“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”       (Proverbs 29:18)

“Whenever we cause suffering or death to any other being, we cause suffering to the Great Life Force.”    (Shik Po Chih)

One of the many wonderful benefits of aging (saging) is the deep sense of reverence for ALL life.  However, just as not all young people are without reverence, it is also true that not all elders are reverent.  It is a quality that each of us is born with; however, we need to ‘remember’ and re-activate this spiritual muscle if we are to participate in the ‘saving’ of this planet.  Our initiation into deeper reverence is something that increases on the road to our awakening, and also deepens considerably upon our awakening.  There is a natural unfolding of our wings of wisdom, as something deep within us deeply recognizes our connection to the Web of Life and All That Is.  As we become older the opportunity is there to cultivate the deeper sense of connection and reverence that is ushering in the New Age, and this reverence, ultimately, will save Mother Earth.

Many of us, in our North American culture, are kept so busy consuming things (we are labeled as “consumers”) that we have inadvertently wandered off our path and ‘forgotten’ who we are.  Eliot Cowan articulates our dilemma:  ” Modern life opens a path not to the soul but to the shopping mall, and the force of growth has been diverted onto this path.  The result is the growth of what we call the “gross national product”, and unless it gets grosser every year, our “economy” flounders.  There is a word for out-of-control rapid growth: cancer.  Cancer continues to spread in our bodies and on the earth because like trees, we must have growth.  The only way out is to rediscover that material growth is a youthful phase that prepares the way for real growth into elderhood.”  (PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE)

Elderhood, I believe, is a return to a deeper sense of reverence.  The reverence with which we were born, and the reverence that we had as children.  This deep reverence could just as easily belong to a twenty year old as a centenarian; however, our North American society tends to keep our youth in the ‘dark’ when it comes to the constructs of the soul.  Yet, it is to the constructs of our souls that we turn our attention to , if we, as spiritual warriors, are to help usher in the New Order of Higher Consciousness on our planet.  P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., is a prayer chaplain and visionary who makes the links between our individual transformations and the societal metamorphosis that is taking place in today’s world: ” Our experience of consciousness greatly expands through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, and through the depth achieved when you become whatever you focus on, when you zone out.  But here’s something you may not know: all breakthroughs that occur during a transformation of consciousness permanently change the experiencer, child or adult, along the lines of a pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects similar to that of near-death experiences.”  (CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH WORLD)  Having lived through some near-death experiences and also some awakenings, I can provide personal anecdotal evidence that confirms Atwater’s findings.  A reverence for life and a ‘new’ sensitivity results – from which there is no turning back.  A continuous series of re-awakenings.

Reverence itself can be seen as an awakening.  Reverent people recognize the sacred in all things and focus their attention on seeing the Divine in everything: people, animals, plants, minerals, etc.  To live from ego is to live from a place of arrogance, whereas to live from spirit is to live from a place of reverence.  A shift of focus from ‘power over’ to ‘power to’, from being driven by external power and material acquisition and consumption to contemplation of and reverence for the Divine, within and without.  This is the evolutionary shift predicted and necessary to keep us humans from destroying ourselves and the planet that is our physical home.  So, how are we doing?  One of my many teachers, Dr. Steven Farmer, (who facilitated my shamanic release in California) works with us to renew our relationship with the core of our being, through a deep reverence and respect for Mother Earth.  Dr. Farmer gives us the keys from universal shamanic wisdom to restore a balanced and harmonious relationship with Earth.  Through his own teachings and practice of what he calls Earth Magic, he encourages us to realize that we don’t suddenly have to remove ourselves to a hut in a forest and live entirely off the land in order to resonate with Nature.  As he points out, those of us who have been raised in contemporary culture would be unlikely to survive that kind of existence anyway!  Dr. Farmer states: “The practice of Earth Magic, however, does require you to be more aware and involved with the world around you, to shed the raiments of civilization periodically, and to become more attuned to the steady stream of sensory information that the natural world provides.  Earth Magic also compels you to tap into the world of the non-visible and familiarize yourself with how Spirit articulates and expresses itself through the multitude of physical beings on this planet. You’ll also see how the spirit helpers who exist in the celestial dimension  – such as ancestors, archangels and ascended masters – can be accessed to help you heal yourself, others, and the planet on a daily basis.  The age-old healing approaches you’ll find here will help you contact plant spirits, animal spirits, and the spirits of the elements.  These ancient healing methodologies are completely appropriate  – and, in fact, needed – for contemporary society.” (EARTH MAGIC).  Steven told us fascinating stories regarding animals and animal spirit guides at the Angel Therapy (R) Course that I attended in 2006.  His book EARTH MAGIC is a favourite of mine and has a place of honour on my bookshelves.  His reverence is as palpable in this book as it is in person.

