“Time is not what you think it is. Time is a construct. You can learn to work with time in the same way you can work with any idea. Time only serves as an aspect of consciousness that all agree on. Reality expands and contracts millions of times per second. Change occurs in milliseconds, yet you see only a small part of it because it is like a folded paper fan. Time is a matrix. Just as you see only the creased edges when paper is folded into zigzags to make a fan, you experience only a very narrow part of creation.”     Maureen J. St. Germain


Some of us have developed our inner awareness to the degree sufficient to lead us out of the time matrix. This allows us to not only stretch time but to also compress it and mold it for our own unique needs.


Because Consciousness is reinventing itself it must be outside time in order to achieve its outcomes. An event that is out of time is an occurrence that is unhooked from mass consciousness. We are learning how to ‘step out of time’ in order to move into new patterns of existence that are not dependent on linear time. In order to practice mastery – we must decide that training to work with time involves our commitment to step outside our mass consciousness agreements that hold us hostage to time.


One of the ways to practice our skills is to stop wearing a watch. When I finished my career as a Registered Nurse I stopped wearing a watch because I was no longer on a 24 hour clock. Another way to practice is to stop setting an alarm clock and practice in a manner that allows you to follow energy rather than a clock.


Some people do not, as yet, understand that time is a construct that we can manipulate. Of course we must first believe this to be true and then we need to become playful with it! One of my friends taught me how to time travel the Matrix Energetics™ way. Before that I usually called in Merlin and asked him to assist me with his divine magic. However, whatever method we are employing we must always check in with our Higher Self before we manipulate time because we need to confirm that our intended manipulation is not only for our own Highest Good but also for the Highest Good of everyone who may be affected by our choice to do this. Why? Because we are in 3D when we feel the need to change the time matrix.


Maureen says that there are five things that she was told mass consciousness does to regularly anchor us into the time-space continuum of 3D. The first four things are “coffee in the morning, the news in the morning either via the newspaper or television, the weather, and going to work at the same time.” She says that the fifth includes big sports events and other big televised events like the U.S. presidential debates and elections. There are most likely numerous others. Every time we participate in mass consciousness culture we are giving, through that participation, our permission to everything that is being done to hold us back. Maureen reminds us that when we do things that are “expected” a lot can slip by us; however, when we step outside of “what’s expected” we create a different path of evolution. Unplugging is huge and allows us to change timelines, change reality and everything that has occurred in alternate realities.


In the fifth dimension time is one of many constructs that you can work with. This means that we can adjust time – go back in time – heal and change decisions from the future where you are in a more evolved position and can make wiser choices than in your past. Obviously, from a position of understanding that the past, present, and future are all shifting and happening at the same time we know that our present actions can alter past and future events.


Time, space and perception are completely intertwined. So, knowing this, what if you were working on a project with a co-worker and she tells you that she is worried that the two of you just do not have the time to finish to finish your enterprise? Then, you suggest using the power of holographic imagery and holding a vision of the project not only being finished on time but early and everyone celebrating. It happens, of course, just as you imagined it because we dream our reality into being. Some folks will say, “you didn’t stretch time – just your experience of it.” However, as Maureen states, “in essence, is it not the same?”


Each day, for many of us, can be a mad rush. We have children, grandchildren, pets, jobs, relationships, bills, etc. However, when we step out of 3D and into our multidimensional selves we step into a different perception of time and this makes all the difference. For example, when we live in the third dimension we live in a linear world. We get up in the morning, go to work, come back, Monday to Friday and then it’s the weekend and we do this all year. And the next. And life seems like just a progression of every day things and we try to pack into our days all the things we need to do. However, when we start our ascension process there is generally something that happens that breaks down the perception of time… sometimes this occurs due to the loss of a loved one or a job or an accident or serious illness and you think, “I’ve got to stop, I can’t go on living this way.” Sometimes, in one way or another, we hit a brick wall and we have to sort out our relationship with life and Time itself.


When we move into the higher dimensions life isn’t linear it is cyclic or spiral. This is a big difference and is a very different feeling in the physical vehicle because instead of rushing down a timeline we are spiraling around very gently and coming back to the same place but going higher all the time. The body changes from a rushed sense to one of being in harmony with the changes of the seasons and we are aware that we are creating constantly on the spiral, gently, very gently. In the higher dimensions there is plenty of time because we are not trapped in linear consciousness. Space and time are completely different in 5D. We have enough time and space to do whatever it is we need to do.


Metaphysical teacher, Celia Fenn, says that in 3D we panic, “I can’t do it. I don’t have time.” We sound like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Rushing around, tense. In contrast, in 5D we are relaxed and know that everything will fall into place. There is no sense of panic as we are aware that our Angels are helping us. Our thoughts are: “ I have plenty of time. I can make this work for me.” Celia says whenever you are rushing around – sit yourself down and ask yourself, “Where is my consciousness? Am I panicking?” If the answer is yes, then you are in the third dimension – so – get yourself out of it – get into fifth or higher and change your consciousness because it is only by changing your consciousness that you change your physical reality. You cannot change it by panic, but rather, by being in a different perceptual space. Shift your consciousness and everything shifts. Reality shifts around you at higher dimensions. When you change your perception your reality changes.


Every one of us in the 21st century is multi-tasking and doing all sorts of things. Everyone has responsibilities and every one of us has bills to pay. However, in 5D work is not work. It is your passion and you feel a sense of accomplishment and living your purpose. In 3D we are using only our left brain. The mechanical brain. In the higher dimensions we use both brains – left and right. Celia says that folks are waking up all over the planet and realizing that life is only rich when you take risks and move out of your comfort zone. Celia is a woman who works and lives alone and others see her as a great role model because, as Celia says, “being a woman living and working alone requires great strength.” Celia has crossed the multidimensional bridge and says no one who has crossed wishes to go back! She says, “You have to cross the bridge to fetch your gifts.”


For those of us on the ascension path we begin to feel things that we have never felt before. We become super sensitive. Crossing over the multidimensional bridge we move through time and space. We time travel. We collapse and shift timelines and parallel realities. Celia states:” Our body is a projector of different worlds and realities and we are finding the switches to move ourselves in and out of places and different realities.” (Multidimensional Summit, 2018) Some people, Celia says, are very confused and don’t feel connected to anything and just keep going back and forth over the bridge. This is why I teach people to work with Angels and follow Angelic guidance. Ascension isn’t easy for most of us but much easier with Angels at our side.


Christopher Tims says, “ascension isn’t about escape. Like real estate, it is about location, location, location.” Everything around you is really a version of you. “Everything is a personal experience. Be yourself. Don’t pander to anyone.” Enter the fifth dimension and the higher dimensions and shed your cloak of judgment for the cape of discernment. Flow, grace, and gentleness and kindness is what the fifth dimension is all about. And you have lots of time to enjoy it!


Light & Love,   Monica

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    People who live in Kingston and environs are lucky to be able to attend your courses at Metaphysics. Really enjoyed this blog about time.

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