“This is happening to all of us.”   Whoopie Goldberg

“The coronavirus pandemic changes life as we know it.”   CNN

There is a threat of complacency.  Everyone is accountable.”   Dr. Sharkawy  (Canadian Infectious Disease Specialist)

Last week I talked about Covid-19 as the potential for an outbreak of kindness. We are seeing this. Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, reminds us that “working together is how we’ll get through this” and reminds us to be kind and compassionate. We are being given an opportunity to practice what we preach as lightworkers. We have an opportunity to model prevention without panic and to know the difference. We are told by the science that we have an opportunity to flatten out the curve and thereby protect the most vulnerable.  We have an opportunity to pace ourselves, be mindful, practice self-care and avoid waste and slow down.  We have so many opportunities to now walk our talk. We knew a world ‘event’ was coming, even though we may not have known what that ‘event’ would be. We are all in this together and we are not at all helpless.

This time we are going through is reminding me of my deceased parents, Audrey & John. My mother was an Air Raid Warden during the Blitz on London and my father was a Canadian Spitfire Pilot. I learned from them how to ration food and make it last, how to save things and reuse things so as not to waste. How to be proactive when that is indicated and in my mother and grandmother’s case – how to put the kettle on for tea to calm down – and to soldier on in turbulent times. Last night on the news I saw that the virus is being called the “Boomer Remover” on social media.  As a Boomer I burst out laughing as a spontaneous reaction. I doubt us boomers will go without a fight! However, we saw on the news last night that 20 per cent of the seriously ill in Canada so far are younger people in their 20s to 50s. So, do not be complacent if you are not elderly or in a high risk category. We do not know very much about Covid-19 yet – it is early days.

We know, so far, (things are changing in moments) that research shows that about 85 % of people with this disease recover. We don’t want the other 15 % to get it!  Period!  That is why we are listening to the World Health Organization and following our recommendations from our local Public Health experts. If we and our families are not high risk – other people around us in our communities are. They may have underlying health conditions or immune suppression. We are preventing not panicking – we don’t want to be the person who puts them in potential danger. As you know, in my early years I was a Registered Nurse and in many previous lives I was also a nurse. In one of my recent past lives I was a nurse (Ann) who worked in a tuberculosis sanitarium in Asheville, North Carolina. Nurses are focused on prevention and it drives us crazy when we see things like what is happening in Florida for March Break with people prancing about on the beaches jammed together like sardines. It appears today that it was driving calm Lisa LaFlamme of CTV news crazy today too. Because, what one of us does – affects us all.  We are really finding out that we are ONE.

As I woke up this morning the vision given to me was of the planet in the sky and a large bucket of water being thrown over it. I heard the word – “cleanse.”  Water is very important. Hygiene is crucial. Washing our hands and drinking water are emphasized daily by our Public Health. Some are suggesting we take a few sips of water every 15 minutes during our day. We are being reminded to cleanse. I think, also, we are observing that while planes are not flying and factories that pollute are shut – we are hearing that satellites are showing many areas – such as in China – where the skies are clear. Apparently, the river in Venice is running clear. When we humans change our behaviours – the Earth benefits. What are we learning?  Will it be back to business as usual when this ends?  Or will we change the way we go about our lives – this is what we have all been discussing.  The opportunity is here now to create New Earth.

We need to protect ourselves while not getting into a panic state. We are seeing that China – who was very heavy-handed with the largest quarantine in the history of the world so far – is reporting, as I write this, no new cases today in Wuhan.  (that may change after this is posted)  That is amazing! So, while being vigilant we can also be positive that progress is being made to contain and mitigate this mysterious new virus. In fact, we are all holding a vision of healing and health for the whole planet are we not?  Not just for our own family, but for everyone. The whole planet. There are lots of meditations by internationally known teachers on You Tube. Marianne Williamson has a coronavirus meditation and although I haven’t listened yet – you might check it out.  Nick and Jessica Ortner are great for Tapping (EFT) . Always use your discernment as to what words are being used with regard to this virus. Words are powerful. You need to check-in with yourself as to what words raise your frequency (and what the context is) and what words decrease your frequency.  What expands you and what diminishes you?

