You deserve the best! So, reach for the stars when it comes to your desires and your dreams. Do not compromise. Usually, this means you have to raise your standards. Ask angel Astara to help you feel deserving enough to reach for the stars and to realize that it isn’t selfish to desire a better life. The more you allow yourself to receive the more you are able to share with others. Naturally, you also inspire others when you demonstrate that there is ample support for you on the spiritual path.

I spend a great amount of my time as an Angel Therapist(R) teaching and reminding people to ask the angels for help. God and the angels are only able to intervene upon request – except for extreme circumstances when your life is threatened before your time to transition to the Other Side.

In order to raise your standards you need to be open to greater and greater love. To do this you ask the angels to assist you in releasing anger and unforgiveness from your heart and mind. There are many different angels that can help you to release toxins from your mind and heart – however – you do need to be willing to do that. One of the angels you can ask to help with this is Archangel Uriel. I experience Archangel Uriel’s energy as a very powerful but subtle intervention. Uriel feels grandfatherly to me. What is your experience of Uriel? Always trust your own personal experience.

Your new, upgraded psychic and spiritual experiences are changing your perception of the world and yourself. This is meant to be. This is why you incarnated at this amazing time on Earth. So dear lightworker be assured that you are not imagining your connection with the spirit world. You are not crazy. Your increased mystical experiences are happening because of your expanded spiritual openness and your life purpose. Stay on the lookout for more helpers such as teachers, classes and books that will enable you to grow and step into your gifts, as well as new guides who may become part of your spiritual team.

Do not be fearful of opening up even further through study, prayer, and meditation. Archangel Michael, as you know, is the angel who eradicates the effects of fear and will always provide protection for you and your loved ones and will lend you his courage and backbone anytime you are considering raising your standards and leaving a job or relationship. You need only ask and Michael, whose name means “He who is like God” will assist you in increasing your courage and confidence.

Raising your standards may result in guidance to work with the top healing Archangel, Raphael, (whose name means “He who is like God”) to receive guidance about your health – therefore – be sure to follow any new intuitive impulses to quit smoking or drinking, begin an exercise programme or change the way you eat and/or nurture yourself. If you wish to raise your standards by accepting improved health then invoke Raphael and ask that he bathe you in his emerald green light and be aware, even if you do not see this light, that you are successful in invoking its healing power. Believe.

As you raise your standards you will become more aware of powerful, loving and wise spiritual teachers who are watching over you and guiding you. We call them ascended masters (such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Ganesh, Buddha etc.) who previously walked the Earth. To receive the personal attention of an ascended master you do not need to be a saint or religious – you only need to be sincere and have a desire to work with that particular deity for the betterment of mankind.

Which ascended master/s is coming into your mind right now? This is the being(s) helping you at this time. They love and honour you! They are very aware of your talents and spiritual gifts. Thank them for their help and give them permission to assist you in honing these gifts for use in sacred service.

Remember to ask for angelic assistance every step along your path.

Love & Light,   Monica

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