I call my current home Angel Cottage.  My last three places were named after the elementals.  I love to play and I hope you do too!

We are never too old to play.  In fact the older I get the more I realize how crucial it is to our health, general well-being and our ability to attract the life of our dreams.  Playfulness is such an attractive energy.

If you have forgotten how to play, then spend some time observing the children in your life.  See the sparkle in their eyes and hear the joy in their laughter.  Play is gay abandon.  Relaxing into the moments of pure fun is a wonderful and productive investment.  You do have time for it.  Seize those moments.

Besides the pure joy of play and its attractive nature, it allows you to ‘try on’ your ‘new’ self.  Two of my personal mentors in the world of intuitive consulting, advised me to do a progression into my future.  To play, now, ‘as if’ I already was the person I am becoming.  In reality, this is how children create their future.  They pretend.  You can too.

Instead of asking yourself who you want to be when you grow up, why not ask who you want to be NOW?  If the answer is that you are absolutely happy and content as you are – that is wonderful!  However, if there are changes you would like to make, such as qualities of increased compassion or an increase in the wealth that you attract, then pretend that you already possess these qualities and wealth.  Try it on.  How does it feel?  Do you feel happy?  If so, you may wish to ‘own’ that energy.  Metaphysicians tell us to be happy now, wherever we are , and our happiness will attract the life we wish to create.  Most of us seem to wish for the things that we feel will make us happy, unaware of the fact that we need to be happy first in order to attract them!

The angels advise us to be more playful.  It is so important.  During angel readings for my clients the message to incorporate playfulness into their lives comes up frequently.  A few weeks ago, I was doing an angel reading for a client and as the reading was nearing the end Archangel Michael began gently pushing me and I started laughing, of course, and the client across from me was staring at me as I was being jostled around in my chair trying to keep upright!  As you know, I am multisensory and so I ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the angels.  My client just saw me laughing and trying to sit still in my chair.  She looked puzzled.  Laughing, I said, “I think that I had better pull another card before you leave.”  I did.  The oracle card was from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Unicorn’s Deck  ( yes, I do see unicorns) that I received as a gift while training with Doreen.  The card said: “Laughter: you need a good laugh!”  And, when my client saw it, we both enjoyed a great belly laugh together.

Learning to play, lightening-up, is a frequent message from the angels.  The angels’ energy is bubbly and uplifting, always.  When you are in the company of angels you are in the Highest Frequency in the universe.  Ask the angels to help you to see the lighter side of life and also ask them to help you play, if you so wish.  They love to serve, and are very pleased with a “thank you”.  Their Creator gave them this purpose.

I play in Angel Cottage every day.  I play with the faeries, angels and also, sometimes,  the lightworker clients that the angels bring to me.  I often play with my clients to raise their vibration.  However, sometimes a client will comment on the uplifting energy when I invoke the angels.  One client of mine says she feels “giddy” when they are with us.  She says the feeling is similar to having had a glass of champagne.

Currently, I am playing some energy games from Pam Grout’s bestseller “E Squared”.  She says she wrote it to give us energy experiments that we can do ourselves to prove that our thoughts create our reality.  I know they do, as I see it every day in my own life and that of my clients; however, this book is amazing, critically acclaimed and really fun to read.  I am having so much fun playing the games!

Someone once said something like ” the reason angels can fly is that they take themselves lightly.”  I think it may have been G.K. Chesterton, but, don’t quote me on that, as I can’t really remember for sure and I am having too much fun playing right now to stop and look it up!

Playfully Yours,   Monica





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