The essence of the wizard is transformation.”   Deepak Chopra

I choose beliefs that encourage and value me. Through my beliefs, I create the reality I desire.”   Sandra Anne Taylor

A belief is just a thought we keep thinking. An habitual thought. Often it seems to us that we are not choosing the thought; however, the truth is that we are. We may not remember the thought that became a habit and then a belief.

During a transformation we choose new beliefs to support the new person we are becoming.  New beliefs to support whatever we wish to create in our lives. Naturally, this requires an examination of the beliefs we are currently holding. It requires a form of mental housecleaning. Just as we would not wish to sit in our homes surrounded by yesterday’s trash, neither would we want our old mental garbage to create tomorrow’s experiences. Since all of us lightworkers are here to transcend our previous limitations, regardless of what they were, we need to choose new beliefs that allow us to create a new future for ourselves and hence the planet.

One of the things to be conscious of is that whatever we believe becomes true for us. So, for example, if you are holding a negative belief about money – such as that you are not worthy of it – it is likely that you will experience a financial disaster or financial constraints or lack. Another example of a blocking belief comes from a client of mine ten years ago, Tanya. Tanya was transforming and creating a new life and one of the desires she had was to have a romantic, faithful, soul mate partnership. I dis-covered that Tanya felt it would not be possible to meet this special man in the town where she lived so I pointed out to her that she would either need to change that belief or she would need to move to a town where she believed she could meet that man. Our beliefs must allow our desires to occur. Some call this the art of allowing. Whenever we have a problem we must examine the thought pattern underpinning the difficulty. Always ask yourself, “what kind of thoughts am I having that create this?”

If you keep on thinking the thoughts you’ve always thought – then you’ll keep on experiencing the experiences you’ve always had.

Isn’t it exciting to realize that we can reinvent ourselves whenever we wish to by changing our beliefs? Due to the fact that our beliefs form our thoughts and our emotions they are the source of our electromagnetic resonance. When our habitual thinking falls away consciousness wakes us up to deeper and deeper levels. What we are searching for is a quiet mind through which everything else can come through. That is the reason meditation is so important. Change can occur effortlessly when we see a deeper truth.

When we see a deeper truth we choose power beliefs. We recognize the ways in which our old beliefs (our old thinking) have limited and constricted us in a cage of our own making that blocks us from receiving our abundance and results in constricted experiences. We become aware that our life force and our consciousness are intimately and inextricably connected and that we must jettison our old unhealthy and/or disempowering beliefs and choose new ones that are in alignment with our desires.

Last week I asked you to write 50 desires in your journal of which 45 were for you and five for others. This week I would suggest that you look at each desire to see if you are currently holding beliefs that are allowing your desires to manifest?

Power beliefs reflect self-love, self-empowerment, and a sense of deserving. “They also acknowledge the unlimited nature of the Universe, as well as the miraculous strength of spirit. So if you want to project an unconflicted consciousness and irresistible vibration, it’s time to finally and completely let go of your limiting beliefs.” (28 days to a More Magnetic Life by Sandra Anne Taylor)

How do your beliefs make you feel? If they deplete you in any way  – you must let them go or reverse them.

Love & Light,  Monica


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  1. Hayley June 8, 2017 at 10:19 am Reply

    Thanks for a great reminder about how a negative thought can become a life philosophy and that there are ways to reverse that! 🙂

  2. Gillian June 8, 2017 at 11:49 am Reply

    I read once (I think it was in a book called Second Spring) that of the thousands of thoughts we have each day, 80% of them are negative. If “negative” can be interpreted as simply “not positive” I’d say that number is low. Lots to work on/play with.

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