There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”   The Buddha

Young baby souls coming in now are not trapped in the 4D reincarnation cycle.”   Meg Benedicte

Dear Ones, I took a Mastery Empowerment course with Ascension Wayshower Meg Benedicte recently. I am devoted to life long learning as I hope that you are. I remain always, both the teacher and the student. I love both roles. Post pandemic I hope to teach again, (beyond the teachings in these blogs) if that is in the cards for me. Besides having learned so much more – I want to be able to share the Angel treatments I channel with more people, and perhaps also some Galactic Frequencies from Eularia. But for now, I am mostly enmeshed in a 3D physical timeline as I care for my  5D toddler granddaughter and as I hold my vision focus in 5D  dropping density and reclaiming radiance.

During this plague, most of the world has been in, and is still in, survival mode. As you know, survival mode and thriving  mode are very different states of being. We are experiencing a roller coaster ride as those trapped in 3D timelines draw us into the fear and chaos. However, as a lightworker you are aware that there are Higher Frequencies and Higher Beings available to you and that makes all the difference and allows you to reclaim your radiance. When I told my daughter, Hayley, (whom many of you know) that I was going to write about reclaiming radiance because that is the stage I am at now – she said that I had never lost it. What a sweet daughter eh? I am blessed.

Let’s do a short review of how far we have come toward actually reclaiming our radiance in a relatively short period of time (though it may not feel that way!)  The New Earth Timeline (NET) was only launched this year says Meg. Therefore, that is why I am currently living among people who are still on the OET (Old Earth Timeline) and likely you are too? You may wish to journal about how this feels and what it looks like to you and how it is playing out in your own life. 2020 was a collapsing and decomposing energy. The collapsing OET  (also called the Armageddon Timeline) is controlled by the 1 per cent who use manipulation. The purging of this OET energy could go on for quite some time yet as some of us on Earth are clinging to it like a survivor on a life boat. But, it will take you down. It won’t lift you up.  Thankfully, at the end of 2019 we had the 12 12 12 energy and Gateway that actually set us up for 2021 because it put us into alignment with the Galactic Centre. The 2020 shutdown or lockdown put a stop to many of our distractions and put us into a life review stage (by the way, Archangel Jeremiel is the Angel of Life Reviews) which allowed us to do a reset that some call the Great Reset. The NET (New Earth Timeline) launched this year, and envisioned by all of us lightworkers, is a year of choice and change. Some are calling this time the “Timeline Wipe Out” says Meg. Last month we had the May 5- 555 timeline (5 is change) and we can live it now, not forgetting though that this purging of Old Earth energy can go on for awhile.

Our June 10th eclipse, as you likely know, brought in a lot of soul empowering and stabilizing energy. I felt it deeply. It helps me anchor myself in 5D energy while all around me a 3D Timeline is still running.  However, take heart, Meg says most of us have passed our “freak out” phase and can start to build. Coming in July is a Sirian Gateway (July 3rd-August 11th) when there will be an “infusion of Indigo Consciousness” from the Sirians – the Founders of Lemuria. Then, following that the Lion’s Gate (I have written a whole blog on that if you wish to read it) when we will start spending much less time looking back but rather opening up to our Galactic history. Yay! Just be aware of the residue of old timelines and the associated fears that could pull you down again. Meg says: “Keep your eye on the prize of New Earth.” Liberating ourselves from the fear and chaos of old timelines we shift into creating anew. Remember that Dec 21st, 2012, the Matrix Simulation was unlocked. We used to get trapped in the 4D astral plane and would enter a reincarnation cycle or loop but now we return to being immortal says Meg and will no longer incarnate at Armageddon times such as the Fall of Atlantis. Make sure you continue to purge the OET so you do not envision painful futures but live 5D or higher. Baby souls coming in now (such as my toddler granddaughter, Alice) are not trapped in the 4D reincarnation cycle.

We now have the means and the responsibility to create anew. To build a new life for ourselves and for the Earth. We don’t bypass the healing through self-medication or denial. We continue or even step up the self-care and complete our transference from all things toxic to all things high frequency and absolutely everything improves. Keep an eye on your dial says Meg and don’t ingest the Armageddon energy, but be aware of it – just practice your “energetic hygiene.”  Meg set us at the heart open and zero point coherence place within. With a channeled activation. Similar to what I wish to do when I channel Eularia down the road – for those who wish it. When you achieve that zero point and heart and brain coherence and also have the alignment with the Galactic Centre – you are able to pull in what supports you and let go of all that does not. Boundaries. Staying in your own channel. Don’t forget the live and organic foods as you are able.

Listen to what others are going through. Many, many are suffering all around us right now. However, keep your channels clean so you can help yourself and others. Don’t let your ego make your choices. My ego- personality is called Monica. I have learned to love her – which has been a very long journey. However, I do not let Monica make the important choices and have not since an Angel landed in my room on November 15, 2005. I let my Higher Self, Aurora, make all the important choices, always guided by the Angels. And, so she does. And, so it is. When you are at Zero Point you will know. You will not feel inferior or superior. Absolute calm reigns within despite chaos around. You can stay in the eye of the hurricane. We have brought our shadow selves into the Light and are creating New Earth as we go along. Leaving the victimhood of the reptilian brain behind we ascend with all our faculties and even our body as it takes in more and more light. New Earth is created by Higher Self. The old energy was me, me, me. The New Earth is We, We, We. The NET (New Earth Timeline) is for the Greater Good.

This New Earth has been created by the Wayshowers among us. Those of us who “are done with our shadow” says Meg, “open to our Galactic bloodlines.” We came in coded and designed with a light body but likely have either not been using it or using it in a small way. Meg says that the period we are now in is called Solar Cycle 25 and lasts till 2030. It is turning on our hithertofore dormant light body which was designed with our own unique blood lines for our own souls and coded with our own unique blueprint. Our Galactic Codes are embedded within and now I understand why Eularia paid me a visitation around 2018 or so. She awakened my Galactic codes. It has taken me three years to understand the depth of this latest awakening. Most of you reading this are from the multiverse and have hybrid genetics. Your reptilian codes are likely now breaking down. It can be exhausting – Meg and I remind you to get your rest and sleep. It is so important. Much of it happens while we sleep. Some of us may get support from some Galactics, as I do. Running after a toddler, I do not get a lot of sleep but what I do get is sound.

It is up to each of us to clear out all old energy so we are no longer triggered. When we are clear, we can attain our zero point Zen. Love is light and it is talking to our DNA in order to upgrade it. All our previously fragmented and separated parts are beginning to be pulled back into us. They are merging and we are emerging Aurora tells me. Our feminine, masculine, human and galactic fragmented parts are coming back together so we can become whole. Whole means no longer separated from the pulsing quantum field. I received a lovely activation channeled from Archangel Metatron by Meg.  I channel many, many, Angels. In future I intend to offer an activation from Eularia, ( an Arcturian Priestess) as I said, for those clients who desire that. Reclaim your radiance and you reclaim your power. Power to. Not power over. Power to is Luke Skywalker. Power over is Darth Vader.

Love & Light,    Monica/Aurora

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    I like the idea of a Great Reset :-).

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