This week I had so many topic ideas coming into my mind for today.  Nineteen actually.  However, my spirit guide Jo Jo is asking me to write about psychic attacks.  That was not on my list!  If you are reading my pieces regularly then you are aware of the fact that I focus on positivity & light.  These are my personal interests and inclination.  However, I know that if Jo Jo is suggesting this topic, then it likely means that at least one person reading this today is either currently experiencing a psychic attack and needs to know how to protect themselves or else needs to  prevent a more powerful attack.  Ignorance is not always bliss.

One of my teachers, Sylvia Browne, worked with her spirit guide, Francine, to educate all of us about so many metaphysical topics.  One of them is dark energies, lower energies and  “dark entities.”  (Sylvia’s mother was a dark entity.)  Francine told Sylvia that Earth is, unfortunately, the most brutal planet that one could live on, comprised she said of a much larger number of dark and gray entities than white.  ( Please be very clear here that we are not discussing skin colour. That is racism.)  We are talking about light and its absence (dark).  Ignorance of the “dark side” ( as in STAR WARS) is not protection.

As you begin to shine your light brighter & brighter, you do not only attract the attention of other lightworkers.  Unfortunately, people mired in darkness and actual “dark entities” are drawn to your light as well –  in the hopes of extinguishing it.  It is too bright for them and they hope to dim your light or put it out .  Now, that does not necessarily mean that they wish to extinguish you physically (although as we all know, it does happen) but that they are blinded by your light and feel a need to put it out.  You see, darkness cannot exist in the light.  (Another factor that I want to bring clarity to is that we are currently discussing incarnates that are dark entities.  We are not concerned with discussing ‘dark ghosts’ because they do not exist.  True “dark entities” are immediately recycled upon death through the process of reincarnation.)  Dark entities do not go to the Other Side after death.  That is why it is called Heaven!  (Partly kidding – that is ONE reason it is called Heaven – there are so many others.)  There is no hell, that is a fictional creation designed to frighten and control.  The only hell is what we humans create on Earth.  Now, if you are asking yourself if YOU are a dark entity – the answer is NO!  A dark entity would never ask that question.  Also, please do not make the mistake of thinking that anyone who doesn’t agree with you, or is moody or has psychotic episodes or doesn’t believe in God or goes insane is a dark entity.  A dark entity defined by Francine is, ” the highest form of sociopathic personality.  There is no guilt or remorse, no depth of love or any feeling.  They are almost like cyborgs; they have hard, dead eyes and a rigid demeanor.  They can be charming, but everything is metallic about them.  They are uncaring and greedy, and they step on everyone.”  Francine says that some of them have abusive childhoods and others of them have perfect childhoods.

One of the ways to avoid their attacks is to stay away from bars, pubs, or anywhere folks are drinking and/or taking illicit drugs.  Or wallowing in constant whining and self-pity, without seeking solutions.  Be careful too about your own alcohol consumption, a glass of wine now and then or a drink  is not what I am talking about, however, consuming anything that puts you, as a soul, out of control (self-mastery is your best protection) opens you up to potential psychic attack.  If you do occasionally visit a pub, make sure you do not step a foot in that door before asking for protection from psychic attacks.  Melchizedek is one of the ascended masters happy to answer your call.

It is also possible to be attacked by white entities ( although this is usually in a milder form such as sniping or sarcasm or competitive behavior  or verbal put-downs etc.) .  Most white entities are not conscious of attacking you – they have slipped into their egos and been caught in fear ( False Expectations Appearing As Real).  There is only love and fear.  You cannot be in both of those states at the same time.  We. as lightworkers, are in an ascension process and are ‘awakening’ at our own pace and we all have areas that are still needing to be brought into consciousness.  From areas still in darkness, we can ‘attack’ others inadvertently.  Thoughts of revenge, negative thoughts directed toward another, imagining harm to another, cursing others ( curses work only if the recipient believes in curses – I have done curse-lifting with the angels)  These are all forms of psychic attack.  As we become more power-full we also have more responsibility to use that power for the Highest Good of all.  If altruism isn’t sufficient to keep us on the straight and narrow path of GOOD, then our understanding of the law of karma and the law of attraction is an added incentive.  By the way, the law of karma is not about punishment as some of us were taught.  It is about balancing experiences.  God is pure, unconditional Love.

I would not be asked to write about psychic attacks if I had not experienced them.  I only write or am asked to write about what I know to be true.  I have quite a lot of experience working with the angels over the last eight years since I was formally ‘called’ to this work and as someone whose nickname at school was Pollyanna and whose nickname in nursing school and university was Shirley Temple – I can tell you that this aspect of me has not changed – I do not like conflict and even though I have experienced more than my share of trauma this lifetime – I am an optimist by nature.  However, I also know that closing our eyes and pretending negative things aren’t happening and black entities don’t exist – is not protection or wisdom.  However, when we turn on a light, which is what education of any kind is about – we dispel darkness & take our lives to a Higher level.  As we grow we experience spiritual tests ( I call them tests because that is how they FEEL to me!  However, Jo Jo tells  me they are NOT tests, but lessons.)  If you have studied literature – you likely remember that the heroic journey is filled with spiritual tests.

