“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”   Albert Camus

If you want to expand your world, go on a walk with a four year old. Their world is endlessly interesting. There’s no such thing as a bad anything. They notice the sun glinting off the mud puddle. The snail making figure eights of slime along the sidewalk. The hawk perched on the neighbour’s mailbox. Sure, you know everybody’s Facebook status. But preschoolers? They know everything else.”   Pam Grout


I am recently returned from doing Angel readings/healings with Galaxy Psychic Fairs in Belleville where I was encouraging people to power past what they deem impossible. With Angelic support there is no impossible.

Our own power (the simple power of consciously employing the Law of Attraction along with the art of allowing, gratitude and trust) combined with Angelic support – takes us beyond the impossible.

While performing readings and healings with the Angels I also teach people how to work with their own Angels. It is teamwork. While Angels can swoop in and rescue us before our time to cross over during a life-threatening event, at every other stage of our lives They operate under the Law of Free Will and we must ask for their help. I encourage folks to begin to engage with the Angels before a potential crisis could occur. If there is smoke, please do not wait for the fire.

No matter our life path, we can all use the help of the Angels. Although I was at the Fair to help the public who came for readings, I was also able to help a fellow psychic who was doing her first Fair. During a break the first day we traded mini-readings. During the reading Archangel Michael indicated to me that she was experiencing a low level of confidence in herself. She confirmed that this was true. I asked her if she would allow me to say a prayer for her to ask that Archangel Michael would come into her dreams that night and completely terminate that situation? She wholeheartedly agreed. I did the prayer and knew it was done already now in spiritual truth. The following day, at the very end of our day of readings/healings  – a review came in for her from a client that was read out to our entire Fair describing her as an amazing psychic!

Unfortunately there was one woman that I was unable to help because she refused the treatment recommended by the Angels. This Angel Therapy(R) procedure was needed to remove obstacles before she would be able to attain her wish. I told her if she decided, in the future, to let the Angels help her – then to contact me because the Angels and I are not allowed to do anything against God’s Law of Free Will. We make our own choices, are responsible for all our own choices, and we can change our minds at any point.

Thankfully it is very rare that a person coming for an Angel reading refuses Angelic assistance; however, it does occur and I must honour that choice due to the Law of Free Will and also because that refusal, and its consequences, negative or positive, may very well be part of that person’s Path. If a person is not ready to heal sometimes it is because a lesson has not yet been learned that is part of that individual’s evolution toward enlightenment. The Higher Self understands this.

Needless to say, every other person who came to my table accepted the Angelic guidance and support & therefore this work continues to be immensely fulfilling while also affording me multiple, continuous opportunities to evolve on my own spiritual journey. I feel blessed.

I read for so many lovely people in Belleville. I also connected with a one year old dog who had been so dreadfully abused as a puppy (he was a rescue) that he wanted his human companion to euthanize him. I was able to tell his human that that was the reason he kept biting people and that he would keep doing that until she accepted his wishes and let him go. She burst into tears, of course, however – it made complete sense to her and she told me that she had been resisting this for some time because she was not ready to do this. I counseled her about the Rainbow Bridge and she knew already that her dog would go to the Other Side because a psychic-medium in her past had channeled her dead cat.

There is no such thing as death, as those of you reading this know. So, it was rewarding to be able to connect with some loved ones on the Other Side for a number of people who were hoping for messages. I was able to reach, connect and describe each person I was asked to reach; however, I did counsel each client beforehand that no medium can guarantee that will happen as so many factors are involved. One fellow medium was exhausted at the end of the Fair because she said “so many people think it is dial-a-dead-person.” I think television shows and movies often make it appear as though the deceased are always available and have nothing to do in Heaven!

