But now I am no longer I, nor is my house any longer my house.”   Federico Garcia Lorca 

When you have awakened there is frequently a period of what for a lack of a better word I will call “confusion” because our ego-mind interprets it as such. All labels are gone. You are no longer defined by your past, your parents, your children, your culture, your socio-economic status, your occupation, your hobbies, your roles in the 3D realm. You get the picture!  Some interpret it as a kind of limbo or void state. The first time this happens can be quite scary. With each new awakening – we become more attuned to our Higher Selves and our Heavenly help and get better at asking for help and surrendering. Surrender, and then surrender some more.

Awakening is to dis-cover that you are a divine being living a human existence. With each further awakening you go deeper, higher and peel away more layers. If you had not been happy or if you had manifested dis-eases – chances are high that you find out that you did not love yourself or feel worthy enough of creating happiness and abundance. Happiness comes first, abundance follows. Exactly the opposite of what most of us (not all) were taught.

Remembering yourself as a divine being is the key to creating your new life or the next chapter in your new life. Finding out what makes you feel passionate is quickly followed by an understanding that imagination is the next key. I have discovered in my work as an Angel Therapist(R) that part of my time is spent as a New Life Coach. The Angels are guiding my clients toward their new life. However, my clients must be willing to act on the guidance. Baby steps always suffice.

I was told by my psychic mentor in Victoria, B.C., the Amazing Grace, in 2005 (a year before I became an Angel Therapist(R)) that my future involved ” a small number of amazing and very special people coming into your house to play with you.”  She said, “these people will be hand-picked for you by the Angels.” I believed her – however – what kind of a job is that? What is it called? I have been doing it now for 13 years, I absolutely LOVE it, but I don’t really have a ‘label’ for it. Yet, absolutely every part of my life to date – the good, the bad and the ugly – prepared me for the work that I now do!

If you have awakened to yourself as a divine being – take your time unfolding. Of course in the 3D world you continue to meet your responsibilities as and when it is appropriate – but the journey that lies ahead is truly expansive and magical and you will dis-cover that you can indeed navigate it when you maintain your curiosity and your integrity. Integrity with regard to who you are becoming.

When I am coaching a client wishing to change careers or find new work that is fulfilling – I ask them to remember what they loved doing as a child before they were ten years old and then to create or find work doing that. Did you like to sew? cook? read? sing? heal?dance? act? play an instrument? sports?  draw? build? You probably loved doing many things as a child and you let your imagination run wild. So, do that today, even if you are happy doing what you are currently doing – sit today for 10 minutes and time travel back to before your tenth birthday.  What did you love to do? What gave you joy?  Journal afterwards please. Some things need to percolate awhile on the back burner of your soul.

Curiosity keeps us youthful (I wrote a blog called Curiosity) and actor Alan Alda (of tv Mash fame) says it is what keeps him “awake.” In an interview this summer Alda ( 83 & an avid feminist) says he doesn’t understand why people do not want to live forever. He says, “I interviewed longevity experts and found out that people will routinely live to 250 before too long.” I think that it is typical of awakened individuals to want to live long lives. Once we awaken to our multidimensionality our desire to learn more escalates and we are having so much fun on Earth that we are not in a hurry to leave. Alda says that he picked 106 to live to and now feels he’s “short-changed” himself.

Of course, we have all lived many lives in many places but this time on Earth is unique. We chose to come here at this time to help create the New Earth and those of us awakened know that we are being aided by unlimited cosmic energies and higher realms. We know that when we are happy we are in alignment and when we are not happy, we are not in alignment. We have the tools and knowledge to move into alignment and to trust our path.

Today, once we have awakened, we realize that because we are divine sparks of God/Source we are like the little “godlings” mentioned in last week’s blog on spiritual evolution.

Another Gateway is coming up. The Full Moon this Saturday presents another opportunity to get outdoors under the moonlight and send out your intentions to move forward into your dreams.  I could suggest a ceremony for you to follow but I know absolutely each one of you can create the ceremony perfect for your own journey. If you wish assistance, invoke Nemetona who is the Celtic goddess of power places, sacred grounds and circles and labyrinths and medicine wheels. I connected with her energy in Bath, England, while at the sacred Baths and Stonehenge.  Join her sacred rituals that exist outside time.

Remember who you are.

Love & Light,   Monica

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  1. Gillian September 12, 2019 at 4:13 pm Reply

    So true! At 19 nothing interested me and now so much does 🙂 Will remember Nemetona this Saturday. Thanks!

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