel better and we can be sensible and calm. As lightworkers we can model calmness and many of us likely came to do that. We can help where we can help and in the ways people need it in the moment and time. Maybe an elderly friend self-isolating and living alone needs some groceries and doesn’t know how to order online?  Maybe a friend would love a phone call and some reassurance that you are around if needed to lend an ear so she can voice her concerns. Of course, as empaths we do not need to take on another’s fear but listening is important medicine! And so is laughter for those ready to allow comedy to heal their fears. We know when comedy is helpful. We use our intuition to help others to heal their fears.

As far as we know so far regarding Covid-19, 80% of those who get it are said to be recovering nicely. Further along we will get more information because so many people have not been tested yet that there is no way of knowing with any certainty.  Some doctors are giving some scary numbers. Others not so much. I notice that the doctors dealing with the hot spots in the world are giving the more dire predictions. That makes sense as they are in the thick of it. But do remember, our information regarding numbers changes each day. Dr. Fauci in the U.S. predicts 150 million citizens will become infected and says that the fatality rate is ten times that of the flu, the health minister in B.C. predicts 30-70 % (quite a range) and Angela Merkle is preparing Germans to face that up to 2/3 of her country will experience this. The Public Health Systems of every country (120 countries reporting cases) are being tested. Canada is quite fortunate. Apparently our experience with SARS has left us with a lot of valuable experience and we are prepared and can test anyone a doctor or referral from Public Health recommends be tested. Not so in the United States where only 11,000 have been tested as of today whereas South Korea tests 10, 000 daily and has a drive-through test! Without testing – there is no way of giving numbers we can count on to be accurate. So, follow your Public Health recommendations where you are.

Initial symptoms of Covid-19 are said to be high fever, a dry cough and shortness of breath. Phone your own doctor or public health office to notify them so you can get information as to how to proceed if you have these symptoms.  Shortness of breath is always a sign to get medical help. Emergency departments ideally want to know ahead so they can protect themselves and other patients in case it is the new coronavirus. However, do not panic – there are so many people with flu and cold viruses right now.  If you have it, you want to know so you can not only get advice on your own health but also advice to protect any elderly or vulnerable people around you. Thankfully, research shows that children do not seem to be getting sick at a high rate and when they do they seem to have mild symptoms and recover quickly, nevertheless, like anyone they need to be checked by their doctor.  Also, some symptoms are so mild that the person is not aware they have it but can still be spreading it. We are learning more each day.

If we have any fear, says Bracha, “let’s make friends with it.” If you don’t have any – great – because fear suppresses the immune system. If you do – voice it – then make friends with it. Once we do make friends – it dissipates. As Bracha says: “fear has been around for centuries and can only be healed with love.” Love, as we know, heals everything. Love and light is our healing recipe. And, knowledge is power – as we learn more – our fears as a global community will lessen. In fact, some are seeing now the opportunity to bring the planet together with our response to this most recent challenge.

We just had a full moon in Virgo. Virgo has everything to do with hygiene and health. We are all learning how to wash our hands properly and clean surfaces. We should always be doing this – so – a wake up call for good hygiene. Hand sanitizer is disappearing off the shelves. Washing with soap and water for 20 seconds works if done properly, however, some of us are making our own sanitizer to carry with us. 60% rubbing alcohol and 40% aloe vera.  The Governor of New York City has prisoners making it because at one point Amazon was charging, apparently, 80 dollars a bottle for Purell and there was none available in stores.  I have not changed, as yet anyway, any of my routines.  However, like you – I practice a lifestyle to keep my immune system healthy. Remember to hydrate. But, I do carry my sanitizer with me so I do not touch my face before washing my hands. I keep up with Public Health information for myself, my loved ones and clients. But, I do not bathe in fear or get caught up in panic. That means I can focus on service.

