“Lightworkers aren’t here to be doormats.”   Amanda Ellis

These are not ordinary times.”   Amanda Ellis

These are not ordinary times and we all need to be able to sharpen our skills of perception, and our physical vision and our psychic vision in order to be able to see beyond the fog. When we can see beyond the fog we can invent possibilities that utilize what some call our quantum powers and others refer to as our super-human powers.

November is the 11th month and we know that the number 11 refers to mastery.  Spiritual teacher Amanda Ellis (U.K.) points out to us that “mastery isn’t all unicorns and fluffy clouds.” I would have to agree. We can all sense the powerful energy of November. In fact I had a preview of the November energy near the end of October when I had a very vivid dream that woke me up out of a sound sleep. I was at the farm of my summer childhood, in the old family homestead, in the sunroom which has a complete wall of windows when suddenly – all the windows of the sunroom were blown out! A tsunami of energy had blown them out.

Our way of life is being blown wide open. This is so we can see the truth of the people and situations in our lives and in the world. There is an Egyptian falcon-headed, one-eyed sky and sun god who can help us with all our ways of seeing, which then helps us with all our ways of knowing. If you guessed Horus – then you are right! Every pharaoh in ancient Egypt was considered a living incarnation of Horus. As you know, my past life in Egypt as Hedra continues to inform my current life and I have worked with Horus at various times to help with my own clairvoyance as well as that of my students/clients. Although I have my own invocations – here is one for you of Doreen Virtue’s and it works: “Dear Horus, please lend me your eye so that I may see clearly. I ask for your intervention into my vision in all ways. Open my third eye fully so that I may see spiritually like you! Open my physical vision so that I may see clearly like you! Open my mind’s eye completely so that I may see the inner plane like you! Thank you for clear sight. Thank you for releasing me from fear completely. Thank you for opening my eyes fully, that I may drink in the delicious sight of truth and beauty.” (Archangels & Ascended Masters)

Truth is a theme this November. Just like in my dream – things will be blown wide open. So we can see. Astrologer Pam Gregory says there will be “waves of disclosure” in our lives. We are asking ourselves often during 2020 – what is true and what is not? Being able to see beyond the fog is necessary if we are wanting to be sovereign. Pam says that we are moving down the birth canal now – the narrowest part – on our way to New Earth. “Our beliefs about reality will be rattled to the core.”  So keep a dream journal.

There is a new Super Moon in Scorpio on November 14th @ 9:07 pm PST and on the 15th @ 5:07 U.K. time.  Scorpio is the most intense emotional sign in the Zodiac. Secrets will come to the surface, after a lot of digging, a lot of forensic-like effort. They can be quite murky and sometimes sexual says Pam. Everything continues to accelerate. The moon and sun pulse out powerful energy and more folks get interested in astrology.

As enormous changes roll into our lives we continue to evaluate everything. We invent possibilities. We adapt. We find “new ways of doing life” says Amanda. A lot of people are awakening in lockdown, learning to meditate. Learning to breathe.

We are in a period now when it is crucial to examine your thoughts. What are you broadcasting out to the universe?  Since the veil is thinning we are manifesting faster. Which timeline are you feeding with your thoughts? The 3D one we are living through now or are you creating the pathway to 5D?  We are all broadcasting to the Field.

I suggest that you begin working with Horus or Archangel Haniel – she helps with grace, moon energy and psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance. They will help you to see beyond the fog.

Love & Light,   Monica



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  1. Gillian November 6, 2020 at 11:01 pm Reply

    Love the idea of moon energy! Haniel’s a new name to me–have you written about her before? Looking forward to the super moon this month. Thanks!

    • Monica November 14, 2020 at 9:39 am Reply

      If I have written about Haniel it is likely many years ago now. Haniel’s name means “Glory of God”. Some cabalistic texts credit Haniel with escorting Enoch (Archangel Metatron) to Heaven. Haniel has a moon goddess type of energy: quiet, patient, etheric and mystical. She helps us with our healing abilities, poise, and psychic abilities, particularly clairvoyance.

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