Are you being honest with yourself?  Many of us are able to be dishonest with others, but, we are not truly able to be dishonest with ourselves or our Creator.  Our Creator knows our ‘truth’ in every moment and so do we – even though we may not be conscious of this.  Since our Creator is unconditionally loving, compassionate and non-judgmental, there is no punishment from Source for our dishonesty or lack of awareness; however, we often punish ourselves for not admitting the truth to ourselves.  Feelings that are ‘stuffed down’ deep inside us often erupt into a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual sense of dis-ease.

These symptoms of dis-ease can be addressed by a genuine desire to know our own truth and the willingness and courage to excavate on a deep level.  Ironically, what we most fear often turns out to be our salvation.

Frequently, during angel readings,  my clients will receive the message to admit their true feelings to themselves.  Usually, although not always, this surprises them as they are not aware of hiding their true feelings.  However, our North American culture has often required us to stifle how we really feel about things and we have become very good at it.  So good, in fact, that we are no longer connected to our own emotional guidance system.

Our genuine feelings point us in the direction we need to go in order to manifest our desires and create our best life.  We need to admit our true feelings to ourselves so that they do not have to get our attention by erupting forth into symptoms of mental and physical illness.  Engaging in self-honesty allows us to follow our own desires and path and frees us to face the ego-fears that may be holding us back from creating the life we truly want.  Everything is within and we are able to maintain our integrity by always being emotionally conversant with ourselves.  It helps to remind ourselves that feelings are not right or wrong.

In her book THE AGE OF MIRACLES, Marianne Williamson says: “We can be physically older but emotionally and psychologically younger.  Some of us were in a state of decay in our 20s and are in a state of re-birth in our 60s or 70s.”  If you haven’t already begun the process of conscious self-honesty, why not commit to yourself right now and get to know your deepest feelings?  Ask Arch. Michael to protect you and to give you the courage to explore your deepest recesses for the Highest Good of yourself and everyone around you.  Give yourself this gift of your true self and then extend it to others.  Be yourself.  There is no one else that can give us the special gift that is YOU.

Blessings,    Monica


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  1. Christine November 28, 2013 at 6:42 pm Reply

    I think that especially women are dis-honest with themselves, thinking they are doing it through a loving attitude. I mean women often make their own wishes and feelings come second to their children’s and partners. This especially happens when we are younger. I found this with myself. These days I don’t do things, or watch movies, or say yes to things when my Inner Self says NO! I am trying to tell my daughter how important it is to be true to ourselves , always.
    I think that many dis-eases can be prevented if women start honouring themselves right from the beginning.
    Thanks for another interesting Blog M.

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