“Know this: your state of joy is your best ammunition with which to respond to anything that occurs to you that you do not like. In the 3D state, ‘Don’t get mad, get even’ might be the response. Now that we are waking up in 5D we can say, ‘Don’t get mad, be happy.’ Sincere, true happiness is empowering. Don’t take your inexperience for failure to be happy. Be happy in spite of any difficulty. You will attract more happiness. The veils are thinning, and you are becoming more powerful daily. Use this to your advantage.”   Maureen St. Germain

Yes, the veils are thinning and more and more people across the world are waking up. Quite likely a lot of people woke up going through the portal we just traversed. Others of us are continuing our awakening and dis-covering more about our multidimensional selves.

So what are the energies of this next few months post-portal? They are intense, however, they come in waves and most of us have learned, now, how to use our resources in order that we are not overwhelmed by them. If we are overwhelmed then we know to seek help. As we begin to see our 3D life in the rear-view mirror we might be simultaneously going through some ascension symptoms as we undergo what many spiritual teachers are calling “the alchemical alliance within.” Some are calling this past 11.11.11. the most powerful day in the last century.

We are unraveling many ‘old’ realities as waves of light roll in. The more light we hold the more ‘pure’ we have to be in order to continue to hold it and to accept more light. November 2018 is another acceleration of our awakening and our clearing and cleansing process at deeper and deeper levels. Everything, at this point, is now coming under the scrutiny of our Higher Selves as we release old identities and clear distortions. We are clearing emotions and beliefs from our pasts in order to be fully present in this moment. Our consciousness is moving through our bodies and beyond.

As I have said above, most of us have learned enough now to navigate ourselves through with an occasional assist. However, international teachers tell us that some of those experiencing a massive Kundalini awakening (there are many different kinds of awakenings) may feel that they are losing their mind. People often feel that way when suddenly everything they used to believe in is pulled out from underneath them and they are suddenly in another realm.

For many of us there is still some old programming to clear while we simultaneously move forward. Much in our bodies is reconfiguring. Our nervous systems and our immune systems are affected. Therefore, it is important to continue to listen to your own intuition as to how to care for yourself on all levels. A simplified way of describing this is to say that we are moving away from the linear level to the soul level. This turns our world upside down and moves us into 5D. As we make this transition, we still have duality in order to distinguish the difference!

One international spiritual ascension teacher who has gone the distance, so to speak, sums it up this way: Once your light body kicks in then you are going to have a ridiculous amount of energy, all your sleep patterns change, all your food changes, everything changes, it isn’t going to be anything like you thought it was. A ridiculous amount of bio, electrical, plasma, electromagnetic energy runs through your body & lights everything up.” (Lisa Transcendence Brown)

Lisa went through a many-years process that saw her gain a lot of weight and then lose a lot of weight and fluctuate wildly in between as her body adjusted.  She tells us that many of us will have ascension symptoms as she did. Some are reporting changes in the cranium which can result in earaches (I am currently experiencing these), headaches (I have a client that has had a headache for 3 months but nothing shows up on the MRI), and sinus cavity pressure. Our spines are upgrading – I have told you about my back pain since January which is now almost gone as my spinal upgrade is almost finished. Others are experiencing temperature changes (hot then cold repeatedly), itchy skin, mineral depletion, and anxiety.  There are others but these are what people are currently reporting.

Our bodies are going from being carbon-based to crystalline. Our bodies know what they are doing; however, do not hesitate to consult your physician in order to rule out something that requires conventional medical treatment.

We are becoming a cosmic being. If things get overly complicated – it is usually because we have gone back into our 3D heads rather than our 5D hearts – so check in with yourself regularly. Use your natural resources as you continue to upgrade and integrate light. Many of us are keeping a dream journal and going for some body work, Reiki, acupuncture and/or acupressure and cranio-sacral therapy and other complementary therapies that support our changes in a variety of different ways. Some of us are working with crystals to raise our vibration and unlock light codes in our bodies. If you wish to, you can talk to your body and ask it to become as crystalline as possible in the most gentle way possible.

If you have a new symptom that concerns you – have your doctor check it out and then call in your own ascension team (They know who they are! he he) and give them full permission to aid you. This may result in them bringing to your attention an area/s of your life that is not in resonance with who you are becoming. Listen, always, to your intuition and learn to trust it. Also, remember we are manifesting faster now post-portal. Continue to focus on what you desire, not what you do not desire.

I have been clairvoyantly seeing fire dragons the last week or so. Dragons help us purify. I am sending dragons ahead of me to purify my Path. You can too as we are clearing the way for new energies to come into our lives. The ego must merge with our Higher Self in order for us to ascend so we are going back to Zero Point as we dissolve and resolve all past identities. Our ascension teachers tell us that we will eventually bring our whole self to the table, in every moment, rather than bringing to the table what we lack. Surrendering ego to soul. Becoming nothing and everything.

Now, post portal, if we haven’t already – we take full responsibility for our self. Our experiences continue to teach us what Unity Consciousness is and what it is not. We ask “Is this aligned with Love?” If it is not, we will say no to it. We are learning to speak our truth in order to serve Love. Our challenges will be greater if we do not ask that question going forward, because, the universe will need to send us new experiences that enable us to learn that lesson. Sometimes the lessons are gentle. Sometimes – not so much! This is because we are being prepared for a completely different way of existing. Intense energies are helping us dissolve our 3D ties that bind us. When we let go of victimhood and self-sacrificing patterns we release what no longer serves who we are becoming.

As you shift dimensions you may notice different colours, geometric shapes, hear different tones (this happened to me again yesterday) see different lights, and feel ‘dizzy’ enough to have to sit down and stabilize yourself. This means, according to Maureen St. Germain – “you are registering or seeing as your 5D self while also being in 3D. Welcome to the fifth dimension!”  I am also sometimes experiencing forgetfulness, as are others, as we get our sea-legs, so to speak, going in and out of dimensions. That is also a symptom of becoming quantum, so, if you are a mature person  – do not say “I am having a senior moment.” Exchange it for, “I am having a multidimensional moment.” Honour and support the higher aspects of yourself and feed whatever aligns with the highest priorities of your soul.

Love & Light,   Monica       HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GILLIAN !!! xo



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  1. Gillian November 16, 2018 at 12:19 pm Reply

    Awww…a birthday message on your blog. Thank you! And thanks for this blog. I’ve experienced a couple of “tones” and wondered what the heck was going on. Now I know! xo

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