“Accessing higher-frequency awareness is actually an organic process, a natural ability with which every child is born.”        (Ken Carey)

All children are psychic.  It is with this awareness and understanding, and following Dr. Doreen Virtue’s request that some of us write children’s books, that I created a series entitled THE MOOSE LAKE CHRONICLES.  The first book in this fictional series for children (7-11) is called MOOSE LAKEMOOSE LAKE introduces us to a small Northern mining town where the ‘low tech’ atmosphere enables children to see the magic that is oblivious to most of the adults.  Children play outdoors, do not carry cell phones or text and therefore are not constantly bombarded by EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) nor constantly distracted from their ‘inner knowing’ by a plethora of digital equipment & digital toys.  Kirkus Review says: “With the aid of a best friend, a magical light & a mysterious boy, a little girl runs away to avoid a confrontation with a bully…An engaging mix of the everyday & the mysterious, enlivened by a well-observed cast and intriguing hints of adventures to come.”  MOOSE LAKE was launched @ Chapters in Kingston, Ontario, January 31st, 2015, by myself and my illustrator/niece, Risa.  It is written for psychic children and their parents, teachers, and grandparents.

Although there is nothing ‘new’ about children being born with psychic gifts, there is indeed a ‘new’ awareness around these abilities and a greater acceptance of these gifts as being part of the ongoing spiritual awakening on our planet.  People do seem to be getting more comfortable with the psychic issues that occur in their homes, and as the veil continues to ‘thin’ more of us feel an easy connection with the Other Side.  There are many books written about psychic children and Dr. Doreen Virtue has written and taught excellent information regarding Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow children.  I was taught this information @ my Angel Therapy (R) Practitioner’s  course with Dr. Virtue & I find it invaluable in my work.  However, I also have dis-covered that there are people misusing these categories as some kind of psychic ‘elitism’ which, of course, is not the intention, because that creates separation rather than the Unity Consciousness for which we seek.  However, this is the case with all stereotyping and we are all struggling with needing to use language to convey mysteries that defy description.  We feel that if we have words for something, then it is ‘real’: “as children develop language skills, they acquire the prevalent belief that if it cannot be put into words, it is not real, or at least has no real value or relevance.” (Ken Carey)  Categorizing psychic children only becomes problematic when it is misused – then it can result in a feeling of separation – the sense of separation we feel when we are deemed ‘different.’

Just as psychic adults, such as myself, have our specialties, so too do psychic children.  As a child, my psychic specialty was clairsentience.  A clairsentient person has the ability to receive and to actually experience the physical and emotional projections from other dimensions as well as this one.  We can ‘feel’ another’s pain, physically & otherwise.  For example, as a child, I was often visited by a very sad young woman in a long white nightgown of times-gone-by.  I felt her sadness as though it was my own.  At the time, although I was not frightened by her, I was unable to help move her toward the Light.  This is one of the reasons that I wish to help psychic children.  I would like to help them to use techniques of protection so they do not mistake the feelings of others as their own (which can be overwhelming) and I would also like to help them to assist any earthbound spirits that they come across to move on. Please do not misunderstand me, at this point, and think that ‘ghosts’ can cause us any harm, because they cannot.  Not physical harm, but, taking on their depression or other negative feelings is confusing as children then have trouble distinguishing what is ‘theirs’ to handle.  Adults do too.  Although television and movies would have us believe that we are in danger from the ‘dead’, it is actually the ‘living’ that can harm us physically.  Aggressively confused ghosts can, sometimes, throw objects around a room and cause pictures to fall off walls, and this may ‘disturb’ us and result in us injuring ourselves as we flee the house or scene.  However, having seen spirits since the age of four, I have never been physically threatened in my over 60 years, whereas the ‘living’ have hurt and threatened me many times. Part of my work is helping these unfortunate spirits, trapped between earth & Home, move toward the Light and into the arms of God – where they belong.

Seeing ghosts, comes from being clairvoyant.  Clairvoyance is a gift often found in animals and children.  It is the ability to see beings, objects or information from another dimension.  My narrator, Angela, in my book MOOSE LAKE has clairvoyance  – and her abilities, which she as yet does not fully understand, causes her to seem a little unusual to her best friend, Carrie, who is very pragmatic and rooted in physicality.  Yet, the mysterious boy, Roland, home-schooled by his equally mysterious Uncle Merle, understands her perfectly.  There is more than one mystery in the town of Moose Lake:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source

of all true art and all science.  He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no

longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”       (Albert Einstein)

The mysteries in THE MOOSE LAKE CHRONICLES unfold as we begin to learn more about the characters and the energies within the community.  Metaphysical precepts are embedded organically within the books and the lessons reveal themselves through the adventures of the three central protagonists (Angela, Carrie and Roland) and also their parents, grandparents, teachers, friends and siblings.  After all, someone wise once said, “relationship is a mirror in which I discover myself.”  One major lesson, coming from a place of love, is imparted in each book of the series.  The next book in my series is called ROLAND TO THE RESCUE.  In the follow-up to MOOSE LAKE, we learn more about Roland as Angela and Carrie’s curiosity leads them to investigate Moose Lake’s so-called haunted house on Halloween.

