“If we let others decide what we should do with our consciousness – the heart of our being – then we will never be free. We have to be the leaders of our own life and treat each other with dignity and respect.”   Martine Vallee

“We are aware that you are concerned with your future, yet we wonder: if that is the case, why are you not concerned with the present? It is one of the many aspects about humanity that we do not understand. For our part, we will continue to offer ourselves as we do, fully, completely, and in unconditional service to that which we call Great Wonder. We are content to be what we are.”  The Plant Kingdom (channeled by Pepper Lewis)

So, we are now post- Lion’s Gate, which was 8/8. Did you consciously mark it in any way? I meditated and went through an old stone Gateway in England in my meditation, accompanied by friendly lions. Do I feel any differently? Yes. Everything feels topsy-turvy. Upside down. This is good. Possibly a new perspective is on the way. Certainly change is.

I felt guided to pick a Rune for you, my readers. First of all, I said to the Angels of the Runes, “If I get Hagalaz, I am not going to write about it, because I have written about Hagalaz before.” Naturally, I asked what you needed to know – reached into my felt Rune pouch and pulled out… Hagalaz! Darn! Okay, so I have to write about it. I work for the Angels, they don’t work for me. Although, they do work with me.

The key words for Hagalaz (The Book of Runes, by Ralph H. Blum) are: disruption, elemental power, hail. What are the main attributes of this Rune? Change, freedom, invention, liberation. “When you draw this Rune, expect disruption, for it is the Great Awakener, although the form the awakening takes may vary.” For some of us, we will feel like we are emerging from a deep sleep, just coming to our senses. For others of us, it will be as though our entire previous reality/security has been ripped away. Disruption can take many forms. Plans go awry (I just recently experienced this), a relationship fails, a source of supply dries up. However, do not be daunted. Your inner strength, which you have been funding throughout your life – will provide you with the support you need  – as everything that you have hitherto taken for granted is challenged. Radical discontinuity are the words to describe the action of Hagalaz at its most forceful. “The more severe the disruption in your life, the more significant and timely the requirements for your growth. The universe and your own soul are demanding that you do, indeed, grow.”

One of the crucial lessons we all need to learn is to occupy the present moment. When Hagalaz appears, in its most forceful way, the present moment is all we can handle. And, we can handle it. In fact, the great gift of Hagalaz, I have found, is to demonstrate to us that our own power is to be dis-covered in the present moment. It is in the here & now that is not only our only point of power but also our refuge from a traumatic past and an uncertain and still-evolving future. Peace. Peace at the core of our Being.

Once we know that Hagalaz is operational, we can allow its miracles. A miracle is a change of perception. Usually, when our world is turned upside down, we learn at least one important new thing. Usually, many. After my Angelic awakening in 2005, which disrupted everything that came before it, I was guided, down the road, to write out what I had learned. The exercise asked me to write 50 new things I had learned. At first this seemed daunting and then my pen flew across the paper and 50 was easy! Hopefully, I will find out where I put those pieces of paper. However, those changes are now within and so it is not important that I find them outside myself.

Life is a projection. We are projectors. Of course, there is also the Great Projector. Which the Plant Kingdom calls the Great Wonder. I love that name for Source/God. Although the Great Wonder respects the Free Will of each of us, there is such as thing as Divine Intervention. Thankfully.

So, what do we do after an awakening? We ‘do’ life consciously. We know ourselves as unlimited beings expressing through a human body. If we have been a sleepwalker, we stop walking through the dream of our life and begin to truly live it. We simultaneously begin to take complete responsibility for everything in our life and also shift out of taking everything personally. This requires strength and courage. Symbolized by the lion in the Animal Kingdom. Lion’s Gate. We just walked through it dear ones.

To bring in New Earth we must let go of Old Earth thinking. We stop playing the blame game. We move out of the shame and guilt that religions have taught us and we embrace and express our own innate spirituality. New Earth parents are teaching their children the power of love and compassion. New Age teacher and quantum catalyst, Kenji Kumara, says, “if you don’t give a child permission to be psychic, they are going to have a tough time.”

What would life be like, Kenji says, if we moved away from judging our experiences as good or bad and just let them be? Naturally, for the ego, this is very challenging; however, everyone who reads this is ready! And, Hagalaz affords us the opportunity to inhabit each moment without judgment. The opportunity to truly own our power. Our power to (5D) not power over (3D). Intentional communities are coming – they are in our future.

For those of us who are elders, such as myself, take heart as we move toward a New Earth that is going to be about respecting elders again, such as indigenous communities do, and as the Ancient civilizations did. Kenji says, and I agree, that we only get wisdom from living a long time. “There is nothing like wisdom from time spent on Earth.”

It is each of us who are waking up that is part of the collective creating New Earth. Each one of us that wakes up and spreads our light in whatever way gives us joy – helps us to move to the 51% of mass consciousness that will result in what many refer to as the New Earth consciousness. This requires a retraining of our egos and a healing of our inner child.

Talk to your inner child today. What is he or she feeling? Work with her/him to meet this child’s needs. It is never too late to heal your inner child’s wounds or to connect with her/his sense of wonder. The connection to the Great Wonder is intensified, I believe, by Hagalaz, because it eventually brings us into a deeper relationship with our primary relationship –  the Great Wonder  – that provides everything our hearts desire.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian August 17, 2018 at 1:09 am Reply

    I went swimming today and met an acquaintance and her sister. After introductions and a brief exchange they started talking about how they’re going through changes. Then someone I don’t know (but they did) came into the water and when they asked her how things are going she said, “I just sold my house and I don’t know what’s next.” Interesting times!

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