While our 5D frequency is protective – are you in 5D frequency in perfect alignment 100 % of the time?  If you are fantastic, but, most people are not there yet – so please do not discount their fears and also take all the precautions that are needed for the sake of everyone else who is either 3D or slips in and out of many dimensions. Don’t make an assumption that you are a walking master  – because you could endanger others. Use all of your mastery but also follow all Public Health guidelines. Protection is very wise, it would be unwise right now to say nothing is happening! But panic serves no purpose at all. If you are frightened and stressed or your family and friends are – now is the time to share tips and reassurances and seek out resources. There are so many.  Comedy shows and musicals online and interesting documentaries and endless interesting avenues of pursuit.  Stay informed because things change rapidly; however, listen to scientists and experts and be discerning. To reduce anxiety, Dr. Phil says: ” check the news twice daily not seven times; remember that 85% of people have mild symptoms and will not need a hospital; help others as it feels great to give. ”  Our character now is being revealed – time to step up and lift up!

As you know I am a big fan of U.K.’s Amanda Ellis.  She asks us all to ask ourselves, “what are we being shown?”  Archangel Metatron has instructed Amanda’s followers that one thing they can consider doing is putting on an “energetic mask of indifference.”  This is a protective measure. It does not deny the 3D reality of Covid-19 but rather just says: “I am not resonating with this virus. I am not giving this virus any power.” We can also use sound, colour, crystals and other modalities you already employ.  Amanda suggests putting a piece of red jasper in your car, around your home, carry a piece.  Unless you already have crystals – you may not want to shop unless you can maintain social distancing or order online.  I myself keep in mind and hold the belief (which I actually do believe)  that our immune system was created to conquer any disease. I follow all the Public Health guidance and then call in Archangel Michael to protect me in a triple layer of white light that has a big dose of silver.  I sometimes imagine myself in a silver outfit.  Silver is protective against infections. If I adopt any measures other than that I will let you know because if you are still reading my blog then you are wondering what I am doing. I am doing the same things I have always done since the Angels recruited me on November 15, 20o5.  As I said last week – if you do get it – do not let anyone tell you that it is because you are not 5D enough. That is silly.  You may have come to model how to stay calm and how to heal from it! I watched some news last night where there are some 80 and 90 year olds in B.C. that have recovered.  Stay positive.  Keep your vibrations high. Music, laughter, meditation, walks outdoors with social distancing, prayer, all these raise your vibration and help your immune system. We have all cured ourselves of something likely in our pasts or know someone who has.  People heal themselves every day.

There is a lot online to help you with things like making homemade sanitizer and homemade toilet paper. In the old days when I was about 3 years old and we went to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Lizzy’s outhouse in the country – we used a catalogue or bits of magazines or phone books. One funny You Tuber said you might want to put water on it so you don’t get a paper cut on your behind!  Learn resourcefulness. Don’t ever lose your sense of humour, because to my way of thinking, that would be an immense loss.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Lets not go into the extremes. Lets’s follow the “middle way” between panic and complacency.

For some this virus is so mild they do not know they have it. That is one reason why you need to follow guidelines so you don’t give it to others unknowingly. For others such as a British medical doctor who survived (60, no respirator) she said it was “like going 5 rounds with Mike Tyson.” But, she’s here – very much alive – and goes back to work in a week.  U.K. seniors David and Sally Abel were on the Diamond Princess and were positive and treated in a Japanese hospital. Both survived to tell the show Good Morning Britain their story. David thought he might not make it and felt like giving up – but – Sally wouldn’t let him and sat up with him and now they are both finishing quarantine at home. David says: “You must take care of your health and hygiene. It might disappear quickly.” They are both protecting their grandchildren by sheltering in place.

This is going to be a roller coaster ride but we will come through it together. I loved studying Charles Dickens and A Tale of Two Cities is one of my many favourites: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Mother Earth might be throwing a bucket of cold water on our plans so we finally change our ways. So we start practicing the love, kindness and compassion toward all living things that every sage teaches. The opportunity has arrived.

Remember that fear is a virus too. Call in the Angels and allow them to support you and your loved ones.  One step at a time. One day at a time.  Faith.  Trust. Hope. People across the world are rising up to support each other and to do whatever they came to do.  I will continue to write my blogs and to do distant healing and distant Angel readings/treatments as requested.

Love & Light,   Monica






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  1. Gillian March 19, 2020 at 7:18 pm Reply

    Excellent blog, Monica!

  2. Hayley March 19, 2020 at 10:57 pm Reply

    Thanks for a calming blog in troubling times! You’re spreading kindness

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