Clairvoyant children can be frightened by seeing strangers that others do not see.  For example, I bonded with a neighbor in Quebec, over 35 years ago now, when she approached me to help with her daughter’s fear.  Let’s call my friend, Sabrina, and her children Rosie (9) and Rocco (6). (These are not their names)  Sabrina dropped in for tea one afternoon, while Rosie and Rocco were at school.  I did not know her well then, and was surprised at this impromptu visit.  It was not long into our tea-drinking when Sabrina asked me, suddenly, if I believed in ghosts?  I replied that I did indeed, having seen them off and on since childhood.  Her body language conveyed relief!  Sabrina told me that Rosie had been seeing a ‘man’ in her room and was very frightened and was now refusing to sleep in her bedroom and was disrupting everyone’s nights as a result.  I asked if Sabrina could ‘see’ this man?  No, she couldn’t, but she did believe that the daughter was seeing him.  Since this was before my ‘ghost-busting’ days, I came up with an idea for Sabrina.  I asked what Rocco would do if he saw a ghost?  Sabrina said he would probably say hello and go to sleep.  Yes, that was my take on Rocco too!  So, I suggested that Sabrina and her husband switch the kid’s bedrooms and put Rocco in with the ghost.  Problem solved!  Not for the spirit, of course, but for Sabrina and her family.  I am still friends with Sabrina, though we have not seen each other, physically, for years.  Rosie is now married with three children of her own and I don’t know whether or not she is still afraid of ghosts. Nowadays, of course, I would work with the spirit and the angels  to move him/her on into the arms of God.  Sometimes it takes awhile to help an earthbound spirit to go toward the Light, because most do not believe that they are ‘dead.’  Sometimes this is due to a sudden death in an accident and other times it is just that they are so attached to physical existence that they refuse to accept that they are ‘dead.’  However, children and adults can learn how to help these bewildered spirits find their way to the Other Side where they will experience peace.

Children who are clairaudient sometimes talk to their ‘imaginary’ friends.  If you hear only one side of the conversation, chances are good that they are using their clairaudience to hear the other side of it.  Clairaudience is the ability to ‘hear’ beings and to receive information from another dimension.  As a toddler, I remember at a certain point, around 3, that I ‘got it’ that others were not  hearing these things.  By the time I started elementary school, I realized that we are not supposed to have these abilities. (This was the 1950s!)  Today, helping people safely and slowly open up to their psychic gifts and to understand them, is part of my work.

I am interested in using my own experiences, knowledge and training to help parents, teachers and grandparents, as well as the psychic children themselves, to understand their gifts as God or Source-given natural  attributes. I would like to help parents to guide these children through what is often a very delicate balancing act of retaining a high spiritual frequency with amazing gifts and sensitivities and yet remain grounded and balanced and able to adjust to earthly existence.  I KNOW what it takes to do this and I am also aware of the needs and self-care necessary for the caregivers and teachers of our ‘New Age’ kids.

Balboa Press (a division of Hay House) is my current publisher.  I chose them because they only publish positive message books for children and adults.  They approved MOOSE LAKE as passing their criteria as a positive message book. Although written for children, I am getting some good feedback that adults too are enjoying it.  It is my wish that it makes its way into the hands of those who find it entertaining, educational, enchanting and enlightening.  That is one of my ‘waking’ dreams – that I am able to be of service to psychic children.

Love & Light,       Monica         www.monicahemstock.ca


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  1. Hayley February 5, 2015 at 2:00 pm Reply

    Wow, it sounds like your legacy of service is coming to fruition through Moose Lake in a fun and entertaining form! I look forward to the rest of the series 🙂

  2. Gillian February 5, 2015 at 6:23 pm Reply

    I remember the “Sabrina” story well and look forward to hearing more of your experiences on radio programs, etc. as you promote MOOSE LAKE. Congratulations of a very successful launch.

    • Gillian February 5, 2015 at 6:24 pm Reply

      Typo – “of” should be “on”.

  3. Christine February 6, 2015 at 7:20 pm Reply

    As you know I am so very excited for you Monica, I know how hard you have worked . I also know how much you deserve to have people reading what you share , it is such wonderful information .
    Being on TV and being interviewed seemed to come naturally to you, and the guy interviewing was great. I think you might have to get used to that , more to come. It’s wonderful to see your family’s support as well. Psychic children was another interesting Blog.

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