Embodying the Light shares it.”   Rebecca Campbell

“Your own intuition is always going to be your best teacher and a good teacher will help you discover and trust your own intuition and innate wisdom.”   Rebecca Campbell

“Ultimately we need to recognize we are worthy of love simply because we exist. We don’t have to earn love, we are love.”   Meggan Watterson


When the Angels gave me the title of this blog naturally Louise Hay came to mind because she helped our teachers and all of us to rise up! There would be no Hay House without Louise Hay and without Louise, who as you know made her transition to Heaven peacefully in her sleep last week, many of our most beloved spiritual teachers and counselors would not have risen up to help us rise up. Louise was called by the Australian media “the closest thing to a living saint.” Louise, one of the founders of the self-help movement, endured an unstable and impoverished childhood and was abused in her teens. When she was diagnosed many decades ago with cervical cancer she did not choose surgery and drugs (she could not afford them at the time) but rather created an intensive programme of affirmations, visualization, nutritional cleansing and psychotherapy and healed herself completely within 6 months. She wrote a reference guide that sits on my bookshelf and the shelves of any alternative healers I know that details the mental causes of physical ailments and she provides the positive thought patterns for reversing illness and restoring health. I could easily write an entire blog about Louise whom I have admired for so many decades and whose work greatly influenced the way I teach Yoga and many of the other modalities that I teach and practice; however, the Angels are asking me to write about her message because that is fundamental to how we rise up. Louise teaches us to love ourselves as the answer to every dis-ease that affects us and our planet. I am grateful to have had the opportunity and privilege to thank Louise in person and give her a hug in 2008 when I attended an “I Can Do It Conference” in Toronto. As we would expect, she radiated beauty and light.

Louise brought us all with her on her journey of empowerment and I was still thinking about her and the welcome she was getting in Heaven from Wayne Dyer and others when I went to see the movie, the sequel, to “An Inconvenient Truth” on the week-end. The sequel is called “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” as it lays out the giant social issue of our time. Man-made climate change. So, where you might ask do I see the link to Louise’s message? Well, I ask myself this question. If we truly loved ourselves would we continue to tolerate man-made climate change and the extinction of countless species of animals or would we rise up and do something about it?

Al Gore is doing something about it and is helping others to do something about it as well as he travels the world advocating changes and training others to be leaders in this field. He has a wonderful sense of humour (as I have noticed does anyone who achieves change!) and says that frequent airplane travel causes one to actually look like their passport picture! Describing himself as a “recovering politician” his humour helps him to avoid despair which he says can be “paralyzing.” Clearly, Al Gore’s mission is a huge one, as was Louise’s. Not all of us can, or are meant to, become leaders on a global stage; however, when we awaken and come out of denial and face our own “inconvenient truths” that is when we rise up and fulfill our own purpose, our dharma, as we begin to ‘live in alignment’. Integrity.

Watching this film I thought to myself – wow! – I think Al Gore is doing more for the planet then he could have had he become President of the United States! One could certainly argue that point, nevertheless as he takes us around his home and is chatting, he notes that he had a lot of plans however – life had different plans for him! Haven’t we all felt that way at times? I certainly have, although I have always had the quote “life happens while we’re making other plans” ringing in my ears many times throughout my adult life.

In the United States, under the current administration, we are all aware that man-made climate change is not even close to a priority and that the U.S. withdrew from the Paris Climate Accord recently, and yet, many Governors and others are choosing to carry on with their own measures to meet the Paris targets. Jon Shenk ( one of the directors of the Inconvenient Truth sequel)  says, “The Conservatives have become the party of denial, but really, Teddy Roosevelt established the national parks, and there’s always been this idea in Boy Scouts that you leave your campsite better than you found it. We’re trying to figure out a way to leave the world a better place than we found it.” Isn’t that what all Lightworkers are trying to do? These days – that is quite a challenge. I suppose it was ever thus. However, as most of us are either students of “A Course In Miracles” (ACIM) or have studied under a student of the Course, we are absorbed in its principles which help us to remove our blinders on both a personal and global scale. The Course shows us the world as “the great projection.” We have ‘acted out’ our shadow selves to the detriment of the planet. The Law of Cause and Effect (Law of Karma) is resulting in what we see all over the planet. Fires, floods, hurricanes, wars, plagues, famine and on and on. Christian fundamentalists are seeing this as “the coming judgment.” I don’t. (God is Love and not a wrathful punisher) I see it as the result of the Law of Cause and Effect. Like 99% of scientists do. The Earth is undergoing a shake-up and so are we. Mother Earth is changing. Louise had the answer. When we love ourselves there is no need to act out in a way that destroys our home and ourselves. Al Gore reminds us that we are not ready yet to find another home ‘out there’ so we had better rise up!

We are! We are rising up in numbers now to create a mass change in consciousness. We are dealing with our present realities, whatever they are, and the realities of what is happening on and to our planet Earth. Our home. We are working with the Angels, Archangels and the Galactic Beings of Light to listen to our soul’s voice and to hold a higher vision for ourselves, for everyone else and our planet. We are asking ourselves this question today. “What do I need to do to rise up? Am I letting fear (false expectations appearing real) hold me back from my empowerment?  If so, lets hand over our fears right now to the Angels who are circling you as you read this blog – and let the Angels take those fears to the Light for purification and transmutation.

When we work with Angels we are powerful beyond measure. So, would you like to do a little service work today? We have received a request, via Diana Cooper, to join other Lightworkers all over the world as we anchor the White Flame of Atlantis in the Presidential Palace of Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Diana says: “We are living in special times of opportunity for spiritual growth. Our leaders round the world are posturing and prancing like pugalists, so it is up to us all to hold the vision of peace… One person working with the angels is more powerful than any world leader.”

I have worked with the ascended master, Serapis Bey, at various times over the last 12 years. He came, unannounced and un-invoked, to one of my Angel readings, and I saw him clairvoyantly. Originally an Egyptian god of the underworld named Serapis (in charge of the ascension at Luxor, Egypt) in New Age circles he is known as Serapis Bey. I connect with him at various times to help my clients and also to help me to do some service work on the inner planes. He is remarkably easy to connect with. When I connect with him I close my eyes and hold the mental intention to connect and take a few deep, slow breaths. He will be with you whether you see, feel, hear him or not.  Eventually you will know his energetic fingerprint.

Diana asks us to take the time to do some service work today or whenever you read this:

“Invoke Serapis Bey.

Ask him to bring forward the Pure White Flame of Atlantis.

Visualize him anchoring the Flame in the Presidential Palace of Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Invite the dragons to delve deep and consume dense matter in the country.

Ask thousands of Angels of Peace to sing over the Palace.

Call on unicorns to shower light and love all over the country.

Picture North Korea held in the light of the White Flame of Atlantis.”

Thank you. Please pass this on to other Lightworkers. Please continue your work of holding the vision of peace on Earth.

We did not come here to ‘face reality’ our teachers tell us. We came to ‘create reality.’ Shifting from me (ego) to we (higher self) is bringing Heaven to Earth. The lotus flower arises out of the mud. A new world emerges from chaos. Birth can be messy. Nevertheless, we signed up to rise up. Now is the Time.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. hayley September 7, 2017 at 3:45 pm Reply

    Thanks for another great inspiring blog with great tips for action!

  2. Gillian September 7, 2017 at 11:24 pm Reply

    “Rise up, tell your brother that he’s gotta rise up, tell your sister that she’s gotta rise up, when are these colonies gonna rise up?” Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton). Great blog!

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