“Authenticity is the new wealth. Only authentic souls can shine.”      (Alla Svirinskaya)

At any time of our life owning our own energy is important, however, it feels to me as if during this Covid crisis, it is urgent to do so in order to protect ourselves from toxic energy and keep our immune systems strong. Also, if we as empaths are carrying around other people’s ‘stuff ‘ in our auric fields we are not our authentic selves, we are a mish mash of others’ thoughts and beliefs whether we consider them positive or negative. It is true that authenticity is now considered the new wealth in our rapidly changing world.

What are you doing these days to cleanse and protect your energy? As Alla Svirinskaya reminds us: “we are soaked in our aura like a baby in amniotic fluid.”

Our chakras store energy and then channel it out. Are you cleansing and balancing your chakras frequently? I have written a blog on this previously so it is available if you are forgetting to do so. Re-reading some of my past blogs would be a valuable thing to do to increase your frequency. Do your family and friends enhance your energy flow or abuse it?

Svirinskaya tells us from her own practical evidence that auric viruses hijack our energy DNA and that bacteria are associated with guilt. “Suffocating guilt.”. She reminds us that we can infect ourselves with negative self-talk. Also, “auric fungi uses our aura as a host.” An unprotected or dirty and torn aura is very attractive to energy vampires, bullies and manipulators. A clean aura is part of your energy grooming.

Our energy ID is our own authentic energy. Our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and intentions. So it is essential that we are exceptionally discerning, as lightworkers, about clear boundaries. Positive energies resonate with our flow and match our life up with our truth.

Create an environment within and without that helps you to maintain a high frequency and prevents energy leakage. You have cultivated many of these techniques which are coming in very handy during this Covid Crisis which is bringing out the best and the worst of our human nature. Svirinskaya calls these three her “aura probiotics”. Inspiration. Gratitude. Intent.

Intention is a higher energy than desire. But you all know this! I am sure that you are practicing energetic strategies to create the future you are wishing for.

When people come to me for Angel readings they are often looking for me to predict their future, which of course the Angels are able to do because they can see the future. However, I always remind my clients that the future is always based on the energies of the present – so – if they are not happy with the predicted future – they can shift their energy and change it! That is a major purpose behind Angel readings. If you like what you are experiencing, don’t change your energy unless you feel things could be even more wonderful.

If you are wanting to raise your frequency and shift your energy then you are decluttering which is the modern day alchemy. Get rid of everything associated with bad relationships and watch your life move in the direction of health and miracles. If you have a problem with someone you wish to keep in your life, try out Denise Linn’s suggestion and everytime you speak with them put a pink rose between you and the other. Try it out.

Use visualization remembering it isn’t just visualizing the positive outcome but feeling it – that is the secret sauce of the process.

Own your energy by shifting your posture. Stand up straight and tall. Assume a super hero pose such as Wonder Woman.

Affirmations are one of the most underrated strategies today. Used daily, they work. Present tense. ” I am strong. I am healthy. I am well.”. If you do not use the present tense, you keep it future.

I love the collage. I even brought into my life a wonderful hypnotherapist in Victoria, B.C. because I pasted a woman who looked like a modern Egyptian lady onto my board. Turned out – we had been together in ancient Egypt and she helped me unlock a mystery. A collage is a powerful way to seed your future. Read my Vision Board blog for more information.

Oracle Cards are great tools when you have practiced with them and treat them with respect and ask heartfelt questions. I have also written a blog on these tools. Always only use decks that are compatible with your own energy, clear them of all previous energy and develop an authentic loving relationship with them that makes your heart sing. My decks are also friends.

If you want to live your dream, act as if it has already happened. I wrote more about this during my 100 tips regarding the Law of Attraction series of blogs I wrote. Creating a new life? If I were you I would re-read all 50 blogs as my psychic mentor, who worked for the UN gave them to me. She did that in the 90s before everyone was talking about the Law of Attraction (also called the Law of Magnetism).

Feng Shui is amazing. If it feels good when you walk into a room it already has good Feng Shui.

I clear my work space with Reiki drumming. Sometimes I also use white sage. As you know I always rely on Archangel Michael for cleansing at all times but since I had a past life as a Lakota Medicine Woman, I love to use my Reiki drum.

What is the most important energetic strategy? Gratitude. If you are grateful for what you already have, more is on the way. I have written copiously about gratitude. It is the number one strategy to raise your frequency. Genuine gratitude cannot be faked, in my humble opinion.

I am grateful for you dear readers. I hope this little review of how to own your energy uplifts and inspires you to do one new thing today to add to your energetic health and wealth. Remember what Svirinskaya says: ” Wellness is not a burst but a continuim.”

Love and Light,    Monica




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  1. Gillian June 27, 2020 at 2:24 pm Reply

    Great suggestions! I’m remembering to shield myself and others every morning but will try some of these ideas too.

  2. Sarah June 27, 2020 at 11:00 pm Reply

    Monica! This is so helpful and has come at exactly the right time, thank you.

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