We make self-honouring choices when we are true to ourselves. When we are true to ourselves we consciously choose thoughts and behaviours that reflect our intentions and values. We honour decisions that support the truth of who we are. Are you engaging in choices that honour you?

Being true to ourselves in all our thoughts, actions and activities may require discipline; however, the discipline, the mastery of ourselves, need not be punitive. We can all have fun on this journey. Playfulness is a crucial part of our transformation. And one baby step at a time is all that is necessary.

It takes courage to follow the path of our True Self. We all know that there are forces around us that may not be invested in our success in this regard. However, there is also a lot of help available to us. Especially, now, post-2012, as we work together to create a new ‘Golden Age’. Our part in the re-birth of our planet is not small. No matter who we are. It requires each of us to honour ourselves so that we may truly honour others.

What does it mean to honour ourselves? Perhaps the majority of us may need to spend some time in reflection on this. Often we are caught up in the thoughts and beliefs of others and from our own pasts that may be holding us back from our here and now. Remembering that the present moment is our point of power, we are able to shed a skin or two and fully move into the present moment.

Each new day is a fresh opportunity to check in with ourselves to see if our choices are self-honouring ones. Even seemingly minor choices reflect our current energy signature. Make this fun! Are you eating healthful foods that allow you to vibrate at a high frequency? Are your acquaintances, friends and the people that you connect with a reflection of who you are NOW and who you are becoming? Are you moving your body every day in a way that is fun for you? Self-honouring choices promote a sense of harmony and balance. Authentic power. Authentic power is the power to, not the power over.

We are the co-creators of our own lives and when we align with our True Selves we align simultaneously with Source.

Be consistent in your choice to respect yourself and others. Take care of yourself and try to do at least one thing a day that demonstrates that you are making your own happiness a priority in your life.

Call in the angels and ask them to help you to honour yourself and others. Affirm frequently: “I believe in myself. I choose, every day, to honour myself with my words, thoughts and actions.”

Let’s walk the path toward our True Selves together with integrity and dignity. And, let’s have fun with it all!

Love & Light, Monica

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