Steve Judd, UK. astrologer, says he is using ginger, tumeric and colloidal silver. He is a believer in homeopathy.  Amanda Ellis, U.K., informs her clients of ancient ways of protecting themselves by boosting their immune systems with crystals: nebula stone – known for cell growth and renewal; titanium aura- deflect toxins and cell renewal; and for quelling anxiety and panic – shungite.  She also asks us to do some of our lightworker service – I am doing this – imagine all the energetic ley lines around the Earth being filled with silver light. You can also Reiki the globe. I am doing this also. We came for this dear ones – to be here to offer our services. Silver fights infection. Beam silver light. Yes, old world medicine! Some are placing themselves in Metatron’s Cube and others are activating their Merkabah. Some folks are ringing bells in each room of their house to bring in joy. Joy is a high frequency.

We are learning how to take care of ourselves and our planet –  Coronavirus has come about our visionaries/scientists tell us – through our abuse of our planet. We know this. We also know that while we are occupied with this pandemic there are still floods, fires, going on and in East Africa there is what some are calling a developing plague of locusts – hundreds of billions of locusts are currently ravaging their food supply. We are living what we knew was coming – a cycle of chaos – but this is leading, ultimately, to New Earth. We are all connected. We are ONE. As many are saying – Covid-19 doesn’t discriminate between conservatives and liberals, genders, races etc. There are no walls to keep out a virus and the world is learning that it is time to start working together as we also find our courage and faith. Even President Trump said yesterday, “We are all in this together.” Yes, I know – he read the speech as written for him, but, he did read it!

There are still many people around the world who do not have homes to isolate themselves in if even if they wish to. Bernie Sanders says that 500,000 Americans are homeless today. 87 million of them are under-insured or not insured. Healthcare in the United States is not a universal right. Even countries with healthcare for all are straining with this pandemic – a doctor in England said  he will have to let some elderly folks die because there are not enough ventilators for all of them who will need it and he will have to make those decisions  – the ventilators will need to go to the younger patients in need of them. The positive side of this very sad situation is that as Amanda Ellis says – we are starting to really value our elderly who have wisdom, stories, history, that is not replaceable. She admits to feeling less resentful of taking her elderly Mum shopping at this time.  “The virus is shining a spotlight on the elderly in our community.”  She is keeping an eye out for her elderly neighbours in their nineties who live behind her. Amanda is the real McCoy when it comes to spiritual teaching – total honesty.  Honesty is what the world needs now. Honesty and kindness. Honesty about the facts and not suppressing them. Kindness to our neighbour and we are learning that our neighbours include every person on our planet. No exceptions.

The spotlight is also being put on inequities in general. If you do not have shelter, nutritious food, clean water – then you are at greater risk. Some are very worried about shutting down schools in areas of the United States where free school lunches are the only nutritious meals a child gets. Nancy Pelosi was talking about delivering meals today. If the United States which is considered to be a “rich country” has trouble feeding people during a pandemic – we can only imagine how other places are faring. And, this is what we are doing – Covid-19 is not anything we wish for – but it is a call to an out break of kindness – and we can all step up in our own way to create a kinder and more compassionate planet.

Allay fears and do your service work and look after yourself as you may be a model for others of how to stay calm – with or without the virus. This is one of many wake up calls we are experiencing in our world.  Ask Archangel Michael to protect you and to lend you His confidence and courage. And, as Amanda Ellis reminds us, if despite being 5D you do get it – do not beat yourself up or let anyone shame you “as being less 5D than them.” That is silly.  Some of us 5D people of the world may get it in order to model how the great majority heal completely from it and how to maintain our positivity and calm throughout.

Get your rest and sleep, proper nutrition, hydrate and stay positive. If you are guided to do some “social distancing” – one of Bracha’s followers suggests doing the Spock sign and saying “Live Long & Prosper.”  Gillian – I know you are loving that suggestion!

Love & Light,   Monica





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  1. Gillian March 12, 2020 at 4:43 pm Reply

    Yes, I’m loving the nod to Mr Spock! 🙂 As a regular reader of this blog I have already put shields around the planet but the silver light is new to me. Will do that too! Lots of good advice here, thanks.

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