My sister, Gillian, suggested that I write this week about a precognitive vision I recently had that perhaps saved her from a shock or an injury.    Since she visited me this past week-end, I have a beginning, middle and end to my little anecdote that I am sharing with you.

It was probably a few weeks ago that I woke up, suddenly, from a sound sleep to ‘see’ a man with a beard and a red, plaid shirt coming toward me.  There was a sense of danger of some sort.  The vision was so strong that I looked out of my bedroom window expecting to see him standing on my front porch.  There was no one there.  I realized that I could go to the kitchen and put on the kettle.  I still felt sleepy.

While waiting for the kettle to boil, I knew that I needed to ruminate regarding this vision.  It was vivid and there was something telescopic in the way it presented.  I have numerous screens on which I receive information.  The way that I receive information helps me to ‘sense’ what is going on.

First of all, I said to my guides, ” You know that I do not wish to receive any information that I cannot help some one with.”  Silence.  Immediately, I realized that this was obviously something that I could do something about.  I laughed to myself that I had thought, for even one moment, that I would ever be given any information that was not necessary.  After all, I set very clear boundaries seven years ago about receiving incoming psychic information outside of angel readings.  So, now, I needed to read the clues.  The telescopic screen is future-related.  There was a sense of danger.  The man had a beard and a red, plaid shirt like a hunter.  Yes!  Chills ran down my body as my clairsentience confirmed that this is a hunter.  Is it hunting season, I wondered?  I am an animal lover and therefore hunting is something I never think about.  Also, I do not walk beyond my little village limits – so – I knew this information was not for me.  It was for some one close to me.  I ‘saw’ Gillian’s face and realized that the message was for her.  Gillian lives in a rural community with woods nearby.  I needed to warn her without alarming her in any way.  Just in case it was hunting season.

I phoned Gillian, who lives about a five hour drive away and told her of my vision.  I asked her if it was hunting season where she lives?  She said it would be soon and that she had completely forgotten about it.  She thanked me for the reminder because she said a few years ago one hunter had accidentally killed another in the woods when he thought that the movement was a deer.  She said she would be careful.

Now that the message had been passed on to the intended recipient, I could take a few deep breaths, relax and carry on with my day.  I thought how pleased I was that I had established these boundaries and also how happy I am that I am able to receive information that proves useful to my family, friends and clients as well as myself.

This past week-end Gillian came for a visit.  We were sitting chatting and enjoying a cup of herbal tea when Gill told me that she had forgotten what I had said about my vision and hunting week.  She and her partner were out walking down a long driveway toward a farmer’s barn – the woods were behind and beyond the barn.  They met two men, one of which they had spoken to only briefly once before.  The man they had briefly met said, ” we are going into those woods to hunt.”  The man beside him, with a beard and a red, plaid shirt said nothing.  Gillian said that she and her partner turned around immediately and made a very quick exit!

Maybe this short anecdote will spark some memories for you of your own precognitive visions and dreams?  Do you keep a journal?  It is amazing how we can often forget these episodes that can be very helpful down the road.  Sometimes visions and dreams contain little vignettes that stand alone while also being part of a much larger puzzle.  Keeping a journal can help you sift through the information and find the gold nuggets.

In Reality, there is no past, present or future.  It is all happening NOW.

Light and Love,      Monica





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  1. Gillian February 21, 2014 at 3:15 pm Reply

    Oh, come on readers of Monica’s blog, this is an awesome story…where are your comments?

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