I believe we are free, within limits, and yet there is an unseen hand, a guiding angel, that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on.”   Rabindranath Tagore

– God alone suffices.”   Saint Theresa of Avila

I am powered by Angels and I am conscious of this. One of my jobs is to help you to become conscious of the fact that Angels can help you with absolutely every aspect of your life. Although Angels are listed in every religion they are non-denominational and help us all equally no matter our religion and whether we have one or not. We all have the capacity to connect and communicate with Angels. Angels want us to have a better life and because they are omnipresent everywhere simultaneously – they can be helping all of us at the same time so you need never worry that you are calling them away from a person who needs them more than you do. We do not need to wait until there is a fire, call upon them at the first sign of smoke!

Angels are here (and more are created as needed) to help us with anything from a life crisis to finding us a parking spot. Anything that helps give us peace is part of their mission. When we are peaceful we are able to help others and spread our love and light which is what we are here to do.

Whether we are aware of it or not we each have one to three guardian Angels for life. My guardian Angels are Archangel Michael, Archangel Jeremiel and Archangel Raziel.  (I have written blogs on each of them should you be interested or wish their help) I believe that I was assigned these Angels at birth to help me to do this work. You will have been assigned Angels that were also chosen specifically for your path. They may or may not be Archangels. To find out their names you need only ask during meditation and wait for the name/s. However, you may invoke as many Angels to help you as you wish and you will receive their assistance but you must ask.

We are born with everything inside us that we need to connect and communicate with Angels. However, society talks us out of it. Nevertheless, at this time on our planet many of us are waking up to our Angels and consciously receiving their guidance so that we can fulfill our divine purpose. Since our divine purpose is to spread our love and light we can do this in any profession or career we choose and also in our daily lives such as practicing radical kindness.

In my line of work I meet people who are addicted to drama without realizing it and I also meet people who are tempted to work with the lower energies. They are often actually mingling with lower energies due to their addiction to drama. The journey for these folks is to un-cover this addiction and then seek professional help that will allow them to stop numbing their psychic abilities. When choosing with whom to communicate I always choose Angels because the Angelic Realm is the Highest Realm there is. I advise you do the same. Use your discernment and work on raising your own vibration rather than contacting low level spirits due to a lack of discipline with regard to ‘testing the spirit’ to discern whether it is of the Light. Some of us prefer to work with lower realms rather than to make the lifestyle changes that our Angels are guiding us to make that would raise our vibrations. We are avoiding their guidance such as to stop smoking, quit or reduce our alcohol consumption, decrease dairy in our diet, decrease or remove meat from our lives, decrease caffeine or sugar or both, increase exercise, and the like. All those changes would increase our ability to communicate with the Angelic Realm. Of course my personal regime is highly disciplined due to the fact that channeling Angels is my work; however, for anyone wanting to communicate with Angels – those kinds of lifestyle changes are crucial. If we have fears around connecting with our Angels we may self-sabotage by ignoring our divine guidance to make lifestyle changes. What guidance are you not following? Please answer in your journal so you can reflect on this and monitor your own progress.

When we are genuinely ready to communicate with Angels – we follow our guidance. Readiness is everything. One of the ways to get ready to open up to your own intuitive gifts is to begin the journey away from drama and negativity. Once you start you will notice that the Angels will help you. Ask Archangel Jophiel (the Angel of Beauty) to help you to rise above your ego and to see the world through your Higher Self.

There is a misconception ‘out there’ that it is necessary to have clairvoyance (clear seeing) in order to connect with Angels. This is just not accurate. While clairvoyance is one way of working with Angels – you do not need to see them to connect. For many of us our predominant way of knowing is clairsentience (clear feeling). I am going to predict that everyone reading this is clairsentient. Have you ever said, “I just know in my gut this is true.”  That is clairsentience. Likely you have experienced in life a gut feeling not to get involved in a relationship, take a certain job, or a particular route. How often did you do it anyway – overriding your feelings – and later regret? Whether or not you have listened to your guidance in the past – remembering  and writing about these in your journal will help you to have faith in your Higher Self and follow the guidance next time around. You are learning to work with your Higher Self (hint – much easier when Archangel Jophiel literally raises you above your ego!) and learning to trust your feelings as an accurate divining device placed within you by God. As a psychic medium, I contact a person’s loved ones usually by clairsentience – although often I see them also – but it isn’t necessary. Every one of us has a unique energy signature just as the Angels have their own energy signature. We can learn to feel it. We actually can feel the presence of a crossed-over loved one when they visit. Why? Because you know their energy fingerprint! You know it through your clairsentience. You learn to trust your own physical and emotional feelings through trial and error. The same way we learn anything.

