“The only limits are the limits we believe.”   Lisa T. Brown

What is built from quantum consciousness doesn’t crumble. It shifts.”   Lisa T. Brown

“Your inner connection is your power, but all through love. The outside world is no longer your connection.”   Lisa T. Brown

When we speak each word delivers a message whether consciously or unconsciously. We know this as truth when we operate in a quantum state of consciousness and we take responsibility for our own energy and choose to birth new realities from this higher consciousness state. Every word and action delivers an unconscious or conscious message that perpetuates Old Earth or helps to create New Earth. Which are you fueling my guides are saying? Your power is huge.

Covid-19 has given many of us the time to go deep within and learn to feel from our depths without distortion. We have been guided to connect with our core and to let go of all those old beliefs that kept us firmly anchored to the past ways of being and doing. We are starting over. Creating everything from the inside out having completely let go of an external focus of control that no longer serves ourselves or the collective. We are awakening and becoming soul-aligned which affords us the choice to ascend.

Ascending into a higher state of consciousness, says spiritual teacher Elizabeth Wood, only has two main blocks:”judgment and what’s in it for me?” Elizabeth sees judgment as a lack of power and inner connection. Separation. We have to relearn everything from a higher state of consciousness that doesn’t see separation. 5D is Christed-consciousnes which is where we function from – it is loving, kind and soft. “Judgment isn’t kind.” Judgment comes from not liking the way we feel. “What’s in it for me? Is a small child that can’t share.”

We are in the process, all of us lightworkers, in creating a higher consciousness humanity. Old Earth we are leaving behind – it was an unconscious reality that no longer supports us. We are transcending the limits of the ego matrix programme we were raised in. When we feel ‘stuck’ it is often resistance to allowing the ego to be set aside, dissolved or merged.

New Earth is not a “what’s in it for me? energy.” It is an how can I serve? energy. A contributory energy is how many teachers describe it. We receive based on our own energy and our contribution and how we act. Our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic experience all becomes the same thing. Lisa tells us in one of her chats that if we wake up in the morning and we don’t feel good the first thing we do is let go of the judgment and then we go inside to see where we are misaligned. We learn how to transform and shift.

We do the inner work as required, as we evolve. Of course our illusions and distortions play out in our external reality so as we do our clearing work and breaking down old programming we are simultaneously creating a whole new life. The process is not linear. Although we often try to analyze it into that with our mind.

Learning to live in the present moment as pure love consciousness is the new reality our energy creates. Daily life becomes whatever the moment calls for. We start to live this. Consciously choosing this which results in a whole new life. We reprioritize, refocus, reset and rebirth. We rewrite reality through being child-like (not childish) and an ascended master. What is required is a complete surrender to trust. The reward? Pure joy without the constraints of ego.

Every time we are kind we touch the heart of another person. I was thinking about kindness yesterday as I took my daily social distance walk through the neighbourhood. As I rounded a corner a neighbour had put up a huge sign against their fence that said KIND. Synchronicity. The sign was not there the day before. Neighbours that usually do not speak are calling out with a kind word. Responding to a pandemic with kindness elevates us all. It is about “we” not “me.” Is Covid leading to an outbreak of kindness? It is certainly helping us to get clear on our priorities as we create New Earth.

When you live pure love consciousness, everything you do serves. Everything you do inspires and creates. We leave 3D when we understand that as Lisa says, “unconsciousness is not an acceptable reality anymore.” She says it is okay to be the ‘bad guy’ when you are helping others to break down old programmes (with their assent) because you are coming from a place of love. It is never okay to try to force this. Everyone awakens within their own time when and if they are ready. If you are awake, you know the difference!

We have access to all 12 dimensions, but, only if we believe we do. I could not have learned how to consciously communicate with the Angelic Realm in 2006 if I did not believe anyone could do it! If one of us can do something, any of us can. But, do we believe that? And, is it something that gives us joy? Holding a remembered state of quantum consciousness we allow ourselves to work with our gifts. This is from our wholeness inside.

The ascension journey is one we do alone, no matter how many people may be in our lives. It can feel lonely and that is why I call in Angels to support myself and others. As we learn to resolve our own issues, we less and less need others to resolve theirs. Stuff changes when we resolve our own. If we let go of others, what sometimes brings them back is excitement and inspiration rather than a lack or a need. There isn’t lack or need from a place of pure love. Human love can be very distorted in 3D consciousness. In fact, Lisa says when we meet pure love “it triggers all of our stuff. 3D karmic timelines aren’t pretty.”

Sometimes, we are actually meant to cut our ties with someone and let go. This is for the sake of the growth of all involved. It may be the karmic tie has been successfully played out! The Universe lets us know deep in our sacred heart. When ego is involved the heart is closed.

Part of ascending is nurturing and loving our body which may fluctuate in weight as it expands and contracts to receive light and to birth the new you. You may need more sleep and naps while linear programs are breaking down. The body can get bigger as it clears heavy stuff, but bear in mind, we are all unique. Love your body. You are ascending with it!

“Be okay with looking crazy. You are going to look crazy. ” Lisa says and know “you are given a billion chances to wake up! Keeping your heart closed will no longer be an option.”  I am guessing that the pandemic is opening many hearts as it is breaking so many hearts.

In an ascended quantum state of consciousness fear no longer motivates us. We can no longer control or be controlled by fear as the ascension body is fueled by love. Nature supports our Higher vibration, that is why we feel so amazing outside with trees and animals. We live in our ascended state by embracing freedom, joy, magic and bliss and not from resisting these. We move through anything that isn’t those.

Post ascension we have a new value system to build upon. We become a builder of new realities. People come in and out of your life when your vibration changes. Remember, everything is energy. Own yours. Merge play and creativity and the sense of accomplishment you receive is your soul’s reward.

Love & Light, Monica









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    Good blog for our times.

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