Even though I have been doing this work professionally now for 12 years I never cease to be amazed by the Angels for whom my love grows deeper and deeper. I notice that I am working more closely now with the Angels of Romance due to the fact that on tour I have quite a few people (mostly women) who have questions regarding their romantic life or a lack of one. I have developed a way of working with these Angels that enables me to receive the kind of information that the client needs in order to make a decision to continue the relationship, sever it with love, “call in a soul mate” and sort out twin soul confusions that may be causing unnecessary frustration. The information assists women who are unsure as to whether it is for their Highest Good to remain in a relationship as well as those who are afraid to trust their hearts due to past abuse. The Angels of Romance help people juggling a number of moving parts such as one woman who told me, “there are 2 children and a crazy ex-wife involved in this.”  Needless to say, the Angels of Romance do not tell us what to do – that is our Free Will choice; however, they do provide very pertinent information (including past life attractions) based on the energies of the present and how to work with those energies or how to change them depending on the desired outcome. I find that these Angels help me to ‘chunk down’ a lot of information into a digestible form. Of course, many of us have a lot of mixed feelings about our desires so our Angels help us to delve into those so we get on the path to clarity.  You know the saying, “if you don’t know what you want, any path will take you there.”

Remember, you too can work with the Angels of Romance to help you with your romantic life whether you wish to add more romance to a current relationship or you are hoping to attract a new partner. The Romance Angels are a group of cherubic Angels who are focused upon all things related to love. Anyone can call upon them and as with all other Angels, They are able to help unlimited numbers of us simultaneously so you never need worry that you are pulling them away from someone whose need is greater. For clairaudient people, we sometimes hear them as sweet, calm, sometimes high-pitched voices in our minds and other times we feel them with our clairsentience as warm and playful – their presence can make us feel giddy! However, just call them in and do not worry if you are unaware of them – they are with you.

Besides the Angels of Romance there are Archangels who can also be called upon for specialties related to romantic love:

Archangel Chamuel – guides us to find what we are seeking, including partnership and romance.  Archangel Raphael – this top healing Angel helps our heart heal from the past and stay open to present and future love.  Archangel Michael – provides clearing, protection and guidance and ensures that we are in partnerships that are healthy.  Archangel Jophiel – beautifies us inside, out.

Getting to know ourselves and love ourselves is always the first step to teamwork with the Angels regarding bringing in a new or re-newed partnership. I always guide my clients to spend time alone, daydreaming and writing in their journals in order to determine what they desire but also helping to discern the patterns in their lives. Otherwise, we tend to bring in a partner exactly the same as the last one! We look back and we take responsibility for attracting and agreeing to every relationship we have been in and as a result we find the lessons and the blessings that we need to dis-cover in order to move forward. A new romantic partner will sense the energy of your ‘old’ partner if you have not completely severed the relationship and cleared the energy of the past. We let everything go from the past except the lessons and the love – in order to create the space for new love. As we love ourselves more and more and gain more and more self-respect – we draw more loving people of all sorts into our lives.

It is interesting how sometimes the people around us can sense someone new coming into our lives before we do. One lady told me at the end of her reading that 3 different friends had recently phoned her to see if she was dating, ” a new man in your life?” they asked. She told me she had been alone many years and had no sense of that. There was no one she was interested in around her.  It was at the very end of the reading. I said… hmmmmm… well, if someone is coming – the Angels of Romance will know –  and I pulled a card from my oracle deck. The card showed a picture of a happy woman in a man’s arms and the message was VERY SOON.

Part of my purpose is to empower people. This involves, among many other things, coaching them onto the right frequency so that they can power past the impossible. If you do not have a gratitude practice begin today. If you have one – upgrade it. As Pam Grout says, “it’s not thinking that calls in miracles – it’s thanking. And dear readers, I am grateful for you in my life! Thank you. Let Archangel Jophiel beautify your thoughts so you can align with the frequency of joy – which is your True Self.

Love & Light,   Monica




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  1. Gillian November 8, 2018 at 4:34 pm Reply

    And I’m grateful for this summary of what sounds like an amazing time in Belleville!

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