When we’re asleep, we’re pretty asleep.”   Ariella Indigo

“If you step outside your comfort zone you’ll discover a world that is magical.”   Peter Schenk


At this time of our planet’s ascension many of us are having sudden and unexpected awakenings. Some of us are choosing to leave the planet as I am sure you are noticing. I am choosing to cultivate a quantum state of mind. Are you?

“It is time for you to return to the quantum state which is the spiritual state that the Pleiadians gave to you and it starts now. At the moment, you fight a battle on earth between old and new energy and the new energy is winning. Make no mistake that the old energy will be with you for some time. It continues to create issues that you see as problems, but are actually a “quantum clean-up.” As you continue to clean-up your economy, and you’re not done, you will see the ways of a new paradigm of being, of structuring, but it’s going to take some time… Indigo adults will help you to design it… The result is all around us, with wisdom replacing greed, monetary systems morphing into something they should have been from the beginning, corporate structure with far greater integrity in the board room. Entire countries are changing the way they have worked an old energy for centuries and the oldest energy on earth is being seen for what it is – something that stinks – and for the first time, almost everyone can smell it.”   Lee Carroll (KRYON, Book 12)

We are spirit beings made of energy and we are all interconnected with the All and with what science calls the quantum realm. In the quantum realm there is no past nor future for we are only conscious of the Now even though the past and future are around us all the time. When we get ‘underneath our story’ so to speak, we discover that we are a quantum being. A quantum being is not subject to the linear world of space and time because space and time do not exist. They are ego constructs that allow us to have a unique human experience. However, when we recognize that we are unified (ONE) we are no longer confined to the laws of the third dimension we were taught. Of course, to enter the quantum realm requires more than merely restructuring our beliefs, although it is important to understand that all beliefs are vibrational frequencies.

When we ‘wake up’ we move from survive to thrive. This does not necessarily occur immediately as some of us take many years just to get over the ‘shock’ of waking up. After all, we did not know we had been asleep! Many of us do not know what is happening and some of us suspect that people are correct when they call us “crazy.” That’s where I often come into my client’s lives because I understand what they are going through and I am aware that there may be years of detoxifying and integrating ahead before they realize what is possible for them. Quantum existence.

Quantum existence allows us to shape-shift our lives in the direction of our choices as we recognize the truth of who we are and that we are meant to be creators rather than survivors. Recognizing that we have been boxed in by holding limiting beliefs allows us to evolve and step out of our comfort zone and into the realm of our Highest potential. We employ our intention and consciousness to transform our lives. One of the many things we realize about quantum living is that whatever we wish to protect we must share and that if we wish to become an alchemist we do not turn our back on any techniques because we use many, many different ones at different stages and phases of our evolution. Of course once we have learned our lessons regarding healing techniques/spiritual technology we put our own essence and artistry into them.

Peter Schenk (one of the speakers at the current Multidimensional Human Experience Conference on-line) calls himself a “modern day mystic”. He is an engineer and he works creating software technology inspired by the work of Dr. Masara Emoto whom you will likely be familiar with as the author of THE HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER. Doreen told us about Dr. Emoto while I was at the Angel Therapy(R) course eleven years ago. (Dr. Emoto made his crossing in 2014) When Doreen met Dr. Emoto she was very excited about his work and she asked him if he believed in Atlantis and he said, “I used to live in Atlantis.” Doreen did too, as did I. Dr. Emoto confirmed for Doreen the importance of water as being a mirror of the human mind and that we need to take care of our thoughts and water.

Schenk has a water blessing to share with you. If you have a glass of water beside you as you are reading this I will guide you through it now. (If you don’t –  why not try it after finishing reading this blog) The first step is to take a sip of your water now to observe the taste before the blessing. Good. Now, say to your glass of water (I do it out loud) “I  honour the space in which you exist.” Then, with your left palm 3 inches over your glass of water – spread your fingers open – and feel the energy going into the water. After doing this for a short while, sip the water again and notice the taste and texture. The structure of the water changes based on various frequencies.

Being quantum is a non-trying state because we are quantum beings. I enter the quantum state of ‘non-trying’ with my breath – the same way as I do for Angel readings. There is no ego in quantum state. Let go of everything you have learned in the third dimension and you are there. Put on your ruby red shoes and click your heels three times!

When you are able to step outside your comfort zone you will. When it is time to wake up you will. Nothing is forced upon us and we have all the time in the world. Because there is no time. Everything is NOW. There is nothing you need to do except for letting go of everything you have learned. Underneath your story you remain a quantum being. Just as you were born. Underneath all those conditioned layers of reality is quantum you! When you were a child you saw the world as it is. A magical place where anything is possible. Let go of your programming, regain your childlike innocence and consciousness and manifest from there. There is no trying, as Yoda says. There is only do! Easy does it.

Love & Light,   Monica


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  1. Gillian August 10, 2017 at 4:58 pm Reply

    Yes! I’m choosing to cultivate a quantum state of mind. Good blog 🙂

  2. hayley August 10, 2017 at 6:30 pm Reply

    Thanks for another great blog! I tried the exercise with my water bottle 🙂

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