Last week, we talked about grief.   When we realize what we humans have done to Mother Earth – really FEEL it, we may very well weep.  However, Steven Farmer feels that we must not get stuck in our feelings of helplessness and powerlessness, but rather rethink our priorities and make the necessary re-connection: “That’s where Earth Magic comes into play, with its primary focus on healing at the core level (the level of Spirit) which manifests outwardly into the physical world.  When deep-seated healing takes place for each of us, we not only awaken to the memory of who we truly are and begin to emerge from the profound cultural trance we’ve been in but we also naturally affect others around us and the world itself in more life-affirming ways.” (pg.56)  My own awakening post-shamanic release, led, eventually, to the remembrance of a past life as a Lakota Medicine Woman.  She comes through me when I perform Reiki drumming healings.  I am rarely asked by clients to do Reiki drumming healings; however, when I do them for close friends – they report significant results.  This is due to the Divine Lineage of Reiki working through me and also to the intervention of Medicine Woman who comes to their aid at the first beat of the drum.  My interest in plant spirit medicine and animal spirit guides is very much informed by Medicine Woman.

Eliot Cowan echoes my own feelings regarding low tech medicine: “Whether you consider high technology a blessing or a curse, we are now confronting this reality: the world cannot support the extraction of resources; production of heat; and contamination of air, water, and soil necessary to build machines and keep them running.  High-tech medicine is already too expensive for most of humanity.  Like everything unsustainable, it is destined to become more extravagant and rare until there is a collapse…    No doubt collapse will produce hardship and even tragedy, but it will also bring us back to what traditional healers and indigenous elders have always demonstrated: plants, animals, rocks, water, fire, wind, and the entire natural world love us as grandchildren.  We don’t have to steal from them because they have what we require, and they are glad to give it to us. We are just asked to follow a simple rule: take only what you need and give back something that satisfies the one you’ve taken from.” (PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE)

Real reverence begins with love for ourselves and extends outward in love and compassion that includes all living things.  This is a ‘game-changer’ as the kids would say.  Because, when we have reverence for ourselves and others we easily and effortlessly begin to connect and receive the assistance of Universal Love.  Reverence takes us out of our ego selves and away from all agitating vibrations and moves us closer and closer to our goals and our Highest Good.  When we realize, deep in our heart and soul, that we are divine sparks of the ONE, we contemplate, meditate, pray and form a clear and sincere intention to look at the world through the lens of reverence.

Many Blessings to you,        Monica


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  1. Gillian March 26, 2015 at 7:39 pm Reply

    I like Steven Farmer’s idea to not get stuck in regret for what we’ve done to the planet…if we took that attitude to our fellow humans and dwelt only on slavery, witch trials, the holocaust and residential schools, how could we lift our heads? Thanks for the post.

    • Monica March 30, 2015 at 6:32 pm Reply

      Great point!! Thanks for your continuing feedback – lets me know someone is reading these!!

  2. Gillian April 5, 2015 at 10:35 pm Reply

    You’re most welcome…I really love that I get a reminder about your blog in my inbox every Thursday.

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