We often experience our Angels through clairsentience. An Angelic encounter may be a warm hug which is accompanied by a pleasant fragrance or it may be the fragrance alone, changes in air pressure and air temperature are common, ringing in the ears or a fuzzy feeling in the ear like waves on a beach is what I feel while they download. Archangel Michael’s energy is very hot – so hot that menopausal women sometimes mistake his energy as a ‘hot flash’! I have channeled Archangel Michael’s energy for over a decade now almost daily and I no longer feel the incredible heat as my body has adjusted to it I suppose. However, He lets me know He is here every day as I see His Angel trails and His Light.

It is not difficult to distinguish Angel guidance from that of lower level energies or from our own ego. Our ego is fearful and so guidance from the ego can come from a place of fear, guilt, shame and/or  hostility. Angelic guidance is always loving  and positive and helpful. False guidance involving feelings can be a sense of cold and prickly, feeling afraid or panicky, no fragrance or an unpleasant smell, a sense of someone sexually fondling you (call Archangel Michael immediately to clear the energy) gut feelings that urge you to change your life yet are inconsistent with regard to themes and ideas – stemming from desperation – not divine guidance. Angel messages are repetitive and loving and positive whether they come to you as a vision, a voice, an idea, a feeling or a combination of all these – you can distinguish true from false guidance by the fact that it makes you feel loved, safe and respected. Any guidance that tells you to violate another in any way is false guidance.

Angels will not interfere with our Free Will choices. God allows us the kind of life we choose – including misery. We are always free to choose again. Angels are always watching over us and they wish to communicate with you as much as you do with them. Actually more so! We are Earth angels (lightworkers) but they are celestial Angels and when we call for help they arrive immediately and nothing is impossible for them. Sometimes when we are involved in complex relationships and situations we are confused as to what choice is for our Highest Good and so what to choose. Hand it to your Angels on the altar of your mind in prayer. “Thank you Angels for lovingly and clearly directing me to the correct situation for the Highest Good of All. And so it is.”

While in our pasts we have all been living in the 3rd dimension our ascension is well underway and that is why I am advising you to become consciously powered by Angels. Some of us are already living largely in the 4th dimension because our hearts have opened, others are sometimes even already 5th because we no longer compete but co-operate. Do not enter the ego trap of judging others still totally in 3rd.  Judgment is of the ‘old.’ They may come along yet – or not. They are also fulfilling a divine mission so do not begin to equate a higher dimension as ‘better than’ as that is your ego speaking and wishing to get you back into the comparison trap – which is kryptonite to advancement on the journey. As Spiritual Warriors any battles are with ourselves and whomever we draw into our lives is a mirror of ourselves in one way or another. We are all ONE. We are getting ourselves ready for the New Golden Age and there is much to learn and much to be done. Too much to sit around judging others for what we do not like in ourselves. It is time for us all to ‘awaken’ to our Angels and with our own decision release the gifts encoded within us – our spiritual technology- allowing ourselves to be inspired and empowered by Angels.

There is a solution to every problem when we engage the Angels and Archangels to help us to find it. Some of their help involves aiding us (when we ask) to recover gifts from past lives in ancient times, Atlantis and Lemuria, and in our birth star (mine is Arcturus) DNA. Have faith in your Self to work with the Angelic Realm which will increase your faith – because faith causes the unseen to become known. If you have fears – ask yourself if you are afraid of your own spiritual power? Please answer this in your journal. Be honest with yourself. We know that when we accept our full power we accept 100% responsibility for our lives and then we have no one to blame any longer. This frightens our ego. Give love to your ego who only wants to keep you safe. Our ego serves a purpose.

Join with your Angels and create a partnership with them. This will not only benefit you but also those around you and everyone you meet in your future. Can you imagine a more fitting partner than an Angel? When we work hand-in-wing with the Angels we release our own special magic due to the alchemy of united energies. Play! Have fun – this always raises our vibration. The Angels take themselves lightly and can help you to do that too. Baby steps will take you further than you know. You do not have to know where you are going when you work with Angels. All you need to do is to put one foot down at a time and walk slowly toward the Light. Hold the intention that everything you do for yourself ultimately will help to bring about advancement for us all. Since we are all ONE (the basis of all spiritual healing) this is true.

Rather than giving away your power to others (your power to, not power over) step into it! Form a unique partnership with your Angels and be consciously powered by Them.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian June 29, 2017 at 8:33 pm Reply

    One of the things that I “automatically” do now–inspired by your work and an article I read years ago in O Magazine–is this: as soon as I hear an ambulance siren I mentally ask angels, archangels and ascended masters to be with everyone concerned with the siren from paramedics through drivers to those in need of their services. This has helped me to feel less helpless in these situations 🙂

    • Monica June 30, 2017 at 4:34 pm Reply

      This is a wonderful service!

  2. Gillian July 25, 2017 at 9:06 am Reply

    Thank you :). Where I live this happens about once per week but when I visit Toronto, say, it’s more like every 10 minutes!

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