“Pua means to thrust, blossom, appear, emerge (especially as smoke, wind, speech or colours). A word closely related to Pua is ki. Esoteric meanings of ki include to shoot, to aim at a target with a weapon and cause it to discharge, to germinate, to spring forth with a new life and expand into growth, to thrust forward as a stem shooting forth its leaves, or as a bud unfolding its petals in blooming development, expand, to issue forth, to branch out, to have definiteness of purpose, to reach a goal; to move swiftly, to shoot water as from a hose of water, to nourish with liquid refreshment as to water a garden.”  Becker & Nardin

So yesterday I used my Hawaiian Mana Cards (oracle deck) for the first time in many years. The last time I used them was in 2011 when the power of Hawaiian wisdom guided me to journey to Bath, England, and take the waters and drink the water there.

My Mana cards I am guided to use during periods of transformation. Because I am not steeped in Hawaiian philosophy, symbolism and culture I rarely bring out this oracle set I found in a reduced bin years before I went to Hawaii where I had a sort of rebirth following being smacked onto the ocean floor by a rogue wave. I only use this deck for myself, so far, I never say never.

The card I pulled yesterday was Pua. Often I find that a card that applies to me, also applies to my readers. Perhaps not all of its meaning, but at least some of it. So, I will share it with you and you will decide whether it speaks to you and how so.

The message is to “advance”. Read the definition above and you will understand why that one word is the message. It is certainly a helpful message for me, because I was actually thinking of retreating!  However, it is not a time for retreating says the wisdom of the oracle.

When Pua appears it is time to gather your resources and focus your energy so that a new consciousness can emerge. It is an indication to open, go forward, advance. And how does Pua guide us to advance? Clear thoughts, words, actions. There may be, in our lives, someone that we need to have a heart-to-heart talk with. Going forth, now, with clear intentions will result in flourishing growth.

Pua indicates a time of “power blossoming.” Research shows that there is an Hawaiian proverb that says that flowers thrive when the living conditions are good. I always compared my Yoga students to flowers when I used to teach many groups in Victoria, B.C.  I watched them open up and blossom on their paths. In Hawaiian literature flowers are often compared to children. We are all children of the Earth, and when we enter into a relationship with the Earth and the people on it in a sustainable, loving way – living conditions become good for everyone. Because we are ONE.

I love thinking about people as flowers opening up to the sun. The light. What flower are you? The first one you think of is you at this moment in time! When you finish reading this blog, why not do some research and find out about the qualities of that flower. What are the living conditions necessary for your growth right now?

We know that we have entered a new era. Christians call it “The Tribulation”, the Mayans have called this time “The New Itza Age”  and astrologers call it “The Age of Aquarius.” Some prophecies say that the time we have entered is called “Blossoms Unfold in An Age of Flowers.”

Becker & Nardin (quoted above) say that Ethowah Cherokee teacher Dhyani  Ywahoo, a recognized master of Tibetan Buddhism, calls this time, “The Age of Flowers.” Ywahoo recognizes that this is not a time of only personal change but global change as it is necessary to “rebuild those areas of the Earth’s web that have been harmed by unclear thinking.” She says that those who respond to the teachings of the flowers are establishing parallel governments of people who are committed to peace and generating the energy of light and joy.

Hawaiians have always gathered flowers for their healing and inspirational power. When they gather the flowers they ask permission and express gratitude to the plant or tree from which the flowers are taken. Reverence. An understanding of sacred connection.

We are aware, certainly those of us living next door to the United States, that a New World Order is emerging. It has the potential, ultimately, to bring a positive global consciousness that reconnects us with the Earth by first unearthing all the negative thinking that has created “The Tribulation”.  We cannot retreat, says Pua, we move forward, with faith and intuition. We advance. We flower.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian December 13, 2018 at 6:07 pm Reply

    Coincidentally ;-), and for the first time in 6 decades, I’m able to keep indoor plants alive. About a year ago a friend gave me a tiny spider plant in a Tim Horton’s cup. I left it in that cup and ignored it and it dried out and turned grey with neglect. I watered it and told it that I loved it and if it would revive I’d buy it a special pot. The next day it was bright green! True to my word I bought it a “blackboard” pot and wrote on the side, “I love you, Spidey.” And I do. Good blog 🙂

    • Monica December 13, 2018 at 6:24 pm Reply

      What a great story! Thanks for sharing!

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