The effects of energetic attacks are real.  I am able to clairvoyantly ‘ see’ the effects of these attacks upon my clients.  Sometimes a client will come to Awakening Spirit for an Angel reading and tell me that they “feel something is wrong.”  They can’t put their finger on the problem.  They cannot identify their difficulty, therefore, they feel at a loss regarding a possible solution.  No one comes to an Angel reading for pure entertainment.  I am glad that is true, because, I set the boundaries for Awakening Spirit when I began offering my services.  I asked the angels to only bring me people that I can help in one way or another and also – as I am sure you can easily understand – people come to Angels when they are in a period of uncertainty or crisis – they are very vulnerable.  It is at this time they are at their most delicate, emotionally, and need the love and help of the Angels.  It is my honour to work with the angels to help ‘heal’ and offer education on a variety of spiritual and metaphysical subjects within the scope of my expertise.  It is never me DOING anything – except maintaining a lifestyle of life-long learning and prayer, meditation, yoga, affirmations and intense gratitude  & spiritual, mental, physical and emotional self-care & mastery in order to remain a ‘pure’ channel for God’s love, support, guidance  and help through the angels and ascended masters.  This is my mission and life purpose.  I ‘show up’ and the angels perform the miracles.  I have witnessed Apollo remove an alien implant that had caused one of my clients great stress over an eight year period.  Before that session – I had never heard of an alien implant let alone seen one.  However, I will not forget that session.  Needless to say, her gratitude to Apollo and the angels is immense.  Another client came to the angels feeling a constant anxiety that made no sense to her or her doctor.  It was greatly interfering with her happiness and enjoyment of life.  I ‘tuned into her’ and ‘saw’ a strange looking green blob over one shoulder.  I asked her if she was willing to receive a treatment from Archangel Michael that would result in the escorting away of an entity?  She agreed and I called in and watched as Archangel Michael and the Band of Mercy  took the ‘blob’ to the Light.  She felt immediate relief.  Another person had a small, dark, ugly-looking entity draining energy from her solar-plexus that I ‘saw’ when she asked me to scan her.  I also noticed a number of rips it had caused in her aura.  She was leaking a lot of energy and feeling spacey and very tired and “not herself.”  I invoked Archangels Michael & Raphael.  Archangel Michael, upon request, removed the entity and Archangel Raphael, upon request, patched up her aura and I also asked Archangel Raphael if he would please take his green healing orb over her aura as well.  This lady said she felt immediate relief and within two hours was back to her Self.  These are three very brief examples for you of the effects of psychic attacks.  Never forget to shield and keep cutting cords to negativity.  ( a previous piece delineated these procedures)

Here are some of the variety of symptoms of psychic attacks:  daily, unexplainable anxieties, worries foreign to you, strange nightmares, irritable and short-tempered moods, feeling very tired, feeling something is wrong, depression and despair, body pains and aches, feel as though you are under physical attack, sudden bouts of unexplainable fear with pounding heart and perspiration, sensations of sudden and unexplainable emotional instability, nausea, severe headache.  Obviously, anyone with symptoms of ill-health of ANY kind should see their family physician to rule out a dis-ease.

Our job, as lightworkers, in whatever capacity we may be serving, is to protect ourselves from these attacks so we can continue to serve and continue to spread and shine our light.  Each one of us is equally important.  So, shine your light even brighter!  Do not pull it in in order to avoid attacks – because – your light is your protection.  I also ask Archangel Michael every day to protect me even though he was one of my guardian angels assigned to me before my birth.  I do not step outside my front door without protection.  It would be like going outside during an immense downpour without an umbrella or raincoat.  As you continue to evolve spiritually, or I should say, ‘awaken’, you will know how important it is to shield.  If you want another tool for protection I can give you a tip from another of Sylvia’s spirit guides, Raheim.  He tells us we can visualize a blackboard in our minds and ask our spirit guide to write the person’s name on it who is attacking us.  It works!  Send them Light & Love.  And, as with everything, once your problem is ‘named’, the healing already begins!

Highly sensitive people can also pick up ‘hitch-hiking’ spirits.  This is not possession.  However, these spirits can interfere with our happiness and health.  Part of my work with the angels involves spirit releasement work and mediumship which I learned on-course with Dr. Doreen Virtue; however, I have been directing earthbound spirits to the light for over 30 years.  It is not only best for you to guide any earthbound spirits to the Light – it is best for them also.  It is where they belong.  Earthbound spirits are lost between worlds and need our help – so – remind them that they are dead and ask them to head for the Light.

Plant columns of light everywhere you sense negativity.  Play with this!  Put columns of light on either side of a doorway and observe the changes, over time, of the previously negative people who walk through it.  This helps us all.

Blessings to you,        Monica


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  1. Gillian May 8, 2014 at 4:44 pm Reply

    Ooh, what a long and fascinating blog today. I’m familiar with the term psychic attack (through your work) and now I have the blackboard technique…almost makes me hope for an attack so I can try it out! (Kidding.)

  2. Christine May 9, 2014 at 8:22 am Reply

    Thank you again. Obviously someone reading your Blogs needed this information. I have been under Psychic
    attack several times, and every time Monica was able to tell me what was going on , and help me . There were times when I’m not sure what I would have done without her help. It is a VERY physical feeling, for me it was a combination of body pain and confusion…. I feel it’s part of it the confusion so that we are not clear to release it ourselves . But, once you have experienced this, you recognize it, and THAT is our protection as well as sign to ask for help. If we get drunk or use drugs, we will not recognize what is happening, and that is when we are vulnerable.
    Wonderful information Monica, again thank you dear one.

  3. Mark May 17, 2014 at 5:17 pm Reply

    Thank you Monica – you have worked with a friend of mine in the past who has gone through some deep trauma and your post here which she sent me has enabled her to admit some very hidden things about herself in a beautiful way; as she corageously walks toward the light of finding and being her truth in the universe. Namaste.

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