My first conscious memory of a past life was at the age of four.  I remembered it when it was triggered by one of the many childhood traumas of my current life.  Even though I did not have the words for this experience and for the out-of-body- experiences that I was having as well, I knew that I am eternal.  As are we all.  I was aware growing up that no matter what happened to my body, the real me would survive.

During the early 1980s I attended numerous lectures at the Past Life Association in Toronto.  I also participated in a large group regression facilitated by Helen Wambach.  This was very interesting.  Since the group was very large, we only got ‘snippets’ of various lifetimes.

In the early 1990s I found that numerous past life memories were coming to the surface to be cleared.  They presented as physical symptoms such as pains, welts, rashes and mysterious imprints of ‘old’ wounds on my body.  Fortunately, I intuitively understood what was going on, otherwise I would have lived at the doctor’s office!  However, I did seek the advise of a psychic advisor and also had some bodywork done so that the memories could be released.  Once I was able to consciously access the particular lifetime and circumstances underneath the symptoms, they vanished.

For the last seven years or so I have been working with a close friend of mine, who is an amazing healer, on some of my past lives and hers.  We have lived many lifetimes together in many different countries and different periods of history and have played different roles in those lives.  We are able to have fun exploring these lives together while releasing traumas that cause various symptoms and phobias to disappear.   It also allows us to see the patterns which is very useful and to remember healing techniques and past skills in the healing arts as well as the recovery of metaphysical tools.

Sometimes, during angel readings, my client and I will discover that a phobia or a relationship issue or a lack of self-esteem is connected to a past life.  I can access the Akashic Records upon the client’s request, however, often an ascended master that frequently works with me will relay the information to me that is the ‘piece of the puzzle’ that we are looking for.  It is important, of course, to integrate the information about a past life in a way that allows the client to remain focused on their current life and I work with the angels to that end.  Our current life needs to be our focus as we grow through this Earth school.

One client a few years ago who came for an angel reading asked at some point during the hour why she was constantly fearful when outdoors in open places and felt  that something bad was going to happen?  She couldn’t figure out why she felt this way and asked the angels.  It turned out that she had had a past life as a man, a soldier, during a period of history long ago and he was well prepared with armor front and back and sides and carried a weapon; however, his head was vulnerable and he was killed from a huge boulder dropped on him unexpectedly from above.  Once my client knew this, she said she was healed instantly.  She walked outside after the reading feeling no fear or worry at all and she phoned me weeks later to tell me this knowledge had changed her life and how wonderful it was to be free of this fear!

Many people can access past lives through their visions, dreams and meditations and sometimes past life memories occur during massage or other various forms of bodywork.  These flashes from past lives can give us insights into our spiritual natures and sometimes it is helpful to have past life regression therapy as people often report numerous benefits to their health and well-being including healthier relationships.

Naturally, as with any practitioner, it is best to check out the hypnotherapist’s qualifications, training and experience; however, internationally known and respected Dr. Brian Weiss, author of MANY LIVES, MANY MASTERS, says that hypnosis is just a way of focusing the concentration and is “not dangerous, not mind control.”

My only experience of a private session of hypnotherapy came about because I was guided to a particular hypnotherapist by the angels.  The angels encouraged me to delve more deeply into a life I had in Egypt during the reign of the female pharaoh that is closely connected to the life that I am currently leading.  My friend and I are considering eventually writing a book together about healing through our past lives, and this experience was valuable on multiple levels to other souls as well as myself.

Dr. Weiss reports that many of his patients have found proof, in historical records, of what they remembered in his office although he says “75-80% of people can be regressed.  Some people block because they are afraid.”

Life does not end with the death of the physical body.  What we call death is actually a transition.  As a medium, I am able to receive messages from the other side, although this is not my predominant work of choice.  I prefer to communicate with spirit guides, ascended masters and angels.  When we cross over we do not always automatically become more enlightened or evolved than we are currently; therefore, as one of my teachers, Doreen Virtue, recommends, it is best to ask  the kinds of questions of our beloved friends and relatives  that we asked when they were still in the physical – such as for a recipe or advice on how to fix the car and save the questions regarding spiritual advice for the angels.  I agree.

The reason that this topic of past lives came up for me recently is that I am currently unearthing yet another past life.  Inflamed areas of my body are asking to be addressed and so, once again, I am having bodywork and working with my dreams and have done a past-life regression with the angels on myself which is proving to be effective.

Are there particular countries that really interest you or certain periods of history that fascinate you?  These can often be clues to your past lives.  Our unconscious mind holds many ancient secrets and wisdom.  We can travel back in time, using many different tools and modalities and recover gifts from our pasts.

Wishing you many blessings through Time.           Monica

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