“The dragons are waiting to support you in your life, assist your spiritual growth and illuminate your ascension path.”   Diana Cooper

We had a pink moon last night as you likely know. David Freeman says that “pink moon” is a nickname from folklore – a reference to moss pink, or wild ground phlox, whose pinkish flowers are some of the early flowers in the eastern United States. Freeman in the article that I read on-line communicated by emails with Brother Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory in Rome who told David that although he was not familiar with the term “pink moon” that he applauded its use: “I think its great that people personalize it so,… I just wish more people actually looked up and paid attention to the moon, just to be aware of the universe around them and to get their noses out of their cellphones.”

I love the idea of the pink moon. Pink is the colour we associate with love. Rose pink is such a gentle colour, bringing love and warm affection and often used by colour healers. Pink is most often used in relation to matters of the heart and emotions. Energy healers sometimes visualize their clients wrapped in a blanket of light – soft-petaled rose pink. Imagine a healer cocooning her client in soft pink under a Pink Moon. Heavenly healing. Of course, that cell phone that Brother Consolmagno speaks of is nowhere near the healer or the client because healers know that not only are cell phones distracting but they emit RF (Radio Frequency) energy which is a type of radiation.

I agree with Brother Consolmagno, even though I can be found with my own nose in a cellphone. Twenty-first century living seems to depend on using a cellphone. However, I set it aside as often as I am able to in order to enjoy silence, stillness and the natural world. The natural world, to me, includes Angels and faeries and dragons.

Today I am thinking of pink moons and blue dragons. Both are healing in their own ways. I have been conscious of the moon and its energy since I was a child, but it was really only in 2017 that I became conscious of the reality of dragons through the work of Diana Cooper and then, through her guidance and techniques began working with them – after connecting with my own personal dragon and learning his name.  I work daily with the Angels, as you know, and once in awhile I work with dragons although I feel that the Pink Moon has re-enchanted me and I may step up my work with them as well! Currently, I am working mostly with the blue dragons. Specifically the deep blue dragons.

As you may likely know – dragons, unicorns and Angels are all part of the angelic realms. Because they originate from the Heart of God rather than the Mind of God – they do not have free will. Their will is only to serve God/Source for the highest good of all. They function between the fourth and ninth dimensions and it is only in the last few years (as more of us have become fifth-dimensional) that we have been able to connect with the ninth-dimensional aspect of the angelic realms. In fact, the deep blue dragons that I currently connect with are fifth dimensional.

The deep blue dragons work with Archangel Michael whom I have been working with daily since 2006, so, I suppose it is only natural that I would work with them. Diana Cooper found that they can clear and transmute lower frequencies up to 1km around those who work with them. This makes it easier for Archangel Michael to work with us.

If you have met your personal dragon – maybe you wish to branch out, like I have. Ask Archangel Michael to connect you with these deep blue dragons and experience for yourself. Diana says: “You can serve the planet by asking deep blue dragons to dive under your shopping malls, schools, big buildings or anywhere you feel they are needed to consume dense vibrations.”

Because they operate on a different vibrational frequency then us – you may not see them. I sometimes see them clairvoyantly when I am asking for their help or sending them to people, places or situations. However, if you ask and are willing to tune into their wavelength – they are there for you. They are actually pouring onto the planet now to help us transition to the new Golden Age. And, yes, they look like the way they have been drawn for aeons by psychic artists. Their wings are extensions of the heart center.

Archangel Michael tells me that the dragons have a message for my readers today so I will now pull an oracle card for you from my Dragon Oracle Deck by Diana Cooper.  The dragons that have a message for you today dear lightworkers are the Air & Fire Dragons. Their message is “it is time to harness your gifts and talents for your highest good and that of the world. You have something in your soul to bring forward. So your guidance is to decide what fires your enthusiasm, then trust your inner wisdom and talk about it. Take a chance and step onto your true path of happiness and creativity.” Through the Law of Attraction your passion and excitement will draw the right people and situations to you. “This card can also suggest that  circumstances may present themselves to you in which you will be required to make a rapid decision using your intuition and discernment rather than logic… you have all you need to make the right choice. With your air and fire dragon beside you, success is ensured.”

Trust and faith in God/Source. Re-enchanted by pink moons and blue dragons. Expand your creative energies!

Love & Light,   Monica

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