“Realizing that visible bodies are only symbols of invisible forces, the ancients worshipped the Divine Power through the lower kingdoms of Nature… The sages of old studied living things to a point of realization that God is most perfectly understood through a knowledge of His supreme handiwork – animate and inanimate Nature.  Every existing creature manifests some aspect of the intelligence or power of the Eternal One…”    (The Secret Teachings of All Ages, by Manly P. Hall)

“Fast-tracking of Highway 413, or the GTA West Highway, is a direct result of the changes the Ford government slipped into the ‘pandemic recovery bill’… fast tracking projects before we understand the impacts on air, water and wildlife is a dangerous and slippery slope…This proposed highway paves over farmland, crosses rivers and reduces green space.”   (recent Toronto Star editorial)

At the age of four or five I remember standing in a field of tiny violets in a small forest behind our home in Orillia, Ontario, when I have my first conscious experience, in this lifetime, as being part of the One. There was no one with me. I was alone with Nature and I knew I was in paradise. There was not a sound except for the babbling of a brook and the singing of the birds as I felt the gentle breeze upon my face and time stood still. It was bliss. I have experienced it many times throughout my life, always outdoors in Nature (or imagining being there) whether I was walking to school in Noranda, Quebec, in the depth of winter watching the limbs of trees weighted down by snow and ice as the sun lit them up like a Fairyland or as an adult in Victoria, B.C., watching the deer eat the geraniums in my front garden and the apples off the trees out back. Those moments are with me today as I received an email from Gillian informing me of the plan to pave over paradise.

If you are my age you remember the song “Big Yellow Taxi” in 1970 written, composed and originally sung by  famous Canadian Joni Mitchell. I was about 19 and nearing the end of my training to become a Registered Nurse. I would sprawl outdoors on the lawn with my transistor radio blaring that song and I would sing with passion (no one but the birds listening!). Spending almost every summer of my childhood on my grandparent’s farm near Chatsworth, Ontario, I resonated with virtually the entire song. “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot… They took all the trees and put’em in a tree museum.”  And, naturally, I already understood deeply the wisdom within the lines: “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone.”

We are certainly finding that out now during Covid-19 are we not? It is helping us as we isolate and go deep within to dis-cover what matters most and what our values truly are. We have a Full Moon coming September 1/2 and astrologer Pam Gregory tells us according to the stars we have complex energy until the end of this year, peaking in November. Intensity. Lots of events. Themes include individual power and freedom and there will be more taking to the streets and running into oppressive power as the Old Order collapses. All of this is very uncomfortable on the 3D level but is meant to be says Pam and things will get louder and noisier. We will feel the heat associated with the fiery planet Mars. Pam asks us to turn it inward and change it to courage rather than aggression. The Full Moon will shine light into dark corners and there will be more revelations and disclosures, both personal and collective. Further corruption is revealed and there may even be some Galactic disclosures so continue to pay attention.

Due to the moon being in Pisces, emotions are likely to come to a head. Overwhelm and confusion can result. There may be power battles in relationships and Pam says possible changes in currencies. Collapse of structures, relationships, and also some will awaken to the beauty of Nature. More extreme weather events are predicted due to the fact that Earth is moving through the photon belt which means more light and coupled with the drop in the magnetic shield these changes affect our bodies as we are electromagnetic beings. Our values are changing as Earth upgrades as does our galaxy. Shifting Earth energies and increasing light offer us the opportunity to dream our thoughts into reality at a faster pace as everything accelerates, so manifest consciously. Whatever else, we still have freedom of thought. Even in prison we have freedom of thought.

Pisces, as you know, is a dreamy and sensitive sign. Exquisite sensitivity. Pam tells us there is a mermaid energy at hand regarding this watery sign. A good time to create art, chant, meditate and channel, garden, sing. Sitting in the moonlight you can bathe in this energy. Pisces gives us the opportunity to go beyond polarity and as you are now observing polarity is reigning on 3D Earth. Can we go beyond polarity and create something beautiful? Pam says we are going to be in the crucible for the next few months. I am certainly feeling that. Due to various astrological configurations astrologers are saying that we now have “many different potentials.” Therefore, we especially need to have faith and be discerning. Do not argue for limitations on your creations as they are likely to manifest during this accelerated time.

Messages are coming to us from the Animal Kingdom, have you noticed? Within the last few days my daughter who resides in the Ottawa Valley, also at threat of being increasingly paved over, sent me photos she took of a mother hawk protecting her baby hawk and a mother deer protecting a baby deer and yesterday I saw a mother rabbit protecting a baby rabbit. What is the animal world telling us as individuals and as a collective? Well, the Divine Feminine comes to mind for me and also the fact that mothers protect their young. We have to protect our young and it is time to see all young people as our own children. To look ahead seven generations as our indigenous peoples do and leave something for them besides air pollution, water pollution and a concrete world devoid of animals and birds. Interestingly, due to lock down folks are going outside and enjoying Nature as they can no longer (if they are intelligently following Covid guidelines) pass their time in bars and airports and other buildings with crowds. Hopefully, this will result in what could possibly be a renewed conservationism, reverence and respect for life.

Spiritual teacher, Lorie Ladd, talks about the fear and divide currently operating in the 3D Earth. Having watched the circumstances in the United States during the political conventions it is truly as though we live in different realities right now. White and black. As unarmed people of colour are gunned down (Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back by police in front of three of his young children) – it becomes obvious to anyone paying attention that there is a justice system for white people and a non-justice system for those of colour. I am using the United States as an example – knowing though that racism is a spiritual disease everywhere it exists.

Our consciousness is changing in a positive direction as all around us we are shown the effects of our complacency, divisions and fear. Lorie gives us what I feel is a valuable exercise. I just came upon it yesterday and so i have not done it myself but I will share it with you and I will do it within the next few days. Lorie says it helps us to discover how much we have changed during the last six months. In your journals: (1) Write down words, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, behaviours that you have felt intensely over these last months. (example: addictions, rage, fear, need to leave a relationship, feeling unworthy, ) Put them into a cloud or a box or a human body that you draw (2) choose another page/paper and put your new ways of seeing, being (maybe you finally spoke up? or held neutrality? ) (3) Look at these side by side with your new 20/20 vision. What are you now recognizing in your reality you didn’t see 6 months ago? Acknowledge all that you have gone through regardless of judgments of good and bad. We are all changing uniquely. The shift you notice is yours and ours together. “How do you feel now? What is your truth now? How much rage and divide are you continuing to hold?” You are in a new phase of development says Lori and your body is holding a higher consciousness than it did 6 months ago. She asks you to try to do it before the Full Moon. I will.

As our consciousness rises we have the opportunity to stop our destructive behaviours toward ourselves and others. We have the power to hold our vision of a New Earth where animals are appreciated and we also have the power to decide that it is not worth getting to Toronto one minute faster (that is the estimated extra time saved by changes to hwy 413)  if we have to pave over paradise to do it!

Love & Light,   Monica       PS Always research for yourself, and please share this blog if you are so inclined and if you choose to register your protest, as I do – here is the Green Party’s link: https://secure.gpo.ca/stop-gta-west-highway?source=C20.SOF3.E.TLNK  Thanks Gillian!

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  1. Hayley August 29, 2020 at 4:11 pm Reply

    Thank you for the tips – very helpful suggestions!

  2. Gillian August 29, 2020 at 5:21 pm Reply

    Thank you, Monica, for getting the word out about the fast-tracking of Highway 413 despite a study (as you note) saying it wouldn’t even be worth it in terms of driving time saved. Sneaking this item in on a bill for “pandemic recovery” is the kind of thing that has been happening in the States for a long time–how long has it been going on here in Ontario/Canada or is this new? Let’s stay awake, Readers! Love the opening quote, too. Lately I’ve been shielding the Earth on my morning walks and I always include her “animate and inanimate” occupants. 🙂

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