Are you looking for a way to expand your soul, re-awaken your intuitive gifts and re-ignite the flames of your creativity?  If so a trip to the Land of Enchantment is the ticket.  All you need do is re-connect with your inner child who has never lost her sense of wonder and then let her show you the way.  For me, today, sitting in Angel Cottage on my sixth day of my twelve day herbal detox (Spring tune-up) it is even simpler than usual to access this realm.  Signs of approaching Spring are everywhere.  An unusually striped brown-red squirrel scampers across the railing of my deck.  A neighbour’s black cat meows outside my bay window stepping gingerly over the patches of leftover ice and snow as two plump beige birds perch nearby.  A horse neighs in the distance – beckoning me to hop aboard and ride into the borderlands.  Everything is beginning to wake up!

Avalon is calling.  Merlin appears and I follow. Being a student of the great wizard is an honour that I do not take lightly.  Merlin first contacted me in 2006 soon after Archangel Raphael summoned me to ‘wake up’ and answer the call.  While being a pupil of Merlin’s is fun, it is also demanding.  Merlin, while loving, is very firm regarding completing tasks and performing spiritual service.  Working with Merlin means working tirelessly in the light, with respect for the dark.

My aim in the Land of Enchantment is to be a guide for you – to teach you what Merlin teaches me and to empower you as you seek your truth.  Of course, I have multitudes of helpers: angels, ascended masters, faeries, spirit guides, elves, gnomes, unicorns and others.  I am certain to meet more spiritual allies as my journeys continue.  For now, though, I am content with my spiritual cohort as it is, while always remaining open to surprises and new discoveries.  It is not only being an apprentice of Merlin that enables me to offer you my services as a guide – faeries have been with me my entire life.  They have given me gifts of spirituality and healing.  As Susannah Marriott of Cornwall, England, states: “the fairy-human connection goes back beyond the historically recorded time.”  The philosopher Paracelsus defined the elemental spirits of nature in the sixteenth century, and as you know, Shakespeare referred to faeries frequently.  Although faeries have been with me through my life, I was only able to begin openly working with them after 2006 – when I took the Angel Therapy (R) course with Dr. Virtue and entered the Faery Ring.  I never came out!  Before then what we term ‘ordinary reality’ kept me in the closet as work such as psychiatric nursing and yoga teaching did not offer me the opportunities I now have to work openly with the elemental realm.  As a full-time practicing medium and metaphysician I offer workshops for people opening their psychic gifts and exploring the Land of Enchantment.  If we are respectful of the natural world and all of its inhabitants, faeries will favour us with their gifts, including helping us to manifest material resources.  They scan us first, to see if we are sincere and gentle.

At my faery workshops we are inspired, enchanted and empowered.  Joining the faery circle, suspending our ‘adult’ disbelief, we unleash our inner child to play!  With gay abandon we allow ourselves to surrender to the “lure of the dance.”  Oonagh, a faery queen I channel, came to me at dusk last night reminding me to dance!  “Dance,” she said, swaying to and fro, her long beautiful hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back.  I was reminded that I do not need to be a trained dancer to move my body in joy.  Just dance!  Was it Oonagh I wondered who sprinkled me with faery dust while I was sleeping – the night before I gave my first faery workshop for the Annual World Faery Festival?  I never asked.  I remember waking up that morning and going into the bathroom to brush my teeth and seeing in the mirror my nose and cheeks covered with tiny, sparkly colours.  Faery dust, I realized, in awe!  I knew then that all would go well.  It did!  Three quarters of the participants reported back to me weeks and months later that they had experienced a faery encounter or sighting of one sort or another.  One lady even sent a picture of herself and her young daughter positioning their faery house in the garden – with a faery over the child’s heart chakra.  Another participant witnessed at twilight a faery ring in her garden.

“Come fairies

take me out of this dull world,

for I would ride with you

upon the wind and dance

upon the mountains like a flame.”

( W.B. Yeats)

We all gave in at the festival to the lure of the music and danced our belief in faeries – surrendering to  the possibilities of new experiences, outside of our consensual trance that we often call ‘ordinary reality.’  It was magical.

If you believe in faeries ( as most children do) you can see them.  I see them with both my physical eyes and my clairvoyant vision.  However, faeries like to be clandestine and can make themselves invisible.  They do not like to be around harsh or violent people.  Neither do I!  I see a variety of faeries; however, it does tend to be mostly flower faeries to date.  Others in the elemental realm I see are unicorns, elves and gnomes.  All that I have seen, causes me to be open to whatever I have yet to see  – in the Land of Enchantment.  Some people access the faery world while gazing at a painting depicting faeries and others listen to OVERTURE TO OBERON by Carl Maria von Weber.  There are so many different ways to be transported.

Today I am connected to the faeries through my herbal detox – the healing herbs that I am taking for a short period of time as my Spring cleanse.  I am connecting through plant spirit medicine .  The faeries have a tip for you all today.  I asked them what they wanted you to know.  They said: “Spend time with flowers ( and flower essences) in order to increase your personal healing power.”

We all need to become re-enchanted, especially at this time on our planet.  Our planet’s survival may depend upon it.  “Hidden in the shadow, the barest glimmer of all that once was Avalon, whispers to us from the traditions of Arthurian legend.  And, like Arthur, her re-emergence, comes at a time of great need.”  (Jhenah Telyndru)

Faery Blessings,  Monica

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  1. Christine April 3, 2014 at 8:10 pm Reply

    What a lovely Blog, I enjoyed everything, and I am so determined to spend time outside and try to connect with the Faeries this year.

  2. Gillian July 26, 2014 at 2:39 pm Reply

    An enchanting blog!

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