We receive divine messages and guidance from the universe every day.  Sometimes these messages are coming from loved ones who have crossed over and are watching out for us and other times the messages are from our guardian angels or spirit guides.  Unfortunately, we are sometimes too busy to recognize them.  Nevertheless, the signs keep coming as we are always being guided.  I have been aware of signs for as long as I can remember.  Having felt as a child that I must have been dropped off from another planet – the signs are what I followed in order to keep connected to Home.  They never fail me.  They are like the bread crumbs in the story of Hansel and Gretel and I will continue to follow them until I cross over.

Signs can be different for everyone.  We are all unique.  However, there are common signs that people report although the possibilities are limitless.  These signs include: number sequences that the angels often use (HEALNG WITH THE ANGELS by Doreen Virtue, PH.D.,) , butterflies, dragonflies, feathers, coins, flowers, birds, clouds, rainbows, overheard conversations, and songs playing on the radio.  We will see or hear these signs repetitively so pay attention to anything that is repeated three times within a short time frame.  Heaven sends you answers and blessings through the form of signs in the material world.

I have received signs through all the ways delineated in the preceding paragraph; however, I will relate one of my personal stories that involves birds as messengers, since birds have delivered so many of the messages that I have received over this lifetime.  Many years ago, in Victoria, B.C., I was teaching Life-Writing to many different groups of people each week who were writing their memoirs.  A man in one of my classes, Larry, asked me to co-produce his memoir and edit it.  I didn’t know this man as he had not been in my class for long  ( and he was very frank about an early criminal history) and so I didn’t wish to, although I had a feeling that I needed to agree to his proposal.  I consulted my psychic mentor in Victoria who told me that Larry had been my father in a previous lifetime and that my Higher Self was agreeing to help him to clear a karmic debt.  That made perfect sense to me as my body registered this truth.  So, I agreed to his proposal and we produced a book together that we are proud of as it helped to shed some light on the feelings and reactions to being bullied in childhood.

Larry crossed over the day that I brought his memoir to the hospital and put it into his hands.  He was waiting for it the doctors said.  I knew this was true.  Many months before Larry transited, he suddenly looked up at me one day while we were working on his manuscript and said, “My favourite saint is St. Francis of Assisi.”  I immediately replied, “He is one of MY  favourite saints!.”  This came out-of-the-blue for both of us and we never mentioned it again.  I couldn’t even tell if Larry was conscious of saying this – as he seemed almost to be talking to himself.

I attended Larry’s memorial event.  It was a small non-religious gathering of family and close friends as per his request to his wife.  There were some photographs and mingling and talking about Larry and his life in a very informal setting.  Larry wanted a low-key gathering as although he did very well for himself in the material way and was a business success – he never forgot his early roots and was a very humble man.  So, his wife obliged and complied with his wishes.  I mingled with his loved ones and was honoured when they told me how often he talked of me and how appreciative and excited he was about our book.  I felt sad.  Even though I had no doubt whatsoever that Larry was safe in Heaven, I missed his physical presence.  I had become very fond of him and we had formed an unlikely friendship.  I never told him that he had been my father in a past life.  Past lives was not something we discussed.  Driving back from the memorial, I was thinking about him and wondering what he was doing now.  Suddenly, out of nowhere – three birds flew in front of my windshield in perfect alignment in a row, a seagull, a crow and then another seagull.  Flying in formation they remained for awhile in front of the windshield and miraculously were not dashed to bits on the glass – it was as though they stayed an inch from the windshield as the car kept moving forward! Another miracle was the fact that I somehow managed to drive safely without a clear view.  Then, just as suddenly, they vanished into the sky.  Of course, I received Larry’s message!  Larry was no more dead than these three winged messengers!  I had a great belly laugh to myself and when I told my daughter she said, “Well, of course, he had lots of help from Saint Francis of Assisi.”  She was correct.  For the next few weeks – every time that I ventured outside my house I was dive-bombed by birds of all kinds. It was typical of Larry’s sense of humour when he was in the physical.  And, I remember him today with such affection.

Pay attention to Heaven’s signs.  Ask for clarification if they are more subtle than Larry’s!  The angels love to help and you only need to ask.  It is also alright to ask for signs if you are feeling confused or have a question. Usually it is best not to tell Heaven what signs you want, but, rather to let Heaven send the sign that they know is perfect for YOU.


With Light,  Monica

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  1. Sarah Koehn February 7, 2014 at 1:19 pm Reply

    Hi Monica, thank you for your weekly blog! I love to follow your posts, I find them very grounding, your stories are great too!

  2. Christine February 7, 2014 at 4:08 pm Reply

    I enjoyed this story again about Larry, I remember reading it many years ago in your book.
    Yes signs from Heaven are always there, and sometimes they make me giggle.
    When one of my beloved dogs died a Dragonfly sat on a stick for 2 days in a row, I was fascinated and took many up close photographs. Then I read that Dragonflies are the animals Angels, it made sense, my beloved PK had given me a message that